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IQ Dungeon Level 98 Answer or Solution And Walkthrough

IQ Dungeon Game Level 98 Answers And Walkthrough Hint

IQ Dungeon Level 98 game answers and detailed solutions are available on this page.

About IQ Dungeon Game: “Embark on a cerebral RPG odyssey with over 300 levels to conquer! From defeating mischievous Goblins to opening ancient Dungeon Doors, aiding distressed Princesses, facing off against the dreaded Demon King, and ultimately saving the world, your journey is packed with brain-teasing challenges. Whether you relish intricate puzzles, quirky riddles, timeless classics, number puzzles like Sudoku, or even mind-bending watercolour sorting enigmas, this game offers a delightful array of logic puzzles that will truly engage your intellect and creativity. Prepare to enter a one-of-a-kind realm where intellect and adventure intertwine, for the world is in dire need of your brilliant mind!”

IQ Dungeon Level 98 Answer:
Let’s Separate Potions by Color: Pour green and yellow into empty bottles. Transfer yellow from third to first, blue to third, orange to first.

Opinion About the IQ Dungeon game:  “An exceptional game that leaves a lasting impression, thanks to its captivating storyline and unforgettable characters. Season 2 surpasses the brilliance of the first, offering a magnificent puzzle-solving experience. While a handful of levels presented challenges due to diverse cultural references, the overall adventure was truly remarkable. I’m thoroughly impressed and eagerly anticipating future updates with more exciting levels. As for ads, I can’t speak to that since I played offline and enjoyed an uninterrupted gaming experience!”

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