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About this game: “ Experience the mind-bending Alternate reality game (ARG) that blends the fictional world with reality with detective-style finest mystery puzzles, riddles, codes, and cryptograms.”

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Project VOID All Answers:


Project VOID Mission #1: The Exam

Puzzle #1 My Subject:  Science
Puzzle #2 Know Your Value:  You Are Awesome
Puzzle #3 Google-Fu skills:  Aldous Huxley
Puzzle #4 Ceaser Cipher:  Wheeler Island 
Puzzle #5 Di Dah Dah Di:  Groom Lake
Puzzle Red The Selection:  Eureka Public Library

Project Void Mission #2: Assemble

Puzzle #1 BOOK WORM: Inferno
Puzzle #2 THE NEWSPAPER:  Lucky Tiger
Puzzle #3 CHEEKY PHRASE:  Thomas Edison
Puzzle #4 THE SONG:  Skyfall
Puzzle #5 SHUTDOWN:
Puzzle Red THE ISLAND:  Hashima Island

Project Void Mission #3: THE SERIAL KILLER 

Puzzle #1 LIBRARY, AGAIN:  National Library Of Russia
Puzzle #2 THE GAME:  Chess
Puzzle #3 THE CODE:  Good Dog
Puzzle #4 SOIL OF BLOOD:  Bitsevski park
Puzzle #5 BIRTH OF DEVIL:  Mytishchi
Puzzle Red THE SERIAL KILLER:  Andreichikatilo

Project Void Mission #4: THE MISSING

Puzzle #1 THE DATE: 01/02/1953
Puzzle #2 NUMBERS:  Belvedere Estate
Puzzle #3 FLAGS?:  Library or Jlibrary
Puzzle #4 THE LINK:  Dwarkanath Tagore
Puzzle #5 THE LINK II:  Fort William College
Puzzle Red THE FINAL PLACE:  National Library of India 

Project Void Mission #5: THE END

Puzzle #1 FIRST ENCOUNTER:  Aokigahara
Puzzle #2 OLD SINS:  Saiko wildbird
Puzzle #3 BLIND RABBIT:  Willard library 
Puzzle #4 THE TICKET:  State Library Victoria
Puzzle #5 BLOODY HELL:  Peoria Public Library
Puzzle Red CLOCKS:  H.H. Holmes


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