Brain: Code Solutions All level [1-50] And Walkthrough

Brain code – hardest puzzle ever Walkthrough All Level Solutions

Brain code Solutions Game All Level and Hints are available on one page. If you want some answers them scroll down to the page.

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About Brain code Game:brain: code – new breathe in puzzle games.
The new way of gameplay – control the gaming process with commands: interact with views, control animations, use all your skills and brain to complete puzzles.
30 unique levels, sounds easy, right? – But 90% of people won’t complete them all.

Brain code Walkthrough All Levels:

Click on the levels to find the detailed explaination and video solutions also

Brain Code Level 1 Answer /Rotate:180
Brain Code Level 2 Answer /Theme: white
Brain Code Level 3 Answer /Anim: stop
Brain Code Level 4 Answer You have to make 7+1=10-2

/select: c1

/Anim: stop

/select: c2

/Anim: stop

Brain Code Level 5 Answer /text: palindrome
Brain Code Level 6 Answer /Anim: start, then use your device’s gyroscope to encircle the black dot for a few seconds to pass the level
Brain Code Level 7 Answer /text: _____________________ [ ‘_’ indicates the space.]
Brain Code Level 8 Answer /text: triangle
Brain Code Level 9 Answer /text: I like this game
Brain Code Level 10 Answer /text: 384400
Brain Code Level 11 Answer /text: Italy
Brain Code Level 12 Answer /rotate: 180

  1. /text: 119 for w,
  2. /text: 105 for i,
  3. /text: 115 for s,
  4. /text: 103 for g,
  5. /text: 107 for k,
  6. /text: 100 for d,
  7. /text: 118 for c.
Brain Code Level 13 Answer This level is skipped.
Brain Code Level 14 Answer /text: brown
Brain Code Level 15 Answer Click on this level to find a detailed explanation.
Brain Code Level 16 Answer Change your device’s time between 10 pm to 5 am.

/text: Ursa major

Brain Code Level 17 Answer /text: heart
Brain Code Level 18 Answer /Anim: start

Now rotate your device.

Brain Code Level 19 Answer /select: apple, /move: 170,-210

/select: banana, /move: -10,-216

/select: pineapple, /move: -170,0

Brain Code Level 20 Answer /text: 10
Brain Code Level 21 Answer /text: 101
Brain Code Level 22 Answer /select: rabbit

/move: 0,80 and /move: 0,40

Brain Code Level 23 Answer /text: ———————
Brain Code Level 24 Answer Turn on the airplane mode.
Brain Code Level 25 Answer You have to scan the QR code given on the screen to your phone, and for that my suggestion is to take a screenshot and share it on the other phone then scan it to pass the level.
Brain Code Level 26 Answer /text: acdc
Brain Code Level 27 Answer /rotate:90
Brain Code Level 28 Answer /text:11
Brain Code Level 29 Answer /text: 13

/text: lazy

Brain Code Level 30 Answer /Anim: start

Use your device’s gyroscope to encircle the white dot for a few seconds to pass the level.

Brain Code Level 31 Answer /level: 12

/level: 31

Brain Code Level 32 Answer restart the game 3 time

/select: don’t 

/move: 300,0

Brain Code Level 33 Answer /text: Bermuda triangle
Brain Code Level 34 Answer /select:+
Brain Code Level 35 Answer /level: 13
/text: apollo 13
/anim: start
Brain Code Level 36 Answer /select: milk

/move: 100,-200

/select: strawberry

Move it into your glass

Then shake your phone

Brain Code Level 37 Answer /anim: start

/anim: stop [Stop the animation on “1”]

Then touch the text “dot”

Brain Code Level 38 Answer /text: level 38 completed
Brain Code Level 39 Answer Press hint button then closes it an ‘x’ will appear on left of screen tap that.
Press the back button of your phone.
Tap “exit” text
/scan then hit the ‘x’
Brain Code Level 40 Answer

Tap the scan button, it scans your face.
Move the white circle by moving your phone or face.
You will see number 8,1,2,9,7
Move the circle on to numbers and tap them in order of 87912.

Brain Code Level 41 Answer [Charge the level] Connect your phone to a charger. Yes, you have to really charge your phone! Then,

/Anim: Start

After 33% Animation will pause. Again use the command to solve the level:

/Anim: Start


Brain Code Level 42 Answer [Polyglot Thirty] Polyglot: Knowing or using several languages. Thirty-Three is part of the puzzle.

So you have to use several languages to know other parts of this puzzle.

To change the in-game language, /Menu then click the Language: en on the bottom of the menu to change the language once. And get the next hint on the screen= Minus

Repeat the last step again (change language) to get the next part of the puzzle: Uno

Uno means One in Spanish. So now we have a complete puzzle. Thirty-Three minus One=32

/Text: 32


Brain Code Level 43 Answer [What will grow] This is a tree in its early stages, so we wouldn’t know what tree it will develop over the years.

So to know the change date of your phone at least 10 years ahead. If your date today is July 10, 2020, then edit the time to July 10, 2030, and come back to level again. to know what tree is get developed into.

/Text: Mango is the answer.

Brain Code Level 44 Answer [?+7=10+?] You may have figured out that there is no combination that satisfies the equation.

The equation can be solved if we can interchange the circle C1 and C2

/Select: c1 & /move: 400,0 (change 400 to some other value if it does not work)

/Select: c2 & /move: -400,0 (change -400 to some other value if it does not work)

Now both circles are interchanged, Now you can easily stop the animation and make the equation true 4+7=10+1

/Select: c2 & /Anim: Stop at 4

/Select: c1 & /Anim: Stop at 1

Brain Code Level 45 Answer [What was the answers on the first question] It is the answer before the game starts.

/Text: yes

Brain Code Level 46 Answer [Everybody makes mistakes] Try to make mistakes in the code by giving random commands, to find the hidden hints in the error message.

You have to make mistakes 7 times to see the full message, as one word will be revealed each time. I have shown two words (use and rotate) in the images below:

‘use rotate command angle is level number’ are the hints shown. one word each time.

/rotate: 46

Brain Code Level 47 Answer [Morse code] /Anim: Start to read the whole morse code.

– . -. .–. .-.. ..- … -. .. -. . — .. -. ..- … . .. –. …. –  is the code displayed on the screen. When I tried to decode it using any morse to text converter, I found out that it decodes to TENPLUSNINEMINUSEIGHT 



Brain Code Level 48 Answer [A coordinates 40.457415, 93.370107] 40.457415, 93.370107

33.747252, -112.633853

55.906331, -2.655323

40.327222, 17.826111

These 4 coordinates when searched on google maps gives 4 symbols which are present on the PlayStation game controller.

/text: Playstation

Brain Code Level 49 Answer [Win the minigame] Click on the button and then play tic-tac-toe, with your face smiling.
Brain Code Level 50 Answer [Look from a different angle] You have to look from a different angle. Keep your phone face down (screen faces Earth) then enter the rotate command.

/rotate: 90

touch the screen to pass the level.

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