Brain King Level 70 Walkthrough Or Answer

Brain King 70 Answer

Brain King – IQ Crush Puzzles game level 70 answer In this Page, No need to go anywhere.

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About Brain King Game:
“Your mind rebels at stagnation? Do you need any problems? Do you love the most abstruse cryptogram or the most intricate analysis?
Get any chance to play with BRAIN KING- IQ CRUSH?
Emm… better not. It will be a hard time when you finally realize that it is you lower the IQ of the whole street.

We look forward to solving this.

Brain King Answer 70 Level:

❊You have to click on the birds coming from right to left.

❊After catching 9 birds you will see that no bird is coming from the right side, so just click on the bird inside the question to pass the level.

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If you’re still are not able to solve the level 70 then use this video below:

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Opinion About the Brain King game:
You really have to think long and hard in this game. There is always the right answer. This game is really fun you should try it.
A bit temperamental, but a good game overall. It’s very funny.

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