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Trick Me: Brain Teasers Puzzle Game Answers and Solutions

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About TRICK ME Game:
“If you want to have fun and are ready to test your IQ, Trick Me is the best app for you! Different puzzles and word games will challenge your mind and allow you to question it. Our original brain test game is designed as a brain quiz where each level is different and requires you to solve a logic puzzle. It helps you train your memory while also thinking strategically. More than 200 levels waiting for you to think differently. With this game, focusing on details and concentrating has never been so much fun! Don’t forget, you can use hints anytime if you need a clue. This game is perfect not only for entertainment but also for training your brain!”

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TRICK ME Game Answers of All Levels:

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[Which one is red] Level 1 Answer: You have to click on the red text (Blue one!)
[Shoot the basketball into the hoop] Level 2 Answer: Shoot when the pointer is at green position
[throw everything away] Level 3 Answer:
Put everything into the bin, drag, and move all items in the dustbin.
[Find the different one] Level 4 Answer:
Try to move all the icecreams, and you will find different icecream under 2nd ice cream in the first row, click that one.
[Which one is the biggest drop] Level 5 Answer: Combine all the drops to make the biggest drop.
[make the baby sleep] Level 6 Answer: Put your finger on the lamp for a few seconds (4-5 seconds) to let baby sleep.
[how many point do you give to this game] Level 7 Answer: Click ‘I liked it very much,’ then rete the game if you loved it.
[make the baby sleep] Level 8 Answer: Give him a feeding bottle and Then put the baby in the baby stroller.
[Balance the scale] Level 9 Answer:
Drag every fruit to Remove everything from scale, and when there is nothing on the scale, then it is balanced.
[One of the girls looking at the west.] Level 10 Answer: Move the girls so that they face each other.
[open the door] Level 11 Answer: Use the key in the pocket of the child to open the door.
[Stop the fight] Level 12 Answer:
Split the bones into two parts by pinch to zoom with to fingers, when it breaks each dog a bone.
[help the tree shed its leaves] Level 13 Answer:
Paint the tree in yellow color with the paint bucket by dragging the paint bucket on the tree.
[catch the fish] Level 14 Answer: Try to move the waves; you will find a fish behind them, then click the fish.
[fill the bucket with water] Level 15 Answer:
Rotate your phone. Try to move the phone so that water changes its direction into the bucket. (turn off the rotation lock if you have any problem solving this level)
[help the man lose weight] Level 16 Answer:
Hold the man with your finger, move him left and right 7-8 times to make him lose weight.
[feed the hay to the cow] Level 17 Answer:
there is a shovel behind the boxes, lift that shovel and move up and down on sand pile at least 10-15 times to clear the way for the cow.
[find 10 differences] Level 18 Answer: Click on this level and use the given picture to find the answer.
[Clean the page] Level 19 Answer: Do not use rubber, just hover your finger over ‘hello’ to clean the page.
[Which one is soda?] Level 20 Answer: Shake your phone, the soda will give bubbles, click that bottle.
[find the gamer] Level 21 Answer: Gamers don’t play & sleep, click on the window where the light is on.
[How many hairs does the child have?] Level 22 Answer: remove the wig, you will find that the boy has 4 hairs.
[Please charge the phone] Level 23 Answer:
Touch the cable wires with your two-finger at the same time to connect the circuit so that current flows through your body.
[If the hunter shot 2 of the birds] Level 24 Answer: ‘0’ because all birds will get scared and flew away.
[Pop the balloons] Level 25 Answer: Click on the hedgehog a few times to make it sleep then use it to pop all the balloons.
[reach the animal to the exit] Level 26 Answer: Go grom outside of the maze to the exit using buttons to solve this level.
[How many letters left in alphabet if you take the letters a and b] Level 27 Answer: ALPHABET=8 letters, if you take A&B out there will be 6 letters left.
[How many flies are there?] Level 28 Answer:
Zoom into both poops, to see flies over it then count all the flies, there are 4+4+4=12 flies are there.
[Put the baby to sleep] Level 29 Answer: Drag ‘Sleep’ Word from the question text and give it to the baby.
[Wake up the Cow] Level 30 Answer: Try to block the cow nose by tap and hold on the cow nose for at least 10 seconds.
[Save the ship from crashing iceberg] Level 31 Answer: Melt the iceberg by rubbing it with your finger. then press start.
[Cross the truck across the bridge] Level 32 Answer:
Tilt the bridge from the left side by dragging it up so the truck will cross the bridge due to slope.
[which one is edible?] Level 33 Answer: Put the Poop over the diamond to make it look like ice cream and click on it.
[What would the result be if we multiply all the numbers with each other] Level 34 Answer: ‘zero’ because any number multiplied with zero is always zero.
[do the right move to win the game] Level 35 Answer:
You can cheat, Try to fill two zeroes in the middle row by tapping with your 2 fingers at the same time.
[how would you empty the bath tub fastly?] Level 36 Answer: Remove the stopper from the tub, that red one in the tub.
[Open the door] Level 37 Answer: Put 2 fingers on the child and try to rotate the child by rotating one finger around the other, You can rotate using 1 finger by rotating your finger on his foot. When the child is flipped then shake the child then the key will come out of the pocket use that to open the door.
[find the real shadow of the bird] Level 38 Answer: Drag the sun from the cloud above the bird, real shadow will appear.
[some months take 30 some take 31 how many months have 28 days?] Level 39 Answer: All 12 months have 28 days in it. (At least) answer is 12
[Do not explode the bomb?] Level 40 Answer: Wait for 30 seconds, the bomb will not explode. (Do nothing for 30 seconds)
[Hang the man] Level 41 Answer: Hang the word ‘Man’ from the question text. do not hang the person.
[Wake up the cow] Level 42 Answer: drag the moon and take it out of the screen, the cow will wake up in mooring.
[Press the orange circle 10 times then press the blue circle once] Level 43 Answer:
Numbering is wrong, you should count yourself 10 times or tap until 11 is there and press the blue button.
[Find the couples and win the game] Level 44 Answer: There are 9 squares, you will find 4 pairs easily by hit and trial
[How this equation becomes correct 2000+50=6550] Level 45 Answer:
2000+4550=6550 but where will 45 come from? use 45 from the level number and drag it in front of 50 to make the equation correct.
[Confirm evenness by moving the single matchstick] Level 46 Answer:
make it 311+89=400, How do you make 34 into 311? just move 4’s stick to make it verticle so that 4 will convert into 11.
[Make all of it green] Level 47 Answer: Shake the phone, the rain will make grass green
[If 5 squirrels eat 5 walnuts in 5 minutes] Level 48 Answer: In 5 minutes.
[protect the rocket from attacks for 15 seconds] Level 49 Answer:
Drag the word ‘Protect’ from the question text on the rocket to give it shield & make it safe from attack.
[You should win the game again] Level 50 Answer:
Drag ‘0’ from ‘level 50‘ and then use your finger to complete the middle row and win the game.
[Throw everything away] Level 51 Answer:
Throw 4 things+ throw question text in the bin+Throow the cap of the bin in the bin to solve this level.
[how many rings are there on the screen] Level 52 Answer:
Drag the clear button, you will find 4 of the rings under that button. So 18+4=22 is the answer.
[Collect 5 mice like in the picture] Level 53 Answer: Click the mouse facing left direction, then for 5th mouse click the mouse in the question.
[How can the kangaroo jump higher than the building] Level 54 Answer: Make the trampoline bigger by zooming on the trampoline then click the jump button.
[catch person who is cheating] Level 55 Answer:
Bring the magnifier to the left bottom child’s arm sitting on the lower-left side You will see the replica.
[which is the prettiest?] Level 56 Answer:
Drag the boy in front of every girl, whichever one he smiles at is the prettiest. click the 3rd one.
[Make the baby sleep] Level 57 Answer: Rub the baby belly for 5-6 seconds to make him sleep.
[Clean the page!] Level 58 Answer: Clean it by using the ‘Clean’ word from the question text.
[Get the number 100 of twice by using a single line from 188] Level 59 Answer: Drag a horizontal line over 188 to solve the level.
[Wake up the cow] Level 60 Answer: Shake the phone very hard, apple will fall from the tree and cow will wake up.
[Turn the light off] Level 61 Answer:
Put your phone on the table (the screen facing towards the table) for 4-5 seconds to turn off the light. (turn auto-rotate/Screen rotation on for this level)
[Bring the pen into the empty space] Level 62 Answer:
None of the below pens satisfies the empty space, we need to rotate any of the pens, but only last pen can rotate, so rotate that pen correctly and put it in the empty space to fill the empty space.
[open the door] Level 63 Answer:
feed the dog with dog food hidden behind box, and wait for it to poop, then drag the dog and you will find a key on the poop, use that key to open the door. watch video below:
[Solve the problem] Level 64 Answer: Litchi=6, Blackberry =13, and banana=4,

Total= 6+13+4= 23,

but there is only 1 banana instead of 4 and also 2 Seeds of blackberry are missing,

so we have to subtract 3+2 from 23 so the answer is 23-5=18

[Feed the hay to the cow] Level 65 Answer: Click the cloud multiple times to make it rain so that sand mountain will drain away.
[Do you guess the three letters upcoming in the order?] Level 66 Answer:
DYGTTLU= Do You Guess The Three Letters Upcoming In The Order (So the next three letters are ‘I T O‘
[Find objects!] Level 67 Answer: Click on this level and use the given picture to find the answer.
[How many numbers are there?] Level 68 Answer: There are 10 numbers ‘0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9’
[Please write down the right answer?] Level 69 Answer: Focus on question: Please write down the right answer?
[I go to bed 8 ’o clock at night & I set my cuckoo clock at 9] Level 70 Answer:
Only 1 hour, because alarm, will ring at 9 o’clock at night because this watch can not differentiate between AM & PM
[Please charge the phone] Level 71 Answer: Using two fingers swipe to the left of the screen, then plug the cable
[Cross the truck across the bridge] Level 72 Answer: Pull the right cloud and shake it you will find a wheel, Then put that wheel below the truck to repair it, Then tilt the phone to right then gravity will do its work. (Set auto rotate On)
[Turn the light off] Level 73 Answer: Long tap on the bulb until the bulb is turned off.
[Choose 3 balls verify the evenness] Level 74 Answer: Lift both hammers using two fingers at the same time and drop them at the same time
[Which one is the heaviest?] Level 75 Answer:
Lift both hammers using two fingers at the same time and drop them at the same time, Which comes fast is the heaviest. Click on the left one that is the faster and heaviest.
[Catch the fish!] Level 76 Answer: Drag the ‘FISH’ word from question text to fishing hook the solve this level.
[Shake the drink and help the child drink it] Level 77 Answer:
Hold one finger on the top of the bottle to shut its mouth then shake the phone to mix it without lifting finger
[Help the child to open the safe] Level 78 Answer: Turn your phone upside down and then shake the phone, The key will come out from boy pocket then use that key to open the safe.
[Find the numbers on the balls] Level 79 Answer: 148+148+148=444, So the answer is 148
[Find the real shadow of the bird] Level 80 Answer: None of them matches real shadow
[clean the car] Level 81 Answer: Rub your finger over the car multiple times without lifting your finger.
[find the strongest balloon!] Level 82 Answer: See top left corner there is a skip button >> use this as a pointy object to see which one is the strongest balloon.
[How many orange cubes do you need to cover the blue cube?] Level 83 Answer: 22 is the answer.
[Fill the bucket with water] Level 84 Answer:
Tilt the text with two fingers and put it between tap and water to make the water flow in the bucket. see image below:
[Make the baby sleep] Level 85 Answer:
Baby will sleep if you put the phone down on the table (screen faces table) for at least 10 seconds.
[What is the size of the table?] Level 86 Answer: Table size is 150 cm.
[Feed the hay to the cow] Level 87 Answer: Shake your device/phone to solve this level.
[Please help me find my dog in this mess] Level 88 Answer: Zoom out the screen using two fingers, the dog is outside of the screen.
[Lift Thor’s hammer] Level 89 Answer: Use 3 fingers to lift the hammer. (3 fingers at once)
[Find the pairs and win the game] Level 90 Answer: You can easily find 4 pairs, Now, you are left with the last box, click on the last box so that the bottle is visible. Now draw a verticle line in the middle of the box to cut it into two equal parts.
[Wake up the cow] Level 91 Answer: Touch the cow head at least 10 times. annoying the cow will work.
[Hey..! what day of the month it is?] Level 92 Answer: Do not focus on the question image, see your phone’s calendar.
[Open the door] Level 93 Answer: Click the tree multiple times (at least 20 times) to shake it and a key will fall.
[Balance the scale] Level 94 Answer: Lift the question text and put it on the right side to make it balanced.
[Cross the truck across the bridge] Level 95 Answer:
Tilt your phone to right, But bridge breaks so support the bridge by holding your finger on the bridge and then tilt your phone to pass the level.
[It’s snowing! catch the snow] Level 96 Answer:
Place your phone on the table screen facing down and wait for a few seconds to solve this level (Try screen up if it does not solve with the screen facing down)
[Help him escape prison] Level 97 Answer:
First, unscrew the bulb by clicking 3-4 times on the bulb when the cop is not watching you.
[Park the car] Level 98 Answer: Drive the car to the right (outside of the screen); There is space for the car to park. then park your car there.
[Catch person who is cheating!] Level 99 Answer: Swipe to Move the front table downwards; you will find out who is cheating.
[Help the child see!] Level 100 Answer:
Drag two zeros from level 100 to make glasses for the child. drag 00 from 100 and put it on boys’ eyes.
[Which one would you save?] Level 101 Answer: Tap all the hands once, Use three fingers to tap at the same time.
[The animals are racing. Cow Rabbit turtle, help turtle win] Level 102 Answer: Tap on the start button to start the race, Then Drag the ‘Start’ button to reveal ‘Turbo’ Button behind it, Then click on the ‘turbo’ to win the race.
[Make the baby sleep] Level 103 Answer: Turn the volume down. Go to game settings and Mute the sound. then go back to level.
[What should be the next number in the sequence?] Level 104 Answer: 13112221 is the answer
[Help the truck pass through the tunnel] Level 105 Answer: Use two fingers to make it smaller, pinch to zoom out.
[If mary gathers 2 bananas in 1 minute how many in 10 minutes?] Level 106 Answer: Banana does not grow on the trees. Answer is ZERO
[Light the match] Level 107 Answer: Lift the match and rub the red front part of it on the word ‘Light’ to light it up.
[List the numbers you see on screen in order] Level 108 Answer: At first, it started with 3 2 1 so click 3 2 1 32 67 21 5 14 8
[Who is pregnant?] Level 109 Answer:
Turn your phone upside down and shake it, the pregnancy test kit will fall down, then drag that on the right women to check if she is pregnant.
[How many squares are there?] Level 110 Answer: 40 squares are there.
[Make the man happy] Level 111 Answer: Drag the man up over between the clouds. See image below:
[Sally is 21 years older than her son, How old is sally?] Level 112 Answer: she is 30 years old.
[Park the car in the right spot] Level 113 Answer:
Drag the skirt off of the female symbol in the middle to make it man. then park the car there.see image below:
[Shoot the basketball into the hoop] Level 114 Answer: Click ‘shoot’ when the pointer is at the green, you may have to try many times to get it right.
[turn off the lights] Level 115 Answer: Always one light will be turned on, so drag that light off the screen. to solve this level.
[save the gorilla] Level 116 Answer:
Can you see the hint button in the right corner? Use that hint key to open the lock and save the gorilla. 
[What’s the fastest route from A to I] Level 117 Answer: Swap B and I places. so that ‘I’ is just in front of the horse. then press right button.
[Burn everything] Level 118 Answer:
Keep wood under Sun then take the magnifying glass in between the sun and the wood to burn the wood
[if 2 of them are drowned 4 swimming 3 dead how many fish in aquarium] Level 119 Answer: 10 fishes would be left. 2+4+3=10, They will always be in the aquarium.
[Please charge the phone] Level 120 Answer: Charge the phone, Yes please plug the charger while playing this game.
[Put the fire out] Level 121 Answer: Squeeze the cloud with two fingers and make water spill to put out the fire.
[find the pirate] Level 122 Answer: Pirates have wooden legs, try lifting their pants to see their legs.
[complete the equation a+b+c=6] Level 123 Answer:
Take ‘1’ ‘2’ & ‘3’ from level 123 and put them in places of a b & c to pass the level 1+2+3=6
[Defeat your competitor in rock paper scissor game!] Level 124 Answer: Try replacing boy in place of girl and girl in place of the boy. Then click on play.
[It’s 3:35 what time in clock moved counterclockwise 90 degrees] Level 125 Answer: 12:20 will be the answer
[Where is Europe] Level 126 Answer: Click on the ‘Europe’ word in the question text.
[Turn off the lights] Level 127 Answer: Click each bulb many times to make it explode (5-6 times)
[He broke the vase 10 minutes ago help him fix it.] Level 128 Answer:
Try rewinding the clock, the vase was not broken 10 minutes ago, so adjust the watch 10 minutes before, means needle should point exactly 10.
[Which tank would be filled first] Level 129 Answer: Draw a verticle line to tank A’s drain, to block its drain then A will be filled first.
[How can the Kangaroo jump higher than the building?] Level 130 Answer:
Shrink building using two fingers and pinch to make it smaller, then click on the jump button.
[We need 9 bananas] Level 131 Answer:
Click on ‘9’ in the question text, to make it into 6, then you have the correct number of bananas.
[What should fill in the blank?] Level 132 Answer: The answer is ‘R‘ you must have seen Car Gear?
[How many 3’s are there?] Level 133 Answer: There are Five 3’s including Level 133 (2 3’s are here) and one in the question.
[Catch the fish] Level 134 Answer: Use two fingers and shake both clouds to make it rain.
[Help the truck pass through the tunnel] Level 135 Answer: Can you see the level skip button (>>) in the upper left corner of the screen?
[Make a square by moving 2 balls] Level 136 Answer: Click on this level and use the given picture to find the answer.
[Turn off the lights] Level 137 Answer: Put your phone on the table (screen faces table).
[Feed the hay to the cow] Level 138 Answer:
Turn the cow in the other direction (By swiping right on the cow) before it reaches the soil.
[Who is pregnant?] Level 139 Answer:
Speed up the clock, rotate clock needle 15-20 times to reveal the future and know who is pregnant.
[Open the door] Level 140 Answer: Use the hint button (In the shape of a key) to open the lock.
[Leave me alone for a bit…] Level 141 Answer: Lock the phone screen and then open the screen lock (Keep running game level)
[Shoot the basketball into the hoop] Level 142 Answer: Pick the basketball with your finger and put it into the basket.
[Catch person who is cheating] Level 143 Answer: Try lifting the child’s hat who is at the right with a green hat.
[Help an old lady cross the road] Level 144 Answer:
One of the trucks has a green light in its truck bed. You need to put it on the red light on the traffic light. 
[What is the result of the calculation?] Level 145 Answer:
9+9-9×9+9/9=?9+9-9×9+9/9=?, =9+9-9×9+1 (First we do division), =9+9-81+1 (then we do multiplication), = -62 (minus 62)
[Catch the fish] Level 146 Answer:
Pick all the stones and put them in a line at the end of the river to make the water flow stop. then fish will be trapped. Then use the net to catch the fish. 
[Shrink down the fire!] Level 147 Answer: Shake your device/Phone, then click on the fire when it gets dispersed.
[Find the password] Level 148 Answer: 042 is the password.
[Weigh the chicken] Level 149 Answer: Shake the chicken using a finger to make its eggs fall out and make it lighter.
[Is it too quiet here?] Level 150 Answer:
Go to the game setting and turn on the music, then come back to level.
[Take the ball outside] Level 151 Answer: It is a little bit hard to visualize using hints so I have added a video link, You have to put water in the glass from the big bottle and then put that glass of water into the tube. You have to rotate the bottle and glass upside down using two fingers to pour water.
click on this level to find the video.
[Score a goal] Level 152 Answer: Try to press two arrows at the same time, and press the middle and right arrows to hit a goal.
[Make the baby laugh] Level 153 Answer:
Take off the baby’s socks and tickle the baby’s feet with a feather hidden behind the head of the baby.
[bring the child to the exit] Level 154 Answer: Rotate your phone upside down then click on the jump.
[The child is so lonely] Level 155 Answer:
Hold your finger on the child for 5-6 seconds then a copy button appears on the screen then click that button. see image below:
[Please click in the following order] Level 156 Answer:
First, remember the order, When the last finger is remaining wait for some time for the correct finger to appear.
[Silence the kid] Level 157 Answer: Move the ‘watch video’ button, there is a toy hidden under that button; give it to the child.
[Unlock the case] Level 158 Answer:
Can you see ‘Enter password’ written on the Lock? drag ‘Password’ and put it into the black screen to solve the level.
[Make the man happy!] Level 159 Answer: Can you see a gift box button on the top line of the screen near the reload button? Give that to man.
[What does the child see?] Level 160 Answer: Click on this level and use the given picture to find the answer.
[You should win the game again.] Level 161 Answer:
One of the ‘X’ can be moved. Move Lower middle ‘X’ and put the dot from the question text. now click on this level and use the given picture to find the answer.
[Make the girl fall in love with the boy] Level 162 Answer:
Shake men using your finger for at least 10 seconds to find a heart, then give that to the girl.
[Cross the truck across the bridge] Level 163 Answer:
You don’t have to move the truck. Just lift ‘Truck’ word from the question tet and put it on the right side of the bridge.
[Find the water for kids to make a water fight.] Level 164 Answer:
Tap and hold two fingers on both the clouds and shake the phone without lifting the fingers.
[Shout and say MOM] Level 165 Answer: You don’t have to say MOM, You can say anything and fill in the bar, Then click start again, you have to do this 4 times. (please give Microphone access or go to phone settings>apps>trick me> permissions>microphone option)
[Find a frame for those colored objects.] Level 166 Answer:
Find ‘A frame‘ means you have to put all of them into a frame i.e. square frame to solve the level.
[Do something to end the war.] Level 167 Answer:
Turn both canons facing each other and click ‘fire’ tap on the cannons to change the directions.
[Find the ball?] Level 168 Answer:
You can easily find the ball when it is 1× and 4× but when it shows 10× then rub the zero with your finger to make it 1× and then play the game again.
[Bring the child to the exit] Level 169 Answer:
Click on the jump button to start the game. then change the direction of the boy towards left by swiping to the left. The level will be solved.
[Score a goal] Level 170 Answer: Tap man’s head multiple times to knock him down then do the goal using middle arrow.
[Score a goal] Level 171 Answer:
Pick the blue car using two fingers and drag it to make space for the car and park your car using the buttons.
[Find 10 differences] Level 172 Answer:
Click on this level and use the given picture to find the answer. (one L is capital and one is small in Lvl)
[Enter password…] Level 173 Answer:
Try zooming your screen 3-4 times to find the password. you will see 965 is written in small letters.
[Find the gamer] Level 174 Answer:
Gamer is behind the window, you have to drag the window to see, drag and open the left window in the second row to find him.
[Open the Door] Level 175 Answer:
There is a small key on the ‘watch video’ button, use that key to open the door. 
[Prevent the ship from hitting the iceberg] Level 176 Answer: Enlarge the ship by using two fingers.
[Pop the pimples!] Level 177 Answer: Zoom out the face to find medicine, do not pop the pimples, use tube instead.
[Which one of the fast cars is guilty?] Level 178 Answer: Make a police siren on the car and tap the other car to catch the guilty car.
[The dog wants to cross the street] Level 179 Answer: Try to move the two mountains with your two fingers.
[The boy doesn’t hear you He has to hear you!] Level 180 Answer: Rotate the Clock hand until all the battery of the earphones dies, so that he can listen to you.
[Get 10000 points!] Level 181 Answer: Move 10000 from the question, on the wheel where your needle points to:
[Repairs one of the robots!] Level 182 Answer: Shake to dismantle one of the robots, then use its parts to repair another robot.
[The child can’t see, help him!] Level 183 Answer: Use the cloth from the pocket to Rub the child’s eyeglasses then zoom onto the blackboard
[Find the rotton apple] Level 184 Answer: Put the phone on the table without moving it, wait for the worn to come out.
[Help him reach the yellow area] Level 185 Answer: Drag yellow area on the green to interchange color then press left button to go to the yellow area.
[Stop the child from shivering] Level 186 Answer: Go to game settings and turn off the vibration.
[Fly the balloon] Level 187 Answer: swipe up many times using your two fingers.
[Help batman win] Level 188 Answer: Move the superman logo on the batman
[Defeat the Dwarf] Level 189 Answer:
After 3 moves as shown in the below image, you have to block the water flow to the prince by hold tap your finger.
[Tap yellow three times Red three times green three times, white three times] Level 190 Answer:
Tap Yellow and Red 3 times each then combine blue and yellow to make green then tap it 3 times, then drag the word ‘white’ from the title to green then tap it.
[The vase was broken ten minutes ago, Help fix it] Level 191 Answer: Drag the Replay Button on the clock to reverse the time 10 minutes ago.
[Open the way] Level 192 Answer: Pick the Siren from police car then place it on the ambulance.
[Gamer is sleepy, help him] Level 193 Answer: Swipe out the moon out of the screen then drag the coffee mug to the gamer in the building
[Repair the car] Level 194 Answer: Drag the wheel to the car then drag the settings Icon (gear) from upper screen to the car
[Beat Ronaldo!] Level 195 Answer: Tap the start button then move the number 3 (From the count 3-2-1) on the goal count.
[Help them meet] Level 196 Answer: Hint:Make a bridge using the wooden planks as shown:
[Help the man get out of the room] Level 197 Answer:
Click to open the doors, You have to move 3 buckets of water from the leftmost door to the far rightmost door and put out the fire. Click to get the bucket in hand and then click on the water tank to take water then click on the fore to put the fire off, repeat 3 times to put out the fire completely.
[Defeat the Dwarf] Level 198 Answer: Swap Characters, before you pull the level.
[Help the rocket take off] Level 199 Answer: You should count down, Click respectively 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
[Which one do you think the baby would prefer?] Level 200 Answer: Click all 3 at the same time using your 3 fingers
[Open the door] Level 201 Answer:
Lift the mop in front of the door to the left, dragging upwards on it. you will see the key, use that key to open the lock.
[Find the pirate] Level 202 Answer:
Zoom out the screen by using 2 fingers to find a parrot, click on the parrot, the parrot sits on a person and that is the pirate.
[The boy will take his dog for a walk, but the weather is terrible. Help the boy] Level 203 Answer:
Hold the picture hanging on the wall with two fingers, drag and put it into the window, then enlarge it with 2 fingers
[The thief stole the items] Level 204 Answer: Try to tear the bottom of the thief’s bag by clicking multiple times on it.
[Make the robots fall in love with each other] Level 205 Answer: Flip one of the robots and touch their antennae against each other.
[Help him reach the yellow area!] Level 206 Answer: Click on blue balls to Stop them and pass through them using arrow keys.
[Shoot the bottles!] Level 207 Answer: Enlarge the bottles by pinch to zoom. then aim and fire.
[Which one will win? Help the one on the left!] Level 208 Answer: Take left one’s sweat into his eyes to make him violent.
[Why don’t we move?] Level 209 Answer:
There is another car in front of you that is not moving, that’s why you are stuck.Swipe the screen to the left to find a red car.Bang the head of the driver 4 times
[Park the car in the right spot] Level 210 Answer: Swipe the screen to the left using 3 fingers and you will see the parking space.
[Repair the car] Level 211 Answer: Repair the car in this order: Use a fire extinguisher then tire and then tool.
[Get 10000 points!] Level 212 Answer: Hold the arrow and drag over 10000 points
[Two foreigners cannot understand each other] Level 213 Answer:
Shake the guys one by one, You will find some device falls on the ground, then put that small device on their ears/Head.
[Defeat the Dwarf] Level 214 Answer:
Drag the number 4 in Level 214 onto the moves to increase the moves from 3 to 4.then use t4 moves by pulling all levers in the correct order.
[What is the secret number?] Level 215 Answer: Answer is 9 (I am unable to understand this one, please Comment the explanation)
[Are you rich?] Level 216 Answer:
Try removing your teeth by dragging teeth, you will find golden teeth behind those. that means you are rich.
[Help the squirrel climb to the top of the ivy] Level 217 Answer: When you are close to the snake, grab the squirrel using your finger and drag it to top of tree.
[Place all materials to cover the area] Level 218 Answer: Rotate the purple piece with 2 fingers ans put as shown in the image below
[What would the result be if we multiply all the numbers with each other?] Level 219 Answer:
Answer is 0, because in all numbers there is 0, so when you multiply all numbers answer will always be zero.
[Help me fix the phone] Level 220 Answer: Drag the word ‘fix’ from the question text to broken screen to fix it.
[Kill the monster] Level 221 Answer: Shake your phone to close monster eye, then hit the monster’s eye 3 times.
[Separate the colours] Level 222 Answer:
This level does not have a specific process to solve but you have to filter all the same colors on each other.
[Take the shark out of the aquarium] Level 223 Answer:
Give the meat to shark again and again many times (around 10-12) so that shart becomes larger and easily jump off the aquarium.
[Is it too quiet here?] Level 224 Answer: go to game settings and turn on the music.
[Help an old lady cross the road] Level 225 Answer: Shake your phone, then tap the lady.
[What should be the next number in the sequence?] Level 226 Answer:
1 is read off as “one 1” or 1111 is read off as “two 1s” or 2121 is read off as “one 2, then one 1” or 12111211 is read off as “one 1, one 2, then two 1s” or 111221111221 is read off as “three 1s, two 2s, then one 1” or 312211. Answer is 13112221
[Kill the mosquito] Level 227 Answer: Zoom out the screen with two fingers to find the anti mosquito spray.
[Help them meet] Level 228 Answer: Take the mushroom next to the girl’s foot and feed it to the boy
[Shoot the bottles!] Level 229 Answer: Move the ‘fire’ button aside. to find zoom button, then zoom and fore to shoot the bottles.
[Clean the screen!] Level 230 Answer:
First put the folders in the recycle bin, Then drag the recycle bin and then take the monitor out of the screen.
[Score a goal] Level 231 Answer: drag and move the player’s shoe to goal-keepers hand then tap the ball to make a goal.
[Which one do you think the baby would prefer?] Level 232 Answer: Combine all the three boxes on the left and right with the middle one.
[Help the rocket take off] Level 233 Answer: Click on 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 then shake your phone or rotate it upside down.
[Do something the child to sleep] Level 234 Answer: Decrease the screen brightness of your phone.
[Beat Ronaldo!] Level 235 Answer: make to goal smaller by pinching with your 2 fingers, so that ronaldo cannot score a goal.


Opinion About the TRICK ME game:  I love this game, I do have trouble on some of the levels because the tap reaction is slower and sometimes faster than I tap. For some of the levels, I have a hard time rotating things or making things bigger or smaller without getting an x for level failed. Those issues make it harder than it needs to be but, I continue to play because I love the brain teasers.

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