Project VOID Mission #1 Puzzle 5 Di Dah Dah Di Answer

Project VOID – Mystery Puzzles ARG Mission 1 Level 5 Answers

Project VOID Puzzle Game mission 1 Level 5 All Level Solutions and Hints are available on one page.

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Project VOID Answer Mission 1 Puzzle 5 :

[Di Dah Dah Di]

❊ Groom Lake

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9 thoughts on “Project VOID Mission #1 Puzzle 5 Di Dah Dah Di Answer”

  1. Can someone explain the way he solved this problem ?
    What is the link between morse and Area 51. Di dah dah di is “P”. So what ?
    The image means nothing to me…

    1. if you zoom in above the window on the left, you’ll see morse code. the title is just an indication of what to look for.

  2. I got Morse Code just by book mentioned in tje mission. So that was no problem. But how do you get from there to Area 51?
    Morse was a painter, and he lived in New York, so, nothing like Area 51.
    The image in the game looks like somthing out of a ghost or alien movie, but that would be quite a jump players would have to do.
    So please if anyone can explain…?

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