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Project Void 2 Level 2 Answer

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About Project Void 2 Game: “To solve the devilishly difficult mysteries of Project VOID 2, you must use every available resource to solve the challenges set before you, like “The Internet”, with ingenious puzzle hunting skills and extensive out of box thinking. With 50+ Puzzles, dwell into the alternate history of conspiracy, murder mystery, and fringe science.

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Project Void 2 Package 2 Answer:

Answer: 2849302

Explaination: In postcard 1 you can see the code “- .. — . -… — -..-” you have to convert by using morse code decoder and that decoded answer will be “timebox”. And in poster 2 use caesar cipher decoder to decode “tbawvnz” in “GONJIAM”, Then put in code 1 and 2 and you will see the final code that will be “2849302”.


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Opinion About the Project Void 2 game: It’s a lot easier than the other games but also an interesting one. It’s short but fun. Waiting for new adventures!

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