ORANGE Level 19 Answer or Solution AND Walkthrough

ORANGE Game Level 19 Answers And Walkthrough Hint

ORANGE Level 19 game answers and detailed solutions are available on this page.

About ORANGE Game: Bart Bonte does it again with his colour-based puzzle games! Most were quite easy to understand if you’ve played his prior games, although level 5’s puzzle was quite fun! It’s quite tricky if you misunderstand what the game is trying to communicate, but otherwise, it’s a fun addition to the puzzle roster. Can’t wait for purple, white, and rainbow! Or, maybe, just maybe, Bonte’s finally found the colour to best them all? We’ll see…

ORANGE Level 19 Answer:
Hint: Game Name Can you make ORANGE by rotating the shapes given?

Video Solution-

Opinion About the ORANGE game: Yet again, the journey continues to find the favourite colour of the unknown creature, referred to as “Bart Bonte”, we go through a bizarre adventure full of puzzles, a beautiful interface, and marvellous music. Does the journey to finding this mysterious creature’s favourite colour conclude, or is there more to unveil? This is yet another excellent game of an excellent series, I would look forward to more games by you, 10/10 recommended.

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