CALMING WORDS Level 1024 Answer or Solution

CALMING WORDS Game Level 1024 Answers Hint

CALMING WORDS Level 1024 game answers and detailed solutions are available on this page.

CALMING WORDS Level 1024 Answer:
Ram Apart Tap Rampant Ramp Rat Arm Map Ant Rant Manta Tramp Par Pat

About CALMING WORDS Game: “Calming Words will take you to the most calming places in the world while you play an addictive word game! The game starts easy and gets more challenging as you progress levels. Immersing gameplay will take your mind away from the daily stress. More than 50 countries and 200 different locations to visit and learn about.”

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Opinions About This Game:  It’s a fun game and I’m learning new words and their meanings. I would like to see more coins given though. it shows a lot of coins being given only to find out it’s maybe 1 or 2, sometimes 10 or a little more, but not often. There are too many glitches in the game. It wants to let you watch videos to get or double your coins. It also freezes so you can’t play it.

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