Pink Game Level 23 Detailed Answer and Walkthrough

Pink Level 23 Answer

Pink Level 23 detailed solution is available on this page.

About Pink Game: “Can you make the screen pink in 50 levels? Each level has its own logic.
It’s here, the next part of my color puzzle series! After ‘yellow’, ‘red’, ‘black, ‘blue’ and ‘green’ it’s time to solve 50 new conundrums!

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Pink 23 Answer:

❊Look carefully that birds are facing left and right, push left if the bird is facing right, and press left if the bird is facing right. And if you still haven’t figured it out using: R L R R L R L L L L R R


 Pink All Answers [CLICK HERE] 

Opinion About the Pink game: Fun and amusing. I’m really enjoying it. First time I’ve downloaded a game from an advert on Facebook. But it just grabbed my attention. Sometimes funny but can be educational and entertaining.

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