Brain Test Level 109 [TEACHER WANTS A RECTANGLE] Walkthrough Or Answer

Brain Test 109 Answer

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❊Just drag the pentagon (or trapezoid or biggest shape on-screen) near the cutter or knife to make a rectangle.

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Opinion About the Brain Test game: Fun and amusing. I’m really enjoying it. First time I’ve downloaded a game from an advert on facebook. But it just grabbed my attention. Sometimes funny but can be educational and entertaining.

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  1. I alerady knew it the way, that the sheep can stay with one of the others on one side of the river, as long as the boat is at the same side as them.

    In that version, the owner sits in the boat all the time and keeps them save from doing stupid things, if he is next to them.

    So at first i didn´t think about switching them directly.

    Also it´s no matter, i wich order the cabbage and the wolf cross the river.

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