[Cross the truck across the bridge] TRICK ME Level 72 Answer or Solution

Trick Me: Brain Teasers Level 72 [Cross the truck across the bridge] Answers Hint

Cross the truck across the bridge TRICK ME level 72 game answers and detailed solutions to riddles and puzzles are available on this page.

About TRICK ME Game:
“If you want to have fun and are ready to test your IQ, Trick Me is the best app for you! Different puzzles and word games will challenge your mind and allow you to question it. Our original brain test game is designed as a brain quiz where each level is different and requires you to solve a logic puzzle. It helps you train your memory while also thinking strategically. More than 200 levels waiting for you to think differently. With this game, focusing on details and concentrating has never been so much fun! Don’t forget, you can use hints anytime if you need a clue. This game is perfect not only for entertainment but also for training your brain!”

Level 72 Cross the truck across the bridge Answer:
Pull the right cloud and shake it you will find a wheel, Then put that wheel below the truck to repair it, Then tilt the phone to right then gravity will do its work. (Set auto rotate On)

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Opinion About the TRICK ME game:  I love this game, I do have trouble on some of the levels because the tap reaction is slower and sometimes faster than I tap. For some of the levels, I have a hard time rotating things or making things bigger or smaller without getting an x for level failed. Those issues make it harder than it needs to be but, I continue to play because I love the brain teasers.

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