Brain Blow Level 5 Walkthrough Or Answer

Brain Blow 5 Answer

Brain Blow game level 5 answer In this Page, No need to go anywhere.

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About Brain Blow Game:
“Are you smart for sure? Take this brain-out brain quest to find out if you’re a real genius or not! xD
Brain Blow is a new addictive free brain puzzle game that full of tricky brain teasers and quiz which you can really enjoy with your friends or just yourself. Each brain teaser in this game is unique, original and creative designed to push you thinking limit.

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Brain Blow Answer 5 Level:

❊Drag the sun to the left corner to make it dark cause bats wake up at night.

 All levels of Brain Blow [1-69] [CLICK HERE] 

If you’re still are not able to solve the level 5 then use this video below:

 All levels of Brain Blow [1-69] [CLICK HERE] 

Opinion About the Brain Blow game:
This game is really interesting, I can’t wait till there are more levels as I have done them all! It really makes u think outside the box. THANKS, CREATOR’S 😀 oh n dunno y everyone is complaining about the “time question” enter the time using the military time it’s not hard!

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