Brain Code Level 39 [FIND ALL EXIT BUTTONS] Answers or Solution

Brain code game Level 39 Solution Or Walkthrough

Brain code game level 39 answer In this Page, No need to go anywhere.

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About Brain code Game: ” Brain: code – new breathe in puzzle games.
The new way of gameplay – control the gaming process with commands: interact with views, control animations, use all your skills and brain to complete puzzles.
30 unique levels, sounds easy, right? – But 90% of people won’t complete them all.

 All levels of Brain Code [1-30] [CLICK HERE] 

Brain Code Answer 39 Level:


❊Press hint button then closes it an ‘x’ will appear on left of screen tap that.
Press the back button of your phone.
Tap “exit” text
/scan then hit the ‘x’

VIDEO Solution:

 All levels of Brain Code [1-30] [CLICK HERE] 

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