Brain Test Solutions Or Answers [1-287] [14 APRIL NEW UPDATE] All Level And Walkthrough

Brain Test Answers All Level Walkthrough (newly updated)

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Solutions Game All Level and Hints are available on one page. If you want some answers then scroll down to the page.

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About Brain Test Game: “Brain Test is an addictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers. Different riddles testing will challenge your mind. This new puzzle game may break common sense and bring your new brain-pushing experience! You can enjoy yourself with your friends with this addictive and funny free IQ game. Get ready to take the quiz!

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Brain Test Answer key for All Levels:

Brain Test Level 1 [WHICH ONE IS BIGGEST]

Which animal looks biggest in size on your screen?

Its LION, click on it.

Brain Test Level 2 [HOW TO BLOSSOM THIS FLOWER] Just remove all the clouds to clear the sun and that will make blossom the flower.
Brain Test Level 3 [PUT THE ELEPHANT INTO THE FRIDGE] Just click on the handle to open the door and put the elephant inside.

Which thing is closest to the text “us”?

That’s the moon. just click on the moon.


There are more pizza slices under those slices so move them one by one and you will see the hidden slices and now count them again.

Total slices are “9”.

Brain Test Level 6 [I OVERTOOK THE 2ND PLACED RUNNER WHAT IS MY POSITION] If you overtook the 2nd position guy than your position will be “2nd”.
Brain Test Level 7 [SLIDE LEFT TO UNLOCK] It says slide left, you fool.

So slide that arrow to left and it will be done.

Brain Test Level 8 [FEED THE CAT PLEASE HE IS HUNGRY] Drag those biscuits to “cat text” in the question.
Brain Test Level 9 [WHERE IS THE GREEN BALL] Adding yellow and blue makes green.
Brain Test Level 10 [WHAT IS UNUSUAL IN THIS PICTURE] The joker has “6” singers so just click on his palm.
Brain Test Level 11 [WHICH ONE IS LONGEST] Which name is the longest? It’s “February”.
Brain Test Level 12 [CATCH FALLING APPLES] Catch only those apples who are falling from above.
Brain Test Level 13 [TOM MUST JUMP TO THE OTHER SIDE] Drag the mushroom near the cat to feed him and then jump to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 14 [TURN IT OFF TOO DANGEROUS] There is a power-off button on the jar so just click on it don’t try to do anything stupid.
Brain Test Level 15 [4+5*5-2] 4+5*5-2 = 4+25-2 = “27”
Brain Test Level 16 [TAP THEM IN ORDER]

The order is 1-49-80-5-7-11-101.

Just follow the order and tap.

Brain Test Level 17 [WHAT IS THE HIDDEN NUMBER] Drag the stone and you will see a hidden number, so use it to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 18 [HOW MANY MONTHS HAVE 28 DAYS] All 12 months have 28 days.
Brain Test Level 19 [PLEASE SAVE THIS BOY] Drag the sovel from the tree and dig a hole in the raised area and you will see a bone, give that bone to the dog and the boy will be saved.
Brain Test Level 20 [WHERE IS THE BLACK SHEEP] Take the “black” text from the question and put it on any sheep and that will become a black sheep, now click on it.
Brain Test Level 21 [WHAT IS THE LAST LETTER IN SPELLING] The last letter of “spelling” is “G”.
Brain Test Level 22 [THERE IS A INTRUDER IN OUR CAT PARTY] Click on this level and use this image to find the hidden rat.
Brain Test Level 23 [SAVE HER] Drag the right cloud near the 1st cloud and the lightning will save her.
Brain Test Level 24 [CATCH THE MOUSE] Use the arrow buttons to move the cat around the outside of the maze, since there are no paths inside of the maze.
Brain Test Level 25 [TOM IS HUNGRY AGAIN] Drag the food and place it on the stove and turn it on by clicking on the button. Then the mouse will come out.
Brain Test Level 26 [MAKE THEM FALL IN LOVE] Drag the balloon near the hint bulb (because of the heat of bulb the balloon will pop).

Then they will fall in love.

Brain Test Level 27 [WHAT IS A TERRIBLE DICE ROLL HELP ME PLEASE] Just shake your device to solve this level.
Brain Test Level 28 [CLICK ON THE CALVES PLEASE] Put the two cows together and then four calves will pop out, then click them.
Brain Test Level 29 [ WHICH CAT IS ON THE RIGHT] You have to see which cat is on the right so just slide the screen and you will see another cat.

And then click on the new cat.

Brain Test Level 30 [SPOT THE DIFFERENCES ] There are no differences so the answer is zero.
Brain Test Level 31 [HOW MANY HOLES ARE THERE IN THE SHIRT] There are “8” holes on the t-shirt.
Brain Test Level 32 [3+8=?] What is 8+3 you fool? It’s 11.
Brain Test Level 33 [HELP THE CAR CROSS THE BRIDGE] Hold tap on the bridge that will stop the bridge collapse, and then click on the car while clicking on the bridge to help cross the bridge.
Brain Test Level 34 [HE MUST GET TO HIS CAR TO ESCAPE THE ZOMBIES] First, hold tap on the boy to gather the zombies near the boy, then move the boy to the car by escaping the zombies.
Brain Test Level 35 [PLEASE OPEN THE SODA] You don’t have to use the can opener. Just shake your device to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 36 [WHERE IS THE CAT ABOVE THE TEXT] You can drag the whole question so put the question below the cat.

Then the cat will be above this text.

Brain Test Level 37  The answer will be “4” (no. of intersections)
Brain Test Level 38 [IT IS TOO DARK I CAN NOT FIND MY CAT] Use the hint bulb to make the light in the room and you will be able to see the cat.
Brain Test Level 39 [REACH THE FINISH BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT] Tap on the watch 3-4 times to break it then you will have all the time to win the race.
Brain Test Level 40 [WE MUST READY BEFORE THE GUEST ARRIVES] Rub the dusty glasses until they shine to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 41 [WHERE IS MY RABBIT] Drag all the things and put them on the middle thing that will make the rabbit type looking thing.
Brain Test Level 42 [GET THE BIGGEST NUMBER POSSIBLE] The biggest number possible is 999.
Brain Test Level 43 [STOP THE BABY’S CRYING PLEASE] If you flip vertically your device you can stop the baby from crying.
Brain Test Level 44 [WHERE IS MY CHOCOLATE EGG] To find the chocolate egg, move all of the eggs toward the sun. One of them will break and spill a bunch of chocolate everywhere.
Brain Test Level 45 [TIMMY IS HUNGRY PLEASE FEED HIM] First put ice water in the bowl then put salt in it too and give it to the Timmy.
Brain Test Level 46 [WHICH MONKEY IS CARSICK] Shake your device to find the carsick monkey.
Brain Test Level 47 [BLUE HAS TO WIN THE RACE] There is a power-up tool or fuel is hidden on the right side of the crowds.

Click on it and drag it on the blue car, now blue will be able to win.

Brain Test Level 48 [HELP THIS POOR GUY] Rotate your device facing down to help the poor guy.
Brain Test Level 49 [MAKE THE RED WIN THE RACE] Drag the word “red” from the question and put it on the finish line.
Brain Test Level 50 [BURN EVERYTHING] Click on the torch and burn everything including the question itself.
Brain Test Level 51 [JACK DID NOT STUDY FOR THE EXAM BUT HE HAS TO PASS] Jack did not study for the exam, but he has to pass. Put one finger on Jack’s head, then drag it over to the girl’s paper to help Jack look at her paper and steal her answers.
Brain Test Level 52 [WHICH BUILDING IS THE STRONGEST] Just shake your phone to find out which building is strongest.
Brain Test Level 53 [WE NEED 9 APPLES] The “9” inside the question can be rotated so just rotate it and make it a “6” to complete the level.
Brain Test Level 54 [ PICK THE RED COLOR] At first, it asks for the red color, not red text.❊Then at the second, it asks for yellow color so click on a yellow color, not yellow text.

But at 3rd it asks you to pick the red so just click on the red text that is in yellow color.

And the level will be cleared.

Brain Test Level 55 [HOW CAN THE BUS PASS THROUGH THERE] Zoom out the but by using two fingers then you will be able to make it pass.
Brain Test Level 56 [HOW MANY EGGS ARE THERE] Try moving the 3rd egg from the first row and you will see that it’s not an egg.

So the total eggs are “7”.

Brain Test Level 57 [SCISSOR HAS TO WIN] Paper wins over the rock, so first drag paper near both rocks to remove them, now use drag scissor near the paper to win the game.
Brain Test Level 58 [STOP THE ALIEN INVASION] Just tap on the aliens to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 59 [HELP ME ACHIEVE VICTORY] Just tap on the order vic-to-ry to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 60 [HELP THIS POOR MAN PLEASE] Take the skirt off of the women’s bathroom sign to turn it into a men’s bathroom sign.
Brain Test Level 61 [HOW CAN THIS BE CORRECT] Just tap on the cannon and fire it to change both “×” into “+” and the equation will be corrected.
The letter “E” occurs twice in a ‘week’, once in a ‘year’ and never in a ‘month’.
Brain Test Level 63 [REMOVE SIX STICKS AND MAKE IT TEN] From the first box remove left, right and the bottom matchstick to make it “T”.

Then, from the second box remove the right matchstick make it “E”.

Then, from the third box remove the top and bottom matchstick to make it “N”.

Brain Test Level 64 [HELP THIS FROG FLY] 
Block his nose by hold top on his nose, that will make him fly.
Brain Test Level 65 [OUR CAT IS STILL HUNGRY] First, take out matchstick from the matchbox and light it and then fire the cannon which will make the rat fall into the cat’s mouth.
Brain Test Level 66 [I WANT 9 CANDIES PLEASE] To get 9 candies, tap the lid to open it, then flip the phone over and three will fall out. Repeat this three more times to get nine.
Brain Test Level 67 [CLICK THEM FROM LOW TO HIGH] Don’t use maths just starts from bottom to up.
Brain Test Level 68 [YOU FORGET TO BUY HIS BIRTHDAY PRESENT] Take the gift box from the bottom of the screen and give it to the boy.
Brain Test Level 69 [CLICK ON ANIMALS FROM SMALL TO BIG] The tree isn’t an animal so just follow the order first “mouse-lion-elephant”.
Brain Test Level 70 [HOW CAN THIS EQUATION WORKS] Drag the “70” from the “level 70” at top of the screen.
And put that 70 before3 the 50 in the equation.
Brain Test Level 71 [HELP THE MOTHER LOIN] Take off the father lion’s mane and put it on the mother, and the lion cubs will all go over to the father instead.
Brain Test Level 72 [HOW MANY SQUARES ARE THERE] There are zero squares, so the answer is “0”.
Brain Test Level 73 [PLEASE PRESS THE BUTTON 100 TIMES] First, drag the two zeros(00) from the 100 in the question and click 1 time on the button.
There is an “earthworm” inside apples so cut the apples and use it as bait on the hook to catch the fish.
Brain Test Level 75 [SHES SO SAD THAT SHE BURNT THE EGGS PLEASE CHEER HER UP] She’s sad because omelet is burned, so just turn back the time when it wasn’t burned by clicking and moving the hour needle at the position of 2.
Brain Test Level 76 [HOW MANY RECTANGLES ARE THERE] Try moving every box or rectangle you see and you will find out that there are “4” rectangles.
Brain Test Level 77 [HOW MANY BALLS ARE THERE] You have to rotate your phone or device to 180 degrees or flip it vertically.

Hidden balls will come out and now count them.

Total balls are “10”.

Brain Test Level 78 [HOW MANY CUBES ARE THERE] There are 9 cubes on each other but there is another cube hidden in the left side of the screen. So total cubes are “10”.
Brain Test Level 79 [TURN ON THE TV PLEASE] Connect the wire by using your body as the conducting medium.

Or just tap two fingers on both naked ends of the wire.

Brain Test Level 80 [TODAY IS JIM’S SECOND BIRTHDAY LIGHT THE CANDLES FOR HIM] It’s his 2nd birthday so 2 candle has to be lighted, light one with the matchstick and another one with the candle itself.
Brain Test Level 81 [THE BOXER ON THE LEFT SHOULD WIN] Take an iron ball from above one of the corners, put it inside his glove, then hit the fight button to pass this level.
Brain Test Level 82 [MAKE THIS EQUATION CORRECT] From the “LEVEL 82” remove 8 and 2 and place at X and Y respectively in the equation and the equation will be correct.
Brain Test Level 83 [PLEASE STOP THIS FIGHT] Brack the cookie in two-piece using two fingers and the fight will stop.
Brain Test Level 84 [HOW MANY LETTERS ARE LEFT IF “E” AND “T” LEAVE THE ALPHABET] If “E” & “T” left the word “alphabet” then the remaining words are “6”.
Brain Test Level 85 [SHOW ME YOUR PATIENCE] Just don’t tap anywhere for the 7-8 seconds to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 86 [BIRDIE HAS OVERSLEPT TRY SHAKING THE TREE] Hold tap on the branch of the tree where the bird is sleeping and shake your device.
Brain Test Level 87 [FIND THE MISTAKE HERE] The mistake is in the word “mlstake” (inside question), so just click on it to solve the level.
Brain Test Level 88 [WHO WINS THE BATTLE] You can drag “100” from the “100 knights”, so just drag that 100 near the another 100 to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 89 [LET THE CAT IN PLEASE, IT IS FREEZING OUTSIDE] Flip your phone once and the door will open then put the cat inside.
Brain Test Level 90 [PLEASE TURN ON ALL THE LIGHTS] Drag the 3rd bulb outside of the screen to pass this level.
Brain Test Level 91 [COMPLETE THE LEVE PLEASE] Nothing will help from all four things.

You can see that written thing “LEVEL 91”.

You can drag the “L” of level and put in on the “leve_”.

That will complete the “level”.

Brain Test Level 92 [CLICK ON THE BLUE BUTTON 6 TIMES] Click 4 times on the blue button then the red button will show up, then just drag the red button and you will see the blue button under it, so click on it 2 more times to pass this level.
Brain Test Level 93 [25=?] If 10=25 then 25=10.
Brain Test Level 94 [AWW… SHE WANTS AN ICE CREAM TOO] First, rotate the cap of the boy then drag the girl’s hairs and put it on the rotating cap to make the ice cream, now give it to the girl.
Brain Test Level 95 [CURIOSITY KILLS THE CAT] Hold tap on the text “curiosity” and put in on the cat. That will kill the cat.
Brain Test Level 96 [I WANT SOME MAYO] Turn your device upside down and shake it like you are trying to shake sauce out of the bottle.
Brain Test Level 97 [HELP ME CATCH THE RABBIT] Drag the trap near the rabbit then click on the carrot box to catch the rabbit.
Brain Test Level 98 [THE BABY IS CRYING AGAIN] Just rub his belly for 5 seconds and she will fart away her gas, and the level will be solved.
Brain Test Level 99 [MY WIDOWED GRANNY HAS THREE CHILDREN. ] 1 granny+ three couples (6 people) + 4 child = 11 total people, so total chairs needed are “11”.
Brain Test Level 100 [WHAT IS A CAT’S CHILD CALLED] Cats child is also called “cat”, So just click on the text cat inside the question.
Brain Test Level 101 [GIVE THEM APPLES] Click on the plate 2 times to give the apple to the girl and 1st boy, the drag the plate carrying apple near the 2nd boy to solve the level.
Brain Test Level 102 [PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY SOCKS] If you zoom out the screen you can find the socks easily.
Brain Test Level 103 [TOM THE CAT WANTS TO FLY] Drag the tom and place him on the right side of the seesaw then drag the anvil(weight) and drop it from a little hight to create the force to make tom fly.
Brain Test Level 104 [FEED THEM ALL] First, drag the leave and feed it to the mantis, then feed that mantis to the rat, then feed that rat to the cat and your level will be solved.
Brain Test Level 105 [EACH OF THESE BROTHERS HAS A SISTER] Every brother has a sister so total siblings are 5+1 = “6”.
Brain Test Level 106 [HE REFUSES TO EAT HIS MOM’S DELICIOUS SOUP] Just click on the right screw that will make the cup fall on his leg and his mouth will get opened, now it’s your time to feed the soup.
Brain Test Level 107 [WHAT IS THE TOTAL COST] After adding them the total cost will be “12”.
Brain Test Level 108 [EEEK! CATCH IT BEFORE MY MOM SUFFERERS A HEART ATTACK] Just click on both valves to close the pipe now click on mice and it will go inside, then use the last valve to trap it inside the pipeline.
Brain Test Level 109 [TEACHER WANTS A RECTANGLE] Just drag the pentagon (or trapezoid or biggest shape on-screen) near the cutter or knife to make a rectangle.
Brain Test Level 110 [HELP HIM GET BACK HIS WALLET PLEASE] Use two fingers to hold the mouth of the alligator then use the third finger to get his wallet back.
Brain Test Level 111 [HELP THE CAR CROSS THE RIVER] There is a hidden cloud behind the tree, so just drag it and hide the sun to freeze the water, then click on the car to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 112 [FEED THEM. ONE FOR EACH PLEASE] You have to make sure that no one eats multiple donuts, so just feed them once in order to complete this level.
Brain Test Level 113 [I CAN’T START THE VIDEO] There is a video icon below screen near hint, so all you have to do is drag that video icon inside the laptop to play the video.
Brain Test Level 114 [HIS COFFEE HAS GOTTEN COLD] You have to adjust the mirrors in the position that the light of the torch will go to the cup and that will gonna make the coffee warm.
Brain Test Level 115 [FIND A FRAME FROM THESE COLORED OBJECTS] All three shapes will fit only in the 1st box, so just put them all inside 1st box to solve this level.
Brain Test Level 116 [MAKE THIS CORRECT] Use the vertical matchstick of “+” sign and put inside the “9” to make is “8” and the equation will be corrected to “8-3=5”.
Brain Test Level 117 [CLICK ON THE FRUITS IN A CERTAIN ORDER] Use the order of their quantity to solve this level, so just use the order: “apple-cherry-banana-grapes”.
Brain Test Level 118 [BIRTHDAY TIME! HOW OLD IS HE THOUGH] Pull up the candles and you will see how much candles are on the cake, and that’s how old he is.

So the answer is “5”.

Brain Test Level 119 [HELP HER HIT THE TARGET] She’s so bad that she can’t hit her target, so just zoom in the target to make it bigger and then she will be able to hit it.
Brain Test Level 120 [HELP THE RAT GET THE CHEESE] Click on this level and use this image to help the rat.
Brain Test Level 121 [WHAT SHOULD WE PUT IN PLACE OF THE QUESTION MARK] Think of this as the gear of the car, so after 5th gear what comes is “reverse”, so just put “R” in the place of the question mark to solve this level.
Brain Test Level 122 [WHICH CAR IS THE SLOWEST] The text “car” text inside the question is slowest because it’s not even moving, so just click on “car” to pass this level.
Brain Test Level 123 [HOW DOES THIS EQUATION WORK] You can drag the “7+6+”, so just drag it out of the screen and the equation will work properly.
Brain Test Level 124 [WE NEED 5 ACTORS FOR OUR MOVIE] 1st person is wearing a yellow wig, so just remove it to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 125 [HELP THE KID ON THE RIGHT WIN THE SNOWBALL FIGHT] Drag all the snowballs and merge them with the right kid’s ball, which will make a very big ball and he will win the snowball fight.
Brain Test Level 126 [HELP ME I DONT KNOW WHERE TO TURN!] Just rotate your phone to the left to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 127 [WHICH ONE IS THE LONGEST]

Drag the boy’s mouth near those honking things to know that which one is longest, then click on it to pass the level.

Brain Test Level 128 [WHERE DOES BEE HONEY COME FROM?] Honey comes from the bees bro… Just click on the “bee” text in the question to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 129 [WE NEED 10 DOLLARS] Slide-out the purse out of his pocket and after that click on it to remove the money.
Brain Test Level 130 [IF 1 CHICKEN COOKED IN 5 MINUTES. HOW LONG WOULD IT TAKE TO COOK 5 CHICKENS] Just cook all those 5 chickens at the same time, so cooking 5 chickens will take also “5” minutes.
Brain Test Level 131 [DISCOVER GRAVITY] Just shake your device to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 132 [ANOTHER MISERABLE MAN NEEDS YOUR HELP] There’s a spider on the big boy’s shoulder, drag that spider into that green chemical box, then drag that spider near that small boy so that spider can give him superpowers to let him fight with bullies.

That “o-t-t-f-f-s-s-e-?” has a secret code if you notice.

O- one, t- two, t- three, f- four, f- five, s- six, s-seven, e- eight, so the next thing(?) will be “N- nine”.

Brain Test Level 134 [I HAD 10 FISH IN MY AQUARIUM] Aquarium has 10 fishes if 6 died then the remaining will still be “10” because even if 6 of them died they are still in the aquarium.
Brain Test Level 135 [WHERE DO THEY HIDE THE DIAMOND THEY STALLED] Remove the hat and hair from the middle guy to find the diamond.
Brain Test Level 136 [WHERE IS THE BALL] First, disturb the joker by tapping on his nose then swipe up on all three glasses to find the ball.
Brain Test Level 137 [MATCH THE OBJECT WITH CORRECT COUNTRIES] Connect all the things to France only, because all the objects on the screen belong to France.
Brain Test Level 138 [HOW TO BUILD A TOWER] Just place all three pieces on top of each other to build a tower.
Brain Test Level 139 [OHH MAN! SHE IS CRYING AGAIN! HELP PLEASE] Drag the wheels of the toy car and place them before the big guy’s eyes to make the baby laugh.
Brain Test Level 140  Mice= 4, Cat= 6, then rotated cat(9) + mice(4) + mice(4) = 17.
Brain Test Level 141 [HELP THIS BODY BUILDER PLEASE] Remove the weights from the rod to help the builder.
Brain Test Level 142 [THE STUDENT CANT THINK OF AN ANSWER] Just rotate your phone upside down vertically to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 143 [TIMMY NEEDS TO EAT HEALTHY] Drag that burger only near him so he will open his mouth, now use another finger to drag the broccoli inside his mouth to pass the level. 
Brain Test Level 144 [HOW TO DEFEAT THE WIZARD] Put water in front of the fire, fire in front of the leaf and leaf in front of the water, now start the battle.
Brain Test Level 145 [ALIENS ARE INFILTRATING. FIND THEM] Click on this level and use this image to find the hidden aliens.
Brain Test Level 146 [WHAT IS IN THE MIDDLE OF AMERICA] Middle of America?? its “R”.
Brain Test Level 147 [LOOKS SO SAD. CHEER HIM UP PLEASE] Just swipe up to his sad lips to make him smile again.
Brain Test Level 148 [A VAMPIRE! HELP!] Just swipe left or right to the curtains to help the boy.
Brain Test Level 149 [HOW MANY TRIANGLES ARE THERE] To find all of the triangles, pull the shape apart with your fingers. You’ll find a total of 5 triangles.
Brain Test Level 150 [FEED OUR CAT FROM LEFT TO RIGHT] To feed the cat from left to right, drag the cat off of the right side of the screen, and it will reappear on the left side. Then drag it through all of the food so it eats the food.
Brain Test Level 151 [THEY NEED JUSTICE] Drag the ice cream on the cone to the right down to the box four times, and the ice cream on the cone to the left two times.
Brain Test Level 152 [WE NEED A GREEN BALL] To get a green ball, tap and hold on the yellow ball so that the blue ball crashes into it, or vice versa. When blue hits yellow or yellow hits blue, it becomes green.
Brain Test Level 153 [BREAK THE WINDOW WITH THE STONE] To break the window with the stone, grab the word “stone” out of the question, and drag it over the word “window” in the question.
Brain Test Level 154 [NEIGHBOURS ARE HAVING A CRAZY PARTY IN MID OF NIGHT] To stop the crazy neighbor’s party in the middle of the night, tap on the phone to the right side of the girl and dial 911.
Brain Test Level 155 [HOW CAN IT BE TRUE] How can 1 > 100 be true? Drag your finger on the 1 twice to reveal two more 1’s, then line them all up to turn the equation into 111 > 100.
Brain Test Level 156 [BLUE HAS TO WIN] To make it so that blue wins, move the finish line downward so that green and red won’t cross it.
Brain Test Level 157 [SAVE THEM ALL] To save them all, move all of the skydivers until their hands link together, then tap on the third one from the left to let the parachute go and save all of them.
Brain Test Level 158 [FIX THE CLOCK PLEASE] To fix the clock, wind the minute hand of the clock until it hits the 12.
Brain Test Level 159 [CHEER HIM UP PLEASE] Tickle his toes on both of his feet by rubbing them with your finger gently to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 160 [HORSY WISHES TO BE A UNICORN] Wishes are granted upon a shooting star, so tap the star to make it shoot off and turn the horse into a unicorn.
Brain Test Level 161 [PLEASE UNLOCK THE DOOR. I AM TRAPPED OUTSIDE] Try to remove the door met and you will see a key under it, so use it to unlock the door.
Brain Test Level 162 [TORTOISE MUST WIN] First, lift up its shell to find rockets, then tap quickly on the rockets to launch it across the finish line.
Brain Test Level 163 [WHAT IS  THE NUMBER BELOW THE DICE] Drag the dice to find the hidden number under it.
Brain Test Level 164 [JUST HAD A SUN! PICK A NAME FOR HIM!] Drag “son” out of the question to turn “Ja” into “Jason”.
Brain Test Level 165 [WELL, SHE IS AT IT AGAIN!] There is a bug on his hair, so remove his hair to cheer the baby up.
Brain Test Level 166 [COLLECT THREE APPLES PLEASE] Move the basket under the right apple, then shake the phone. Repeat this with the center apple, then the left apple.
Brain Test Level 167 [GET TO 6 PLEASE] Flip the number counter to 9, then turn your phone over to make the 9 into a 6.
Brain Test Level 168 [FIND ALL THE ANIMALS IN THE PICTURE] Tap the rabbits and the cat, then the horse, and the snake in the tree. Then move the snake over to the horse in order to scare it and you will see another rabbit, now click on it to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 169 [HELP TOM GET HIS FISH] Tap the dog to make it look at the fish then move the cat up above the dog, now tap the dog again to make it look at where the cat used to be. Then place the cat on the fish.
Brain Test Level 170 [WE WANT TO GO TO NEWYORK] Move the door handle from the left side of the car to the right side and then tap the go button to make it drive to New York.
Brain Test Level 171 [POOR CROW IS UNABLE TO EAT] Pick walnut up into the air and drop it from the sky onto the rocks to crack it. Then feed the nut inside to the bird.
Brain Test Level 172 [BUILD A NEW SNOWMAN PLEASE] Put the two large snowballs on top of each other, then move the cloud and drag the sun onto the head portion of the snowman. Then put the carrot as the nose, two black dots as the eyes, and two sticks as the arms.
Brain Test Level 173 [FORM THE IMAGE ON THE PUZZLE] Drag the whole image of the lion on top of the puzzle to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 174 [SHE LOVES HIM OR SHE LOVE HIM NOT] Pull the petals off of the flower, then pull the one pedal off of the flower on her head.
Brain Test Level 175 [THE BLUE CAR IS IN A HURRY HELP IT] Take the blue light off from the back of the blue car and put it in front of it to turn it into an emergency signal.
Brain Test Level 176 [HELP THE GHOST HUNTER WITH HIS GHOST TRAP] Tap the ghost hunter to see the ghosts. Remember the positions of the ghosts. Then tap him again to make the traps reappear, and put them where the ghosts were. Then tap him again to trap the ghosts.
Brain Test Level 177 [WHAT IS REVERSE OF BAD] The reverse of bad?? Its “dab”.
Brain Test Level 178 [WHAT DOES HE SEE] Click on this level and use this image to find what does he sees.
Brain Test Level 179 [OK TIME TO LIFT OFF] Rotate your phone so that the rocket is facing up, then tap on 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 180 [HOW MANY DOTS ARE THERE I WONDER] There are 4 dots in this level, one is inside the question but the other three are near the setting button who shows the “level menu”.[Zero dots on the dog, only spots]
Brain Test Level 181 [WHAT IS 50% OF 55] 50% of 55?? it’s “5” if you think outside.
Brain Test Level 182 [END THIS WAR] Change the angle of the canons so they face each other, now press fire to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 183 [HELP ME CARRY THIS BOX TO THE DOLLY PLEASE] Flip the phone upward and rotate it twice to turn the box until it gets on the dolly.
Brain Test Level 184 [YOU GOT CAUGHT SPEEDING OOPS] Tap on the glove box and you will find the donut inside, now feed it to the cop to make him happy.
Brain Test Level 185 [TOM IS HUNGRY CATCH THAT MOUSE] Slide down the carpet and all the remaining things will be done by gravity.
Brain Test Level 186 [I DECLARE THAT TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY PICK A GIFT] Tap on the “gift” text inside the question text to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 187 [I HATE MATH GET RID OF THIS NUMBER] Drag the “G” and place it on the top left of the “1” to pass the level. Placing G in front of the letter one spells g-one meaning getting rid of the number.

Two same structure (or pair) will make each other disappear.

So, find the pairs and make them disappear.

But the last carrot card will disappear after dividing it into two parts by swipe it from up to down and the level will be cleared.

For the best solution please check the video below.

Brain Test Level 189 [I SAW THIS RIDDLE ON REDDIT WHERE IS THE BULL] You can drag the red word from it so show the red to the group and the bull will come out.

Rub the no. 1 until it disappears and the equation will be corrected.

4+5 = 9

Brain Test Level 191 [I HATE THIS THIS BABY IS CRYING AGAIN STOP THIS SCREAM] In the question, the “I” word can be moved.

So put that ‘I’ before the “SCREAM” word and that will make “ice cream” and the baby will stop crying.

Brain Test Level 192 [CLICK ON GREEN 3 TIMES BLUE 10 TIMES AND RED 5 TIMES] Just follow the question don’t get confused by the numbers to display on the right side of the button, So click green 3 times, blue 10 times and red 5 times.
Brain Test Level 193 [WHEN I WAS 6 YEAR OLD]

When I was 6 my sis was half of my age so its “3”

And the brother was twice my age so it’s “12”

5 years later sis will be 8 and brother will be 17.

And the sum will be “25”.

Brain Test Level 194 [HOW MANY CIRCLES ARE THERE] There are “7” circles. Count by yourself.
Brain Test Level 195 [YOUR PETS ARE DROWNING WHICH ONE WILL YOU SAVE] Use three fingers at the same time and save all of them by dragging out.
Brain Test Level 196 [SUCH A MOODY WEATHER] Drag out the painting of sun and place in on the window now zoom it out to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 197 [COMPLETE THE EQUATION CORRECTLY] On the first row place 3,6,5 and on 2nd-row drag 1,7 and on 3rd-row place 3,8,2. That will make the equation correct [365+17=382].
Brain Test Level 198 [OUR DOG IS SO DIRTY CLEAN HIM UP PLEASE] Drag the water basked on the dog then shake your device to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 199 [THEY ALL NEED SOME WARMTH] Drag the fire in the middle of everyone to warm them all.
Brain Test Level 200 [WHAT IS UNDER THE TREE] Drag the text “the tree” and press on the cat to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 201 [QUICKLY TAP THE NUMBERS IN ORDER] The position of 7 & 8 will change when you click them fast, so tap on 7 before 8 to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 202 [SOLVE THE PUZZLE] Click on this level and use this image to solve the level.
Brain Test Level 203 [WE MUST SCORE A GOAL] Click on this level and use this image to see the pattern or position.
Brain Test Level 204 [TEACH OUR CAT HOW TO HUNT PLEASE] Put the box over the cat, then grab the cheese from the shelf and put it on the ground now remove the box to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 205 [FIND THE TREASURE] Tap and drag the rocks around until you find a red X. Then grab the shovel and stick it in the red X to find the treasure.
Brain Test Level 206 [I LOST THE BRAKES HELP] Grab one of the clouds out of the sky with your finger and put it in the car’s path to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 207 [WHERE IS THE MOTHER LOIN] Tap the apples above the lion cub’s head and after they fall and hit it, the mother will come out to comfort him.
Brain Test Level 208 [TORTOISE MUST WIN THE RACE] Take the banana out of the monkey’s hand and put it in front of the rabbit’s feet to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 209 [HELP HIM!] Drag the sword away from the ninja in the boy’s dream, then give it to the boy who’s sleeping to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 210 [MAKE A CHOICE!] Rub the left choice with your finger to erase it. It will be replaced by the choice “get rich“, now tap on it to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 211 [THIS MAN ANNOYED THE LLAMA] To help the llama get its revenge against the man, move the cloud over the man’s head and tap it until rainfalls. When he moves the umbrella, tap the llama to spit at him.
Brain Test Level 212 [HOW MANY TEETH HE HAS] Tap on each of the boy’s teeth to knock out the fake ones. There are a total of 12 teeth.
Brain Test Level 213 [FILL ALL OF THE GRIDS] Tap in the given order “left 2 – 1 – 1 – right 2 – 4”.
Brain Test Level 214 [TRY TO FOLLOW THE CORRECT PATTERN] The pattern is YELLOW-BLUE-RED-RED-GREEN, tap in this order to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 215 [HORSY WISHES FOR WINGS NOW] Drag the star from the wizard’s stick and place it over the sky to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 216 [SEPARATE THE COLORS PLEASE] Click on this level and use the video to solve the level.
Brain Test Level 217 [HELP, SHE CAN’T STOP JUMPING] First drag the mattress below the trampoline, then remove it to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 218 [CANDY MUST REACH TO THE MOUTH] Rotate your phone and show candy the way to reach the boy’s mouth.
Brain Test Level 219 [TOM WANTS TO JUMP AGAIN] You can change the place of the left mountain, so just drag the mountain and place it near the right mountain and press jump to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 220 [HELP OUR FRIEND TO CROSS THE STREET] Drag the footpath next to him so he can cross the street.
Brain Test Level 221 [I NEED AN OMELETTE PLEASE] Drag the balloon near the knife, and the hen will get scared of sound and give the egg, now drag the egg on the pan to make the omelet.
Brain Test Level 222 [SHE LOST HER BALLOON] Swipe the screen down to find the balloon, the give it to the baby to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 223 [HOW MANY DOGS ARE THERE] You can see 7 dogs on the screen, but if you drag the place where you have to put the answer you will see 3 more hidden puppies, so the final answer will be “10”.
Brain Test Level 224 [WE MUST GET RID OF THESE MICROBES] Drag the paper from the ground, and drag it over the microbes and they will stick to that paper, now burn that paper to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 225 [I CAN’T GET INTO MY HOUSE] Zoom out the house to the fullest and drag the key over the keyhole to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 226 [HELP ME FEED MY LIZARD] Open the window and food container and a bug will come out from the window and lizard will eat it.
Brain Test Level 227 [I HAVE OCD HELP ME] You have OCD, so place the different color ball in the different bowl to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 228 [TOM FOUND YET ANOTHER VALLY TO JUMP] Drag the cloud in the middle of the open space and press jump to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 229 [FIND ALL THE ANIMALS] Click on this level and use this image to solve the level.
Brain Test Level 230 [WHAT IS X?] Drag the 5 from the answer and put over the -5 to make it “0”, now click on “0” to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 231 [HE WANTS 5 GLASS MILK 3 COOKIES] Change the position of 5 over 3 to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 232 [HELP THE MEN ESCAPE] Try to trap the zombie inside the red zone and then make the men reach near the car. Watch the video given below for a better explanation.
Brain Test Level 233 [HELP OUR HERO] Put your device upside down to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 234 [FIND A SOLUTION BEFORE OTHER’S SEE HER FACE] Drag the hanky from the guy’s pocket and wipe the lady’s face to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 235 [SHE IS SO TIRED HELP PLEASE] Open the cabinet under the sink and upper the sink, now put washed plated inside the upper cabin and unwashed plates inside the cabinet below to sink to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 236 [HELP HER HIT THE TARGET] Move the target to where the marker goes and press to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 237 [HELP THE BLUE BOXER ONCE AGAIN] The first click on red boxer once, then click on the fight to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 238 [HOW CAN TOM JUMP THIS TIME?] Drag the tom on the edge and press jump to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 239 [WE MUST STOP THIS MONSTER] Drag the green color basket over the health bar of the monster to make him friendly.
Brain Test Level 240 [HORSY WANTS A PRINCESS NOW] There is a hammer near the tree so drag it and smack the magicians head with it, now you will see stars over his head then just drag that start on the sky to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 241 [PICK THE APPLES] Pick the apples from the first and second screen but in the 3rd screen, there is a tomato below the first apple so make sure you won’t click on the tomato to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 242 [WE NEED A FIRE] Remove the hat of the boy and drag the clouds to make the sun shine, which will let you pass the level.
Brain Test Level 243 [DRAW A TRIANGLE PLACE] Change the position of the middle dot and connects the dot to make a triangle.
Brain Test Level 244 [THERE ARE SOME WEIRD THINGS GOING ON] Click on this level and use this image to solve the level.
Brain Test Level 245 [HE NEEDS SOME HELP] Drag the help text from the question text and put it inside the boy’s empty shout to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 246 [HOW CAN THIS BE CORRECT] Rotate your phone upside down to make the equation correct.
Brain Test Level 247 [WHICH MONKEY HAS THE LONGEST TAIL] Swipe up on the monkies to find which monkey has the longest tail.
Brain Test Level 248 [HE WANTS THE SAME BURGER] You have to make the same burger as the other boy has, so drag and put things in order “cheese slice – potato slice – green slice – upper bun” to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 249 [THE COMPUTER WORKS TOO SLOW] Clean the fan window to make his computer work fast.
Brain Test Level 250 [OH NO HE IS SO LATE FOR WORK] Tap on the calendar to change the Thursday to make it Saturday, so the won’t have to worry about work.
Brain Test Level 251 [HELP THE MEN REACH HIS HOUSE] You can swipe up and down the red bar, so swipe up when the first stop comes, and swipe down for the second barrier to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 252 [WHERE IS THE DOG HIDING] Click on this level and use this image to solve the level.
Brain Test Level 253 [GET RID OF THIS TRAFFIC] Rotate your phone to the right side to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 254 [COMPLETE YOUR SWORD TRAINING] Swipe up on the sword from the bottom 3 times to complete his training.
Brain Test Level 255 [THE GHOST MUST ESCAPE FROM THE TRAPS] Just use the given tapping order to pass the level: down-right-right-right-down-down-left-left-down-down-right-right-right-right.
Brain Test Level 256 [OH NO HER FLOWER IS DYING] Drag the bundle of grass and give it to the cat, she will poop and drag that poop over the flower, and use the empty bucket to fill the water and drag it over the flower to shine the flower.
Brain Test Level 257 [HELP ME FIX MY CAR PLEASE] Frag the “fix” text from the question and place it over the car to fix it.
Brain Test Level 258 [SAVE THE TOWN] Swipe up on the first mountain to save the city.
Brain Test Level 259 [HELP HIM DEFEND THE LITTLE TURTLES] The first tap on turtle’s face then click on his shell to kill the snake.
Brain Test Level 260 [YOU MUST REFORM THE FACE] Try to drag the black line and you will be able to reform the face.
Brain Test Level 261 [YOU MUST WIN THIS SOMEHOW] Remove the zero from the top right corner and tap on it to win the game.
Brain Test Level 262 [THE RED CAR MUST WIN] Drag the 2 from the lap counter and place it on the 1 to make it 2 to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 263 [THE CAT NEEDS TO GET TO THE FISH AGAIN] Drag the bone and Shake it left to right fast-fast so the dog will feel dizzy, now drag the cat near the fish to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 264 [HELP HIM OVERCOME THIS BORING MORNING] Tap on the jar button to start it then open the cupboard and drag the coffee from it and place it over the cup and also drag the jar for hot water, which will make him overcome this boring Monday morning.
Brain Test Level 265 [HELP THESE LOVERS TO COME TOGETHER] Zoom out the piece of wood and place it on the empty space to make the bridge to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 266 [SHE IS CRYING AWAYS] Drag the teddy bear and you will see a remote for tv, now tap on it 2 times to change the channel to make the kid happy.
Brain Test Level 267 [WE MUST CONCOURS THE CASTLE] Drag the torch from the soldier’s hand and put the fire on the grass bolder, then tap on it to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 268 [SIR NOOBALOT REQUIRES YOUR HELP] First drag the soldier near the dragon, then drag the water and place it over his mouth before he tries to burn the soldier to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 269 [WHAT IS ON JUPITER] Drag the question mark (?) fro the question and place it on the orange planet to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 270 [OHH NO PREVENT THIS ACCIDENT] Pull the horn string to make a sound, that will wake up the guy.
Brain Test Level 271 [HE IS SO ANGRY CALM HIM DOWN] Rotate the phone facing down to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 272 [WE MUST OPEN THIS VAULT] Remove the books and you will see a pattern for the password, now use “12358” as the password to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 273 [SIR NOOBALOT MUST DEFEAT A TROLL] Drag the soldier over the bridge and when the troll pulls his arm drag him back to his actual place, and do it 2 times and the troll will break the bridge, that will pass the level.
Brain Test Level 274 [WHY IS THE CAR IN FRONT NOT MOVING] Swipe left to the car and you will see the guy sleeping in the car, now tap on him to wake him up, that will solve the level.
Brain Test Level 275 [WHAT IS THE ANSWER] Drag the 7 and combine it with the 13 to make it 20, now tap on 20 to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 276 [TIME TO SCHOOL, WAKE HIM UP] Use your two fingers and open both eyelids at the same time to wake him up.
Brain Test Level 277 [SATISFY OUR CUSTOMER PLEASE] Put all the items inside the plate then give it to the customer to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 278 [WHAT IS THE QUESTION MARK] Just add them to find the answer, that is 19.
Brain Test Level 279 [ARGGH! GET RID OF THESE MOSQUITOS PLEASE] Swipe the thermometer down to pass the level, because mosquito can’t survive on cold weather.
Brain Test Level 280 [PICK THE CORRECT COLORS AT THE SCREEN] Yellow is attached with two strings, so switch the first two with yellow and 3rd one with blue to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 281 [HELP US WE CANT FIND OUT HOME] Swipe left to the screen then you will see the earth, now click on the earth to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 282 [I WONDER WHICH FISH IS THE BIGGEST] Drag the red color fish near the fish hook to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 283 [WHAT IS THE NUMBER ABOVE 4] The number above 4 is obviously “5”.
Brain Test Level 284 [HELP THE GUY AVOID A TICKET] Drag the bulb from the top right corner (hint bulb) and place it over the left broken car light to pass the level.
Click on this level and use this image to solve the level.
One ball is getting reduced in every next shape, so in 6th shape, only 2 balls will gonna remain and those will be the first two of the middle line.
Pull out all of his tentacles to pass the level.
Brain Test Level 288 [Tom wants to eat all of the fish] Drag Tom from the smallest fish to the biggest fish.
Brain Test Level 289 [Time to eat and drink healthy]
Swipe the boy left and right. Avoid burgers and chocolate.
Brain Test Level 290 [These people don’t like each other]
Block two of them using the stone and the trash can.
Brain Test Level 291 [One of these bears is not real]
The bear that doesn’t like the honey is not real.
Brain Test Level 292 [Clean him up please]
Use the handkerchief to clean him up. Rotate his head to clean both cheeks.
Brain Test Level 293 [There is a ghost somewhere]
Pour the white powder to the floor and you’ll see footsteps.
Brain Test Level 294 [Something is wrong here]
Swipe them up and down to make it look like the picture below.

Opinion About the Brain Test game: Fun and amusing. I’m really enjoying it. First time I’ve downloaded a game from an advert on Facebook. But it just grabbed my attention. Sometimes funny but can be educational and entertaining.

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      Si no puede resolver un nivel en particular, omitir es la mejor opción

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    Hello I can’t find the answer for this question….
    Get the biggest number possible
    200 + 520
    452 – 102
    15 x 15 x 2
    It’s level 42 on mine but it wasn’t the same on yours, as well I asked for a clue on the app and it said
    Just write the biggest possible number there!
    Thankyou xx

    • February 7, 2020 at 5:59 am

      That’s level 50, and the answer is 999.

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      You can draw a line between the two carrots

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      Draw a line between the carrots

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      Brain Test 2 is here

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