Project VOID Mission #1: The Exam Answers or Solution

Project VOID – Mystery Puzzles ARG Mission 1 Answers

Project VOID Puzzle Game mission 1 All Level Solutions and Hints are available on one page.

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About this game: “ Experience the mind-bending Alternate reality game (ARG) that blends the fictional world with reality with detective-style finest mystery puzzles, riddles, codes, and cryptograms.”

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Project Void Mission 1 All Answers:


Puzzle #1 My Subject:  Science
Puzzle #2 Know Your Value:  You Are Awesome
Puzzle #3 Google-Fu skills:  Aldous Huxley
Puzzle #4 Ceaser Cipher:  Wheeler Island 
Puzzle #5 Di Dah Dah Di:  Groom Lake
Puzzle Red The Selection:  Eureka Public Library

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    1. the image has a morse code which translates to “area 51” which has two official names one is groom lake and second is homey airport

  1. Please remove the fucking answers… Trying to search for the library in a search engine and your answer appears.. Ruining my experience…

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