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CLASS TRIVIA Word Game Answers and Solutions

CLASS TRIVIA Game Solutions All Levels and Hints are available on one page. If you want some answers then scroll down to the page.

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About CLASS TRIVIA Game: Enter the longest answer you can think of and increase your level. Choose your answer carefully, each answer affects a skill. Question and answer game that you can play as a family. Strengthen your character with long answers and defeat your opponent.

CLASS TRIVIA Answers of All Levels:

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Complete the singer’s name justin …. Level 1 CLASS TRIVIA: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
Name a 2d geometric shape Level 2 CLASS TRIVIA: RECTANGLE
Name a batman character Level 3 CLASS TRIVIA: BRUCEWAYNE
Name a batman movie actor Level 4 CLASS TRIVIA: ROBERT LOWERY
Name a board you can write on Level 5 CLASS TRIVIA: DRYERASE BOARD
Name a body part people like to tattoo Level 6 CLASS TRIVIA: SHOULDER SHOULDERS
Name a body part that often aches Level 7 CLASS TRIVIA: STOMACH
Name a body part we protect during sports Level 8 CLASS TRIVIA: SHINBONES
Name a bone in the body Level 9 CLASS TRIVIA: COLLARBONE
Name a breakfast drink Level 10 CLASS TRIVIA: CHOCOLATE MILK
Name a car brand Level 11 CLASS TRIVIA: LAMBORGHINI
Name a car manufacturer Level 12 CLASS TRIVIA: VOLKSWAGEN
Name a character from game of thrones Level 13 CLASS TRIVIA: DAENERYS TARGARYEN
Name a chess piece Level 14 CLASS TRIVIA: KNIGHT KNIGHTS
Name a city that’s also a girl’s name Level 15 CLASS TRIVIA: ALEXANDRIA
Name a color Level 16 CLASS TRIVIA: TURQUOISE
Name a color in the rainbow Level 17 CLASS TRIVIA: TURQUOISE
Name a common flower Level 18 CLASS TRIVIA: ACANTHUS
Name a country beginning with p Level 19 CLASS TRIVIA: PAPUA NEW GUINEA
Name a country beginning with s Level 20 CLASS TRIVIA: SOUTH SUDAN
Name a country in asia Level 22 CLASS TRIVIA: UNITEDARABEMIRATES
Name a country in europe Level 23 CLASS TRIVIA: BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
Name a country that speaks spanish Level 24 CLASS TRIVIA: UNITED STATES
Name a country with a lot of ice Level 25 CLASS TRIVIA: NEW ZEALAND
Name a country with stars on its flag Level 26 CLASS TRIVIA: UNITED STATES
Name a covid 19 vaccine Level 27 CLASS TRIVIA: ASTRA ZENECA
Name a currency Level 28 CLASS TRIVIA: BINANCECOIN
Name a day in the week Level 29 CLASS TRIVIA: WEDNESDAY
Name a disney princess Level 31 CLASS TRIVIA: POCAHONTAS
Name a famous american sit-com show Level 32 CLASS TRIVIA: TWOANDAHALFMEN
Name a famous painter Level 33 CLASS TRIVIA: JACQUES DAVID
Name a farmyard animal Level 34 CLASS TRIVIA: GUINEAFOWL
Name a fast food restaurant Level 35 CLASS TRIVIA: DUNKIN DONUTS
Name a food that comes in the shape of ring Level 36 CLASS TRIVIA: ONIONRINGS
Name a food that is recognizable by its smell Level 37 CLASS TRIVIA: SPAGHETTI
Name a fruit with one seed Level 39 CLASS TRIVIA: CHERRIES
Name a funny actor in movies Level 40 CLASS TRIVIA: ADAM SANDLER
Name a furniture we can sit on Level 41 CLASS TRIVIA: ROCKING CHAIR
Name a greek god Level 42 CLASS TRIVIA: HEPHAESTUS
Name a green fruit Level 43 CLASS TRIVIA: GOOSEBERRIES
Name a hairstyle Level 44 CLASS TRIVIA: BEACHWAVES
Name a harry potter character Level 45 CLASS TRIVIA: HARRY POTTER
Name a house in hogwarts Level 46 CLASS TRIVIA: GRYFFINDOR
Name a household pet Level 47 CLASS TRIVIA: BEARDED DRAGON
Name a human organ Level 48 CLASS TRIVIA: INTESTINES
Name a justin bieber song Level 49 CLASS TRIVIA: THAT SHOULD BE ME
Name a main character in ‘friends’ Level 50 CLASS TRIVIA: RACHEL GREEN
Name a metric measuring unit Level 51 CLASS TRIVIA: MILLIMETERS
Name a month Level 52 CLASS TRIVIA: SEPTEMBER
Name a month with 31 days Level 53 CLASS TRIVIA: DECEMBER
Name a most popular car color Level 54 CLASS TRIVIA: TURQUOISE
Name a movie streaming service Level 55 CLASS TRIVIA: AMAZON PRIME VIDEO
Name a musical genre Level 56 CLASS TRIVIA: PROGRESSIVE ROCK
Name a natural disaster Level 57 CLASS TRIVIA: VOLCANIC ERUPTION
Name a person who has walked on the moon Level 58 CLASS TRIVIA: NEIL ARMSTRONG
Name a phone brand Level 59 CLASS TRIVIA: BLACKBERRY
Name a phrase that starts with the word “happy” Level 60 CLASS TRIVIA: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
Name a place you should be quiet Level 61 CLASS TRIVIA: MOVIE THEATRE
Name a planet in our solar system Level 62 CLASS TRIVIA: NEPTUNE
Name a pokemon Level 63 CLASS TRIVIA: BULBASAUR
Name a popular u.S. Grocery store Level 64 CLASS TRIVIA: AHOLD DELHAIZE
Name a precious gem Level 65 CLASS TRIVIA: DICKINSONITE
Name a room in a house Level 66 CLASS TRIVIA: CONSERVATORY
Name a school subject Level 67 CLASS TRIVIA: RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
Name a social media platform Level 68 CLASS TRIVIA: RAVELRYSKYROCK
Name a sport some mothers hope their child never plays Level 69 CLASS TRIVIA: KICKBOXING
Name a sport that uses a ball Level 70 CLASS TRIVIA: BEACH VOLLEYBALL
Name a state that begins with mi… Level 71 CLASS TRIVIA: MINNESOTA
Name a state with a lot of mountains Level 72 CLASS TRIVIA: CALIFORNIA
Name a superhero Level 73 CLASS TRIVIA: CAPTAIN AMERICA
Name a superhero member of the justice league Level 74 CLASS TRIVIA: WONDER WOMAN
Name a top fashion brand Level 75 CLASS TRIVIA: AMERICAN EAGLE
Name a top sportswear brand Level 76 CLASS TRIVIA: ACADEMY SPORTS
Name a type of bear Level 77 CLASS TRIVIA: SHORT-FACED BEAR
Name a type of bike Level 78 CLASS TRIVIA: MOTORBIKE
Name a type of fuel Level 79 CLASS TRIVIA: KEROSENE
Name a type of insurance Level 80 CLASS TRIVIA: BLACKJACK INSURANCE
Name a type of snake Level 81 CLASS TRIVIA: BOACONSTRICTOR
Name a type of tooth Level 82 CLASS TRIVIA: PREMOLARS
Name a type of transport Level 83 CLASS TRIVIA: ROLLERBLADING
Name a u.S state beginning with a Level 84 CLASS TRIVIA: ARKANSAS
Name a u.S. President in last 20 years Level 86 CLASS TRIVIA: WILLIAM J. CLINTON
Name a u.S. State beginning with m Level 87 CLASS TRIVIA: MASSACHUSETTS‎
Name a u.S. State beginning with n Level 88 CLASS TRIVIA: NEW HAMPSHIRE
Name a water sport Level 90 CLASS TRIVIA: WAKEBOARDING
Name a well-known fast food restaurant Level 91 CLASS TRIVIA: MCDONALDS
Name a well-known film director in hollywood Level 92 CLASS TRIVIA: QUENTIN TARANTINO
Name a word starts with “fire” Level 93 CLASS TRIVIA: FIRE WORKS
Name a zodiac sign Level 94 CLASS TRIVIA: SAGITTARIUS
Name an academy award winning actor after 2000s Level 95 CLASS TRIVIA: DENZEL WASHINGTON
Name an american football position Level 97 CLASS TRIVIA: QUARTER BACK
Name an animal that moves really slow Level 98 CLASS TRIVIA: AMERICAN WOODCOCK
Name an edible fish Level 99 CLASS TRIVIA: BARRAMUNDI
Name an element Level 100 CLASS TRIVIA: PRASEODYMIUM
Name an elon musk’s company name Level 101 CLASS TRIVIA: TESLA MOTORS
Name an emergency service Level 102 CLASS TRIVIA: MOUNTAIN RESCUE
Name an infamous dictator in history Level 103 CLASS TRIVIA: ATTILA THE HUN
Name an nfl team Level 105 CLASS TRIVIA: ARIZONA CARDINALS
Name an ocean Level 106 CLASS TRIVIA: SOUTH ATLANTIC
Name an olympic sport Level 107 CLASS TRIVIA: WEIGHTLIFTING
Name one of marvel’s avengers Level 109 CLASS TRIVIA: CAPTAIN AMERICA
Name one of the four seasons Level 110 CLASS TRIVIA: SUMMER
Name one thing you always have in your pantry Level 111 CLASS TRIVIA: CANNED TOMATOES
Name something cold Level 112 CLASS TRIVIA: REFRIGERATOR
Name something found in a park Level 113 CLASS TRIVIA: PLAYGROUNDS
Name something guests do at a wedding reception Level 114 CLASS TRIVIA: TAKE PICTURES
Name something hot Level 115 CLASS TRIVIA: WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA
Name something in a bathroom Level 116 CLASS TRIVIA: TOOTHPASTE
Name something people are afraid of Level 117 CLASS TRIVIA: OTHER PEOPLE
Name something people often fake Level 118 CLASS TRIVIA: RELATIONSHIP
Name something people put on salads Level 119 CLASS TRIVIA: RANCHDRESSING
Name something that comes in a glass bottle Level 120 CLASS TRIVIA: CONDIMENTS
Name something that flies Level 121 CLASS TRIVIA: BUTTERFLIES
Name something that friends might swap Level 122 CLASS TRIVIA: SIGNIFICANT OTHERS
Name something that gets tangled Level 123 CLASS TRIVIA: HEADPHONE
Name something that makes you itch Level 124 CLASS TRIVIA: CHICKEN POX
Name something that melts when it gets hot Level 125 CLASS TRIVIA: CHOCOLATE
Name something that people make reservations for Level 126 CLASS TRIVIA: RESTAURANT
Name something that starts with the word “king” Level 127 CLASS TRIVIA: KINGDOM
Name something that’s filtered Level 128 CLASS TRIVIA: SOCIAL MEDIA PHOTOS
Name something we read Level 129 CLASS TRIVIA: INSTAGRAM POSTS
Name something which people often forget to switch off Level 130 CLASS TRIVIA: LIGHTSWITCH
Name something which you keep on your office desk Level 131 CLASS TRIVIA: WATER BOTTLE
Name something you associate with goldfish Level 132 CLASS TRIVIA: SWIMMING
Name something you beat Level 133 CLASS TRIVIA: OPPONENT
Name something you can climb Level 134 CLASS TRIVIA: CLIMBING WALL
Name something you can find in a kitchen Level 135 CLASS TRIVIA: REFRIGERATOR
Name something you cut with scissors Level 136 CLASS TRIVIA: MOUSTACHE
Name something you do in front of a mirror Level 137 CLASS TRIVIA: TRY ON CLOTHES
Name something you eat at christmas Level 138 CLASS TRIVIA: PUMPKIN PIE
Name something you eat with Level 139 CLASS TRIVIA: COCKTAILSTICK
Name something you fill with air Level 140 CLASS TRIVIA: BASKETBALL
Name something you might bring on a date Level 141 CLASS TRIVIA: BREATH MINTS
Name something you might wear while driving Level 142 CLASS TRIVIA: SAFETY BELT
Name something you take for a headache Level 143 CLASS TRIVIA: PAINKILLERS
Name something you use to write Level 144 CLASS TRIVIA: PAINTBRUSH
Name something you’d find in a cave Level 145 CLASS TRIVIA: DARKNESS
Things you find in a picnic basket Level 146 CLASS TRIVIA: SANDWICHES
Who won the case, amber heard or johnny depp? Level 147 CLASS TRIVIA: JOHNNY DEPP


Opinion About the CLASS TRIVIA game: Needs improvement but it’s a good game. The issue I have is that the answers are very limited or wrong. There is no company called British Air West there is a British Airway but according to the game that’s the wrong answer. Bedroom apparently isn’t a room in the house and tuna fish isn’t an edible fish. This is pretty basic stuff please fix it.

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