Hidden Secrets 2 Enigma (puzzle) Answers

Hidden Secrets 2 Enigma walkthrough

Hidden Secrets 2 free Puzzle solution level/enigma answers and free hints are given here. scroll below to find out the answers.

For downloading this game from play store goes to the link given: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hiddensecrets2.free

Bookmark This page you will need this in other levels too.

This game is all about hard and advanced puzzles or enigmas. It took some time to find out all the answers but I have solved answers but I’m sharing only the answers of these levels with you. The answer to each puzzle is a simple phrase in English, just insert it to advance to the next puzzle.

Hidden Secrets 2 Free Puzzle All levels:

  • Hidden Secret 2 Enigma 1: there is no escape
  • Hidden Secret 2 Enigma 2: from this loop
  • Hidden Secret 2 Enigma 3: what do we say
  • Hidden Secret 2 Enigma 4: about coincidences
  • Hidden Secret 2 Enigma 5: checkmate
  • Hidden Secret 2 Enigma 6: blacklist
  • Hidden Secret 2 Enigma 7: antares
  • Hidden Secret 2 Enigma 8: hflib
  • Hidden Secret 2 Enigma 9: at the end
  • Hidden Secret 2 Enigma 10: interesting
  • Hidden secrets 2 Enigma 11: here you are

I am looking for answers of remaining puzzles, Comment if you help me with answers, It will other users too. Thank you.

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  • December 30, 2019 at 9:23 pm

    12 is “triangle”


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