Brain Test 3 Level 10 Answer or walkthrough

Brain Test 3 Level 10 Answer

Brain Test 3 Level 10 detailed solution is available on this page.

About Brain Test 3 Game: “Join Alyx on her quest to find the six power gems in order to save her dying father. While helping Alyx to overcome tricky and brain-teasing puzzles, meet with Brain Test franchise characters along the way.

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Brain Test 3 Level 10 Answer:

Answer: Use the glue to fix the wing, there are three spots that need to be glued, then refuel the plane with a canister, and in last put the propeller on the front to pass this level.

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Opinion About the Brain Test 3 game: It’s a lot easier than the other games but also an interesting one. It’s short but fun. Waiting for new adventures!

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