Project VOID Mission #5 Puzzle Red CLOCKS Answer

Project VOID – Mystery Puzzles ARG Mission 5 Level RED Answers

Project VOID Puzzle Game mission 5 Level RED All Level Solutions and Hints are available on one page.

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Project VOID Answer Mission 5 Puzzle RED :


❊H.H. Holmes

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5 thoughts on “Project VOID Mission #5 Puzzle Red CLOCKS Answer”

  1. Hi.. Can i know how to do the solution for the last question of this game? I am confused as to how to get h.h holmes. Thank you. I enjoyed it

  2. Agreeed. I had the ciper, and the “key code” of ABATE.
    I couldn’t figure it out.
    Even trying to work backwards (after getting the hint) I tried to ENCODE H.H.Holmes and see what it turns into on the card.
    I would love some details please! Thank you!!

  3. How to get the solution:
    Once you do the flag semaphore of the different clocks, you will get the code ‘ABATE’

    Ise the “Le chiffre indéchiffrable” code (also known as the vigenere code) to decode the weird phrase at the bottom, and you will get “aliases o.c.pratt d.t.pratt a.e.cook g.howell”

    These aren’t weird words ; they’re nicknames of a serial killer called H. H. Holmes (if you searched Google)
    Hope this helped!

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