Escape Game HOME TOWN 3

HOME TOWN 3 Level 2 Answer Or Solution

HOME TOWN 3 Game Level 2 Solution Or Walkthrough

HOME TOWN 3 Solutions Level 2 and Hint are available here.

HOME TOWN 3 Game IOs Link is:

About HOME TOWN 3 Game: Six months ago, the investigating agency received a letter for help asking the agency to assist in investigating a disappearance case. However, just recently, the personnel originally sent to the town to investigate suddenly lost contact. In order to understand the real situation, the agency once again sent a team to investigate, and you are the leader of the team. What bizarre incident happened in the mysterious town? This is the main purpose of your trip.

HOME TOWN 3 Level 2 Solution:

Opinion About the HOME TOWN 3 games: Graphics are beautiful, challenging but doable puzzles (for the most part) and FREE! Most of the game can be done without hints but at least the few you may need are free. Love the games by this developer and can’t wait for more.


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