12 Locks II Level 1 Walkthrough Or Solutions

12 Locks 2 Game Level 1 Solution Or Walkthrough

12 Locks II Solutions Level 1 and Hint are available here.

12 Locks II Game Playstore link is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rud.twelvelocks2

About 12 Locks II Game: “Plasticine man has a bad habit to lock all doors to 12 locks. As a result, he finds himself in different awkward situations all the time. The task of a player is to help him to find all keys, solving different puzzles.

12 Locks 2nd Level 1 Solution:



Opinion About the 12 Locks II game: I enjoy escape games. the only problem with this 1 is when I go to the walkthrough you cant watch it as it’s blocked by ads.

Solution 12 Locks II for all Levels :

12 Locks II Solutions All Stages Walkthrough


Thank you for visiting, More Levels of 12 Locks II game can be found at:



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