Kidding Me Level 93 Walkthough Or Answer

Kidding Me 93 Answer

Kidding Me – Ready for tricky puzzle? game level 93 answer In this Page, No need to go anywhere.

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About Kidding Me Game: “Clever and fun test, after you play, you can’t help but smile and say “Are you kidding me?” Let’s take a smart little challenge. Little tricks cannot be solved with common sense. Please break the rules, jump out of common sense, and use your imagination to pass our smart tricks.

We look forward to solving this.

Kidding Me Answer 93 Level:

❊Wait for all the card to flip down then move your finger randomly over all the card to make then disappear without lifting your finger.

 All levels of Kidding Me [1-110] [CLICK HERE] 

If you’re still are not able to solve the level 93 then use this video below:

 All levels of Kidding Me [1-110] [CLICK HERE] 

Opinion About the Kidding Me game: This is a fun game of logic and thinking outside of the box. The questions while making you think are not difficult so. It would be good for all ages.

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