Hidden Escape Lost Temple Chapter 2 Walkthrough Or Solutions

Hidden Escape Game Level 2 Solution Or Walkthrough

Hidden Escape Solutions Level 2 and Hint are available here.

Hidden Escape Game Playstore link is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vincellstudios.hiddenescapelosttemple

About Hidden Escape Game: “TTN Games brings you this point and click type latest new point and click room escape games especially for the escape games lovers. Hidden Escape is a combo of 50 room & door escape games of various locations.

 All levels of Hidden Escape [CLICK HERE] 

Hidden Escape Level 2 Solution:


 All levels of Hidden Escape [CLICK HERE] 

Opinion About the Hidden Escape game: Had an awesome experience solving these intensely tricky Puzzles and interconnection of objects in the scenes…Great work is done by the production team and appreciated for such a unique and distinct background design and art. Looking for more such games in the future…!!!

Thank you for visiting, More Levels of Hidden Escape game can be found at:


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  1. Watching you get the wrong solution for 20 minutes isn’t really the ideal walk through. You should edit these things when you finally figure it out

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