Room Escape Universe: Survival

ROOM ESCAPE UNIVERSE Episode 12 [The Multiverse] Solution Or Walkthrough

Room Escape Universe: Survival Game Level 12 [The Multiverse] Solution Or Walkthrough

ROOM ESCAPE UNIVERSE Solutions episode 12 and Hint is available here.

About ROOM ESCAPE UNIVERSE Game: Room escape game with an amazing worldview and doomsday setting. Adventure escape where you have to escape and survive in extreme conditions. Sound effects and background music enhance the already exciting stories, even more, engaging players. Various stunts and puzzles are suitable for a dystopian world. Build powerful weapons to destroy people who have turned into malevolent zombies.

ROOM ESCAPE UNIVERSE Episode 12 Solution:

Opinion About the ROOM ESCAPE UNIVERSE games:  The game is good, with graphics and sound too, however, to open the next episodes, you need 150 coins, and I can’t even watch ads (maybe this is a bug?). objects, then they are not displayed in the place where I used them (for example, the same boards from the first episode and nails, I did not manage to disassemble them and connect them with a hammer).

Thank you for visiting, More Levels of the Hidden Escape Lost Temple game can be found at:


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