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PEOPLE SAY Word Game Answers and Solutions

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About PEOPLE SAY Game: The concept is simple, a sentence with blanks and you have to find the 5 most given answers by other players to fill those blanks. For sure the funniest word game out there! Discover lots of levels all different and stimulating.

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PEOPLE SAY Answers of All Levels:

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I CAN’T EAT A BURGER WITHOUT ___ LEVEL 1 Answer: cheese, ketchup, lettuce, bun, tomato
MY KIDS WANT A PET ___ LEVEL 2 Answer: dog, cat, fish, bird, hamster, bear, bee, goat
I’LL NEVER FORGET MY FIRST ___ LEVEL 3 Answer: kiss, love, date, car, job, joke
I HATED ___ CLASS WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL LEVEL 4 Answer: math, science, english, history, gym
I ALWAYS HAVE ___ IN MY PURSE LEVEL 5 Answer: money, keys, phone, gum, pen
I LOVE SEEING ___ AT CHRISTMAS LEVEL 6 Answer: family, santa, snow, lights, gifts
I STAY UP LATE AT NIGHT ___ WHEN I SHOULD JUST GO TO SLEEP LEVEL 7 Answer: reading, tv, eating, homework, phone
I BOUGHT A NEW SUIT FOR ___ LEVEL 8 Answer: wedding, party, funeral, job, date
I LOVE TO ___ ON A RAINY DAY LEVEL 9 Answer: sleep, eat, read, watch tv, play, cry
I ALWAYS PACK ___ WHEN I GO TO THE BEACH LEVEL 10 Answer: towel, sunscreen, food, water, umbrella
WOMEN LIKE TO GET ___ FOR VALENTINE’S DAY LEVEL 11 Answer: flowers, chocolate, cards, jewelry, dinner
I OPEN AND CLOSE MY ___ MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY LEVEL 12 Answer: door, eyes, mouth, fridge, window
I AM ALWAYS RUNNING OUT OF ___ LEVEL 13 Answer: time, money, gas, energy, patience
I CAN’T HAVE ___ WITHOUT MILK LEVEL 14 Answer: coffee, cereal, cookie, cake, tea
I LOVE PASTA WITH ___ LEVEL 15 Answer: sauce, cheese, meatballs, bread, chicken
MY INSTAGRAM FEED IS FULL OF PICTURES OF ___ LEVEL 16 Answer: food, friends, family, animals, me, ass
MY MOM ALWAYS GAVE ME ___ WHEN I WAS SICK LEVEL 17 Answer: medicine, soup, water, love, tea
I ALWAYS PUT ___ ON TOP OF MY ICE CREAM LEVEL 18 Answer: chocolate, sprinkles, cherry, nuts, whipped cream
I USUALLY EAT ___ IN ONE BITE LEVEL 19 Answer: candy, chips, grapes, fries, cookies, penis
I ALWAYS LOVED BUYING (A) NEW ___ FOR SCHOOL LEVEL 20 Answer: shoes, clothes, pencils, books, backpack
MY FAVORITE PART OF A THEME PARK IS/ARE THE ___ LEVEL 21 Answer: food, rides, games, shows, characters
NO PIRATE COSTUME IS COMPLETE WITHOUT A ___ LEVEL 22 Answer: hat, eye patch, hook, sword, parrot
I ALWAYS ORDER ___ WHEN I GO TO A MEXICAN RESTAURANT LEVEL 23 Answer: tacos, burrito, nachos, quesadilla, enchiladas
I ALWAYS HAVE ___ IN THE FREEZER LEVEL 24 Answer: ice, meat, ice cream, fruit, vegetables
IF I WANT TO TREAT MYSELF, I ___ LEVEL 25 Answer: eat, sleep, shop, drink, travel
WHEN I THINK OF A WITCH, I THINK OF ___ LEVEL 26 Answer: broom, hat, spells, halloween, wart
MY FAVORITE PART OF A WEDDING IS THE ___ LEVEL 27 Answer: food, cake, dancing, drinks, kiss
I LOVE TO GET ___ AT THE MOVIE THEATER LEVEL 28 Answer: popcorn, drinks, candy, chips, kissed
THE BEST PART OF BEING A CELEBRITY WOULD BE THE ___ LEVEL 29 Answer: money, fame, fans, travel, cars
I LIKE TO SING WHEN I ___ LEVEL 30 Answer: shower, drive, clean, walk, dance
WHEN I WAS A KID, I WANTED TO BE A ___ LEVEL 31 Answer: doctor, teacher, firefighter, nurse, policeman
I CAN’T BELIEVE MY TEENAGER WANTED TO BRING HER ___ ON A CAMPING TRIP LEVEL 32 Answer: phone, friend, boyfriend, computer, pet
___ ARE MY FAVORITE FLOWERS LEVEL 33 Answer: roses, tulips, sunflowers, daisies, lilies
SEEING ___ IS AT THE TOP OF MY NEW YORK CITY SIGHTSEEING LIST LEVEL 34 Answer: statue of liberty, times square, central park, empire state building, broadway show
THE KIDS DREW ALL OVER ___ INSTEAD OF THE PAPER LEVEL 35 Answer: wall, floor, table, chair, themselves
WHEN AT A HOTEL, I ALWAYS ASK HOUSEKEEPING FOR MORE ___ LEVEL 36 Answer: towels, soap, pillows, blankets, toilet paper
MY SIBLINGS AND I ALWAYS FIGHT ABOUT ___ LEVEL 37 Answer: food, clothes, tv, toys, chores
IT’S HARD TO DANCE TO ___ MUSIC LEVEL 38 Answer: rock, slow, rap, country, jazz
AS A KID, I LOVED TO PLAY ___ AT RECESS LEVEL 39 Answer: tag, basketball, hide and seek, hopscotch, soccer
YOU CAN’T HAVE ___ WITHOUT CHEESE LEVEL 40 Answer: pizza, bread, crackers, sandwich, burger
KNOWING THERE ARE ___ IN THE WATER SCARES ME LEVEL 41 Answer: sharks, whales, jellyfish, octopuses, snakes
A SALAD TASTES BETTER WITH ___ LEVEL 42 Answer: dressing, cheese, tomatoes, croutons, chicken
MY MOM KEPT THE ___ FROM THE DAY I WAS BORN LEVEL 43 Answer: blanket, clothes, bracelet, picture, cord
MY FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR IS ___ LEVEL 44 Answer: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint, cookies and cream
I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO ___ TO TRY THE FOOD LEVEL 45 Answer: italy, mexico, france, china, japan
YOU CAN’T HAVE A BIRTHDAY PARTY WITHOUT ___ LEVEL 46 Answer: cake, balloons, food, gifts, friends
WHEN I’M 80, I’LL ___ IN MY FREE TIME LEVEL 47 Answer: sleep, read, travel, eat, exercise
I ALWAYS FORGET MY ___ WHEN I TRAVEL LEVEL 48 Answer: wallet, bag, phone, keys, toothbrush
I WISH I HAD BARBIE’S ___ LEVEL 49 Answer: hair, body, house, clothes, car
EVERY TIME I GO TO THE GROCERY STORE I BUY ___ LEVEL 50 Answer: milk, bread, meat, fruit, eggs
BESIDES MEAT, I PUT ___ ON A SANDWICH LEVEL 51 Answer: cheese, lettuce, egg, tomato, mayonnaise
MY FAVORITE SUMMER OLYMPICS SPORT TO WATCH IS ___ LEVEL 52 Answer: swimming, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis
I ALWAYS ___ BEFORE GOING TO BED LEVEL 53 Answer: pray, eat, shower, brush my teeth, pee
MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT MY PARTNER IS HIS/HER ___ LEVEL 54 Answer: smile, eyes, personality, body, love
I’D LOVE TO TAKE MY HONEYMOON IN ___ LEVEL 55 Answer: hawaii, paris, mexico, italy, bahamas
I’D HIRE A ___ IF I WON THE LOTTERY LEVEL 56 Answer: maid, chef, driver, butler, nanny
THE ___ IS/ARE MY FAVORITE PART OF A CIRCUS LEVEL 57 Answer: clowns, elephants, lions, acrobats, food
MY 5 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WANTS TO BE A ___ FOR HALLOWEEN LEVEL 58 Answer: princess, witch, cat, ghost, fairy
BEFORE SEEING HIS GIRLFRIEND A MAN SHOULD ___ LEVEL 59 Answer: shower, shave, brush teeth, buy flowers, smell good
MY PERFECT DATE WOULD TAKE PLACE AT ___ LEVEL 60 Answer: beach, restaurant, movies, park, home
I WANT TO JOIN A ___ CLUB LEVEL 61 Answer: math, dance, science, sports, book
I THINK THE ___ ACCENT IS THE SEXIEST LEVEL 62 Answer: french, italian, spanish, british, australian
I CAN’T EAT ___ WITHOUT KETCHUP LEVEL 63 Answer: hotdog, fries, eggs, burger, fried chicken
THE MOST EXPENSIVE THING IN MY HOUSE IS THE ___ LEVEL 64 Answer: tv, refrigerator, bed, sofa, stove
I COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT ___ IN MY KITCHEN LEVEL 65 Answer: knives, food, stove, water, oven
I GET ___ FOR FATHER’S DAY EVERY YEAR LEVEL 66 Answer: money, flowers, card, food, hug
I WOULD NEVER PUT ___ ON A PIZZA LEVEL 67 Answer: pineapple, ketchup, hot sauce, olives, anchovies
MY SON ALWAYS WANTS ___ BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP LEVEL 68 Answer: play, milk, eat, kiss, read
I ALWAYS GET ___ IN A MEXICAN RESTAURANT LEVEL 69 Answer: tacos, burrito, margarita, quesadilla, guacamole
MY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PLAYGROUND HAD ___ LEVEL 70 Answer: swing, slide, monkey bars, seesaw, sandbox
___ ALWAYS MAKE ME CRY LEVEL 71 Answer: onions, movies, weddings, death, pain
I CAN’T BELIEVE MY PARENTS GREW UP WITHOUT ___ LEVEL 72 Answer: internet, cell phones, computer, social media, gps
MY DAD TAUGHT ME HOW TO ___ LEVEL 73 Answer: drive, ride a bike, fish, cook, swim
I GET ROAD RAGE WHEN PEOPLE ___ LEVEL 74 Answer: drive slow, speed, cut me off, honk, tailgate
I LIKE TO DRINK ___ WITH MY BREAKFAST LEVEL 75 Answer: coffee, milk, juice, water, tea
KIDS CAN PLAY ___ FOR HOURS LEVEL 76 Answer: video games, cars, tag, ball, hide and seek
I CAN’T START MY DAY WITHOUT ___ LEVEL 77 Answer: coffee, breakfast, shower, water, phone
I WOULD SCREAM IF I SAW A ___ LEVEL 78 Answer: spider, snake, ghost, rat, shark
MY FAVORITE TYPE OF CAKE IS ___ LEVEL 79 Answer: chocolate, vanilla, cheese, strawberry, red velvet
I CAN’T STAND THE SMELL OF ___ LEVEL 80 Answer: poop, fish, onions, gas, trash
I ALWAYS PUT OFF CLEANING THE ___ LEVEL 81 Answer: kitchen, car, bathroom, bedroom, dishes
TEENAGERS WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT ___ LEVEL 82 Answer: school, friends, looks, clothes, money
MY FAVORITE WINTER OLYMPICS SPORT TO WATCH IS ___ LEVEL 83 Answer: hockey, skating, skiing, curling, snowboarding
I USE MY PHONE MOST FOR ___ LEVEL 84 Answer: texting, calling, games, social media, pictures
I PREFER TO BUY ___ IN PERSON RATHER THAN ONLINE LEVEL 85 Answer: clothes, food, shoes, car, house
I KEEP ___ IN MY TRUNK JUST IN CASE LEVEL 86 Answer: tire, blanket, jack, water, flashlight
I’M ALWAYS PICKING UP ___ OFF MY KIDS’ BEDROOM FLOOR LEVEL 87 Answer: toys, clothes, food, shoes, trash
___ HELP(S) ME FALL ASLEEP LEVEL 88 Answer: music, tv, shower, reading, tea
MY FAVORITE CARTOON CAT IS ___ LEVEL 89 Answer: tom, garfield, sylvester, felix, hello kitty
THE BEST THING ABOUT SUMMER IS ___ LEVEL 90 Answer: beach, sun, vacation, ice cream, swimming
I ALWAYS SQUEEZE ___ BEFORE BUYING IT/THEM LEVEL 91 Answer: oranges, lemons, bread, avocado, pillows
___ IS MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE LEVEL 92 Answer: home alone, elf, grinch, santa clause, christmas story
IT’S WORTH IT TO PAY A PROFESSIONAL TO FIX YOUR ___ LEVEL 93 Answer: car, toilet, house, computer, roof
IF I FORGET MY ___ AT HOME, I HAVE TO GO BACK LEVEL 94 Answer: keys, wallet, phone, bag, food
I LOVE THE SMELL OF ___ COOKING LEVEL 95 Answer: chicken, cake, bread, bacon, garlic
I KNEW HE WAS FLIRTING WITH ME BECAUSE HE ___ LEVEL 96 Answer: smiled, winked, laughed, touched, kissed
I LIKE MY EGGS ___ LEVEL 97 Answer: scrambled, boiled, fried, sunny side up, poached
A BATH IS NICE AND RELAXING WITH ___ LEVEL 98 Answer: bubbles, wine, candle, music, book
___ IS/ARE SO MUCH BETTER WITH CHOCOLATE ON TOP LEVEL 99 Answer: ice cream, cake, strawberries, cookies, bananas
I HAD A NIGHTMARE THAT I WAS BEING CHASED BY A ___ LEVEL 100 Answer: dog, ghost, monster, bear, lion
I BROUGHT BACK A ___ AS A SOUVENIR FROM MY VACATION LEVEL 101 Answer: shirt, keychain, hat, cup, bag
THERE’S ALWAYS A LONG LINE AT THE ___ LEVEL 102 Answer: store, bank, bathroom, dmv, amusement park
I HAVE BEEN SAVING FOR MONTHS TO BUY A ___ LEVEL 103 Answer: car, house, phone, boat, vacation
I WAS NOT HAPPY WHEN MY SON BROUGHT HOME A ___ LEVEL 104 Answer: dog, girl, cat, snake, car
THE CHEF USED ___ TO GARNISH THE PLATE LEVEL 105 Answer: parsley, sauce, lettuce, basil, flower
I MADE A MISTAKE AND ATE ___ ON A FIRST DATE LEVEL 106 Answer: garlic, onion, pizza, fish, salad
EVERY HOUSE HAS ___ IN ITS GAME COLLECTION LEVEL 107 Answer: monopoly, uno, chess, the game of life, scrabble
FRANCE MAKES ME THINK OF ___ LEVEL 108 Answer: paris, love, eiffel tower, food, wine
I’M NOT A GOOD COOK, SO PEOPLE ASK ME TO BRING ___ TO POTLUCKS LEVEL 109 Answer: drinks, plates, chips, napkins, dessert
I GOT MY WISDOM TEETH OUT AND COULD ONLY EAT ___ FOR DAYS LEVEL 110 Answer: soup, ice cream, oatmeal, pudding, yogurt
MY HUSBAND JUST BOUGHT A NEW ___ FOR HIS MAN CAVE LEVEL 111 Answer: tv, couch, fridge, pool table, bar
MY FRIEND IS GOING THROUGH A MIDLIFE CRISIS AND GOT (A) NEW ___ LEVEL 112 Answer: car, house, job, friend, clothes
___ IS MY FAVORITE GEORGE CLOONEY MOVIE LEVEL 113 Answer: oceans eleven, batman, gravity, tomorrowland, up in the air
IF I SAW A ___ IN SOMEONE’S HOUSE, I’D THINK THEY’RE RICH LEVEL 114 Answer: pool, safe, statue, maid, gym
MY FAVORITE STAR WARS CHARACTER IS ___ LEVEL 115 Answer: yoda, darth vader, luke skywalker, chewbacca, princess leia
I DIDN’T GO TO WORK TODAY BECAUSE I’M ___ LEVEL 116 Answer: sick, tired, lazy, busy, on vacation
I WOULD WALK OUT ON A FIRST DATE IF HE/SHE WAS ___ LEVEL 117 Answer: ugly, rude, dirty, mean, late
MY BIG SPLURGE AT A NICE RESTAURANT IS ___ LEVEL 118 Answer: dessert, steak, wine, lobster, appetizer
THE BEST GAME IN A CASINO IS ___ LEVEL 119 Answer: poker, blackjack, slots, roulette, craps
MY HUSBAND IS A TERRIBLE COOK, BUT HE CAN MAKE ___ LEVEL 120 Answer: eggs, toast, sandwich, soup, pasta
I KEEP HAVING TO REPLACE THE ___ ON MY CAR LEVEL 121 Answer: tires, oil, battery, lights, brakes
WE USE THE SAME ___ EVERY YEAR FOR CHRISTMAS LEVEL 122 Answer: tree, decorations, lights, stockings, recipes
I DON’T HAVE A CAR, SO I GET TO WORK ON ___ LEVEL 123 Answer: bike, bus, train, scooter, foot
I WANT TO LEARN SPANISH FOR MY VACATION TO ___ LEVEL 124 Answer: mexico, spain, cuba, puerto rico, peru
EVEN THOUGH I’M AS ADULT, I LOVE KIDS’ ___ LEVEL 125 Answer: toys, food, clothes, games, shows
MY GRANDMOTHER IS TAKING ___ CLASSES AT THE SENIOR CENTER LEVEL 126 Answer: dance, cooking, yoga, art, knitting
MY FAMILY RENTED ___ ON VACATION AND IT WAS A BLAST! LEVEL 127 Answer: car, house, boat, jetski, rv
YOU NEED TO BE STRONG TO HAVE A JOB AS A ___ LEVEL 128 Answer: doctor, policeman, construction worker, firefighter, farmer
HOT DOGS ARE DELICIOUS WITH ___ LEVEL 129 Answer: ketchup, cheese, mustard, mayonnaise, relish
I’M JEALOUS OF DOGS BECAUSE THEY CAN/GET TO ___ LEVEL 130 Answer: bark, eat, play, sleep, love
IT TAKES A LOT OF BALANCE TO GO ON A ___ LEVEL 131 Answer: bike, rope, beam, skateboard, scooter
I KEEP THE ___ APP ON MY PHONE’S HOME SCREEN LEVEL 132 Answer: facebook, instagram, phone, message, camera
THE SCARIEST DISNEY VILLAIN IS ___ LEVEL 133 Answer: ursula, scar, maleficent, cruella, jafar
I LEFT MY KID ALONE FOR A MINUTE AND FOUND ___ EVERYWHERE LEVEL 134 Answer: toys, food, poop, water, clothes
IF I SAW SOMEONE DRIVING A …, I’D ASSUME THEY WERE RICH LEVEL 135 Answer: porsche, mercedes, boat, plane, bmw
I CAN’T WAIT TO ___ WHEN I TURN 18 LEVEL 136 Answer: party, work, move out, travel, vote
THE BEST PART OF SCHOOL IS ___ LEVEL 137 Answer: lunch, friends, recess, gym, teachers
THE WAITRESS GAVE ME A WEIRD LOOK WHEN I ORDERED MY TACOS WITH NO ___ LEVEL 138 Answer: meat, cheese, lettuce, sauce, shell
COUNTRY MUSIC MAKES ME THINK OF ___ LEVEL 139 Answer: love, trucks, horses, cowboys, beer
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS MUST BE VERY ___ LEVEL 140 Answer: nice, smart, patient, caring, strict
I MET MY BEST FRIENDS AT ___ LEVEL 141 Answer: school, park, work, church, party
I CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE USED TO HAVE CARS WITHOUT ___ LEVEL 142 Answer: windows, seatbelts, doors, radio, air conditioning
I DON’T LIKE TO SAY “BUTT,” I PREFER THE WORD ___ LEVEL 143 Answer: bum, behind, bottom, booty, tush
YOU SHOULD ASK FOR ___ ON A BABY SHOWER REGISTRY LEVEL 144 Answer: diapers, crib, bottles, stroller, car seat
I SAVED ___ TO INCLUDE IN MY SCRAPBOOK LEVEL 145 Answer: pictures, money, stickers, letters, flowers
I THINK MOVIE THEATERS COULD BE BETTER IF THEY HAD ___ LEVEL 146 Answer: blankets, pillows, beds, recliners, alcohol
I EXPECT TO SEE ___ AT A ROMANTIC DINNER LEVEL 147 Answer: flowers, food, candle, wine, music
WHEN I THINK OF AUSTRALIA, I THINK OF ___ LEVEL 148 Answer: kangaroos, beach, sydney, desert, koalas
MY FAVORITE CHOCOLATES ARE THE ONES WITH ___ IN THE MIDDLE LEVEL 149 Answer: caramel, nuts, cream, strawberry, cherry
THE SCHOOL’S LOST AND FOUND BOX IS FULL OF ___ LEVEL 150 Answer: books, hats, clothes, shoes, pencils
CALIFORNIA HAS A LOT OF ___ LEVEL 151 Answer: people, beaches, sun, trees, cars
YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO WAIT AT THE ___ LEVEL 152 Answer: store, doctor, restaurant, bus stop, airport
YOU SHOULD WEAR A HELMET TO ___ LEVEL 153 Answer: bike, skateboard, motorcycle, hockey, football
IT’S SO ANNOYING WHEN PEOPLE ___ AT THE MOVIES LEVEL 154 Answer: talk, eat, sleep, laugh, yell
I’D LIKE TO ___ BUT I’M AFRAID OF HEIGHTS LEVEL 155 Answer: fly, climb, skydive, hike, bungee jump
DONATING ___ TO CHARITY MAKES ME FEEL GREAT LEVEL 156 Answer: money, food, clothes, time, toys
I LIKE TO ADD ___ TO MY OATMEAL LEVEL 157 Answer: milk, sugar, fruit, honey, cinnamon
IT’S IMPORTANT TO PUT YOUR ___ ON YOUR TINDER PROFILE LEVEL 158 Answer: name, age, picture, gender, hobbies
I’M ALWAYS FINDING ___ IN MY KID’S POCKETS LEVEL 159 Answer: toys, candy, money, dirt, paper
I ALWAYS HAVE ___ IN MY MEDICINE CABINET LEVEL 160 Answer: medicine, alcohol, band aid, cotton, vitamins
I BORROWED ___ FROM MY NEIGHBOR LEVEL 161 Answer: money, car, broom, sugar, tools
I LIKE TO PUT ___ ON MY PARTY CHEESE BOARD LEVEL 162 Answer: cheese, crackers, fruit, meat, bread
___ TASTES BETTER FROM THE BAKERY THAN THE SUPERMARKET LEVEL 163 Answer: bread, cake, cookies, pie, donuts
MY MOM DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE ACRONYM ___ STANDS FOR LEVEL 164 Answer: lol, lmao, brb, ttyl, wtf
WHEN I’M TRYING NOT TO CURSE, I SAY ___ LEVEL 165 Answer: shoot, darn, fudge, dang, crap
ALL WE HAD WAS A DECK OF CARDS, SO WE PLAYED ___ FOR HOURS LEVEL 166 Answer: poker, go fish, spades, solitare, war
I HAD A COLD, SO I ATE SOME ___ FOR THE VITAMIN C LEVEL 167 Answer: orange, apple, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple
MY MOM TAUGHT ME HOW TO ___ LEVEL 168 Answer: cook, clean, read, write, dance
I ALWAYS HAVE ___ IN MY SPICE CABINET LEVEL 169 Answer: pepper, salt, garlic, cinnamon, paprika
I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW A ___ IN MY HOUSE LEVEL 170 Answer: mouse, spider, snake, ghost, stranger
IF I WERE A SUPERHERO, I’D WANT MY SUPER POWER TO BE ___ LEVEL 171 Answer: invisibility, flying, strength, speed, xray vision
I SERVED ___ AT MY SUPER BOWL PARTY LEVEL 172 Answer: chips, beer, pizza, wings, popcorn
YOU WOULD PROBABLY FIND ___ IN A HIKER’S BACKPACK LEVEL 173 Answer: water, food, rope, knife, map
I KNOW I’M GETTING SICK WHEN I HAVE A ___ LEVEL 174 Answer: cough, fever, headache, runny nose, sore throat
A COWBOY COSTUME ISN’T COMPLETE WITHOUT ___ LEVEL 175 Answer: hat, boots, gun, belt, rope
MY FAVORITE FAST FOOD CHAIN IS ___ LEVEL 176 Answer: mcdonalds, burger king, wendys, taco bell, kfc
___ IS MY KID’S FAVORITE ACTIVITY AT SUMMER CAMP LEVEL 177 Answer: swimming, camping, hiking, bonfire, playing
KIDS ARE ALWAYS ASKING FOR ___ LEVEL 178 Answer: toys, food, money, water, candy
THE PICTURE SHOWS THAT I WAS ___ ON THE ROLLER COASTER LEVEL 179 Answer: screaming, scared, crying, happy, laughing
I DON’T NEED UTENSILS TO EAT ___ LEVEL 180 Answer: pizza, fries, chips, hotdog, burger
WHEN I THINK OF HAWAII, I THINK OF ___ LEVEL 181 Answer: beach, sun, palm trees, volcano, coconut
I EXPECT TO SEE ___ ON A BREAKFAST BUFFET LEVEL 182 Answer: eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, toast
PEOPLE USUALLY GIVE ___ AS A WEDDING PRESENT LEVEL 183 Answer: money, gift cards, dishes, towels, toaster
I ALWAYS LOVED BUYING (A) NEW ___ FOR SCHOOL LEVEL 184 Answer: shoes, bag, book, pen, clothes
THERE’S USUALLY A JAR OF ___ IN MY HOUSE LEVEL 185 Answer: jelly, peanut butter, pickles, mayonnaise, honey
YOU WOULD PROBABLY FIND ___ IN A MAGICIAN’S BAG LEVEL 186 Answer: rabbit, wand, cards, hat, bird
I PUT ___ IN MY TROPICAL FRUIT SMOOTHIE LEVEL 187 Answer: banana, mango, pineapple, ice, milk
I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO TAKE A ___ DANCE CLASS LEVEL 188 Answer: hip hop, salsa, ballet, tap, tango
I THINK OF ___ WHEN I THINK OF ALIENS LEVEL 189 Answer: green, space, ufos, planets, big eyes
A BAKERY ALWAYS HAS ___ IN THE KITCHEN LEVEL 190 Answer: oven, flour, baker, sugar, mixer
EGYPT MAKES ME THINK OF ___ LEVEL 191 Answer: pyramids, sand, camels, mummies, pharaohs
I TAUGHT MY DOG HOW TO ___ LEVEL 192 Answer: sit, bark, jump, roll over, fetch
YOU’D NEED GREEN CLOTHES AND PAINT TO DRESS UP AS ___ LEVEL 193 Answer: tree, grinch, shrek, frog, hulk
I CLOSE MY EYES WHEN I ___ LEVEL 194 Answer: sleep, sneeze, pray, cry, yawn
THE DJ ALWAYS PLAYS THE ___ AT PARTIES LEVEL 195 Answer: cha cha slide, electric slide, macarana, ymca, chicken dance
I CLEANED UNDER MY BED AND FOUND ___ LEVEL 196 Answer: shoes, clothes, dust, money, trash
BABIES DON’T DO MUCH ALL DAY EXCEPT ___ LEVEL 197 Answer: sleep, eat, cry, poop, play
I ALWAYS WEAR ___ WHEN IT’S COLD LEVEL 198 Answer: coat, hat, gloves, scarf, sweater
IF I WON THE LOTTERY I WOULD BUY ___ LEVEL 199 Answer: house, car, boat, clothes, vacation
WHEN I AM UNDER WATER I LIKE WATCHING ___ LEVEL 200 Answer: fish, sharks, people, dolphins, whales
THERE’S ALWAYS ___ IN A HORROR MOVIE LEVEL 201 Answer: killer, ghost, monster, knife, blood
I RECORDED MY BABY’S FIRST ___ IN THE BABY BOOK LEVEL 202 Answer: word, steps, tooth, haircut, smile
IT’S NOT GOOD WHEN YOU HEAR ___ OUTSIDE OF YOUR TENT LEVEL 203 Answer: bear, rain, screams, snake, wolf
I JUST FINISHED BOOKING MY ___ FOR MY VACATION LEVEL 204 Answer: hotel, flight, car, cruise, house
I ALMOST RAN OVER A ___ WHILE DRIVING LEVEL 205 Answer: dog, cat, deer, person, squirrel
WHEN I DRINK TOO MUCH ALCOHOL I ___ LEVEL 206 Answer: sleep, puke, dance, fall, cry
MY FAVORITE SUPERHERO IS ___ LEVEL 207 Answer: batman, superman, spiderman, iron man, wonder woman
I NEVER MAKE ___ AT HOME, BUT I ORDER IT AT A RESTAURANT LEVEL 208 Answer: pizza, steak, pasta, chicken, fish
I KEPT THE ___ FROM MY WEDDING LEVEL 209 Answer: dress, ring, flowers, pictures, cake
I GAVE MY NEPHEW A GIFT, BUT HE PLAYED WITH THE ___ INSTEAD LEVEL 210 Answer: box, card, paper, bow, bag
I AM SURPRISED BY HOW MUCH I SPEND EVERY MONTH ON ___ LEVEL 211 Answer: food, gas, clothes, rent, shoes
___ IS THE DISNEY MOVIE I GREW UP WATCHING LEVEL 212 Answer: cinderella, snow white, lion king, beauty and the beast, little mermaid
I OFTEN LOSE MY ___ LEVEL 213 Answer: keys, mind, phone, wallet, shoes
I ___ WHEN I AM ALONE LEVEL 214 Answer: sleep, eat, cry, read, sing
WHILE ON A DATE, I MOSTLY CARE ABOUT ___ LEVEL 215 Answer: food, looks, money, love, personality
I LIKE TO ___ WHEN IT SNOWS LEVEL 216 Answer: sleep, ski, sled, snowboard, make snowmen
___ IS FAMOUS FOR ITS BEACHES LEVEL 217 Answer: florida, california, hawaii, mexico, bahamas
I GET WOKEN UP BY ___ EVERY MORNING LEVEL 218 Answer: alarm, kids, birds, sun, dog
I COOK/BAKE ___ FROM A BOX LEVEL 219 Answer: cake, brownies, cookies, pancakes, mac and cheese
IT WOULD BE SO REWARDING TO BE A ___ AND SAVE LIVES LEVEL 220 Answer: doctor, nurse, firefighter, lifeguard, policeman
I SPENT ALL DAY ___ BEFORE THE PARTY AT MY HOUSE LEVEL 221 Answer: cleaning, cooking, sleeping, decorating, shopping
I WAS SO EXCITED WE SAW A/AN ___ ON OUR SAFARI LEVEL 222 Answer: lion, elephant, giraffe, tiger, zebra
MY KIDS ARE BETTER AT ___ THAN I AM LEVEL 223 Answer: math, sports, video games, technology, dancing
I USUALLY ONLY EAT ___ ONCE A YEAR AT THANKSGIVING LEVEL 224 Answer: turkey, stuffing, ham, yams, cranberry sauce
I WANTED TO BE A DOCTOR, BUT I AM AFRAID OF ___ LEVEL 225 Answer: blood, needles, death, hospitals, germs
I TOOK HOME ___ FROM MY FRIEND’S WEDDING LEVEL 226 Answer: flowers, cake, food, pictures, date
TO BE A …, YOU HAVE TO BE VERY PRECISE LEVEL 227 Answer: doctor, teacher, lawyer, artist, accountant
I WENT TO COLLEGE ON A/AN ___ SCHOLARSHIP LEVEL 228 Answer: academic, football, basketball, baseball, music
I FILLED MY BAG WITH ___ THAT PEOPLE WERE GIVING AWAY AT THE CONFERENCE LEVEL 229 Answer: pens, candy, cards, pamphlets, samples
YOU NEED ___ TO DRESS UP LIKE A VAMPIRE LEVEL 230 Answer: cape, blood, fangs, makeup, black clothes
I FORGOT TO BRING MY …, SO I FAILED MY MATH EXAM LEVEL 231 Answer: pencil, calculator, book, eraser, paper
MY BABY LOVES THE ___ PUREE LEVEL 232 Answer: apple, banana, pear, carrot, peach
I RAN OUT OF ___ SO I COULDN’T BAKE A CAKE LEVEL 233 Answer: eggs, flour, milk, sugar, butter
I DON’T WASH MY ___ EVERY TIME I WEAR IT LEVEL 234 Answer: shirt, pants, bra, hat, coat
MY HAIR ALWAYS LOOKS BETTER RIGHT AFTER THE HAIRDRESSER ___ IT LEVEL 235 Answer: cuts, styles, washes, dyes, dries
I HAD TO STOP TO ___ ON THE ROAD TRIP LEVEL 236 Answer: eat, pee, sleep, get gas, stretch
I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TO GET ___ DONE AT THE SPA BEFORE MY WEDDING LEVEL 237 Answer: nails, hair, massage, makeup, facial
MY SON WANTS TO GO TO THE NORTH POLE TO SEE ___ LEVEL 238 Answer: santa, snow, reindeer, elves, toys
___ ALWAYS MAKES ME LAUGH LEVEL 239 Answer: jokes, kids, friends, clowns, dogs
I WOULDN’T WANT TO GO TO ___ WITHOUT A DATE LEVEL 240 Answer: movies, dinner, wedding, prom, concert
I ADD MILK TO MY ___ IN THE MORNING LEVEL 241 Answer: cereal, coffee, oatmeal, tea, eggs
HIS ___ MADE HIM LOOK LIKE A REBEL LEVEL 242 Answer: hair, clothes, car, tattoo, motorcycle
I ALWAYS SHAKE ___ BEFORE USING IT LEVEL 243 Answer: ketchup, juice, milk, mustard, hairspray
SHE’S GOOD AT WORD GAMES BECAUSE SHE’S A ___ LEVEL 244 Answer: teacher, genius, student, reader, librarian
I CAN’T STAND WHEN PEOPLE ARE ___ LEVEL 245 Answer: rude, mean, loud, annoying, mad
MY HANDS WERE ALL STICKY FROM EATING ___ LEVEL 246 Answer: candy, ice cream, honey, syrup, popsicle
I THINK IT’S SWEET THAT MY BOYFRIEND CALLS ME ___ LEVEL 247 Answer: baby, honey, sweetie, love, darling
___ ALWAYS TASTES BETTER WHEN IT’S HOMEMADE LEVEL 248 Answer: cake, cookies, bread, pizza, soup
I WON ___ ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT LEVEL 249 Answer: car, trip, boat, money, tv
I CAN’T IMAGINE A BAND WITHOUT ___ LEVEL 250 Answer: drums, singer, guitar, bass, piano
I LOVE TO GET ___ FOR TAKEOUT LEVEL 251 Answer: chinese, pizza, burgers, mexican, italian
I NEEDED A SWORD TO GO AS ___ FOR HALLOWEEN LEVEL 252 Answer: pirate, knight, ninja, zorro, viking
I CAN’T START MY DAY WITHOUT ___ LEVEL 253 Answer: coffee, breakfast, shower, tea, brushing my teeth
I LOVE NOT HAVING TO ___ ON VACATION LEVEL 254 Answer: work, cook, clean, drive, stress
MY BOYFRIEND GOT ___ FOR OUR ROMANTIC EVENING LEVEL 255 Answer: flowers, dinner, candles, wine, chocolate
I LIKE TO EAT ___ HOT OR COLD LEVEL 256 Answer: pizza, chicken, pasta, sandwiches, cereal
I WASN’T ALLOWED TO ___ BECAUSE MY PARENTS WERE SO STRICT LEVEL 257 Answer: date, party, drive, sleepover, play
I NEED BOTH HANDS TO ___ LEVEL 258 Answer: drive, eat, cook, play, clap
I BOUGHT A PAIR OF ___ AT THE MALL LEVEL 259 Answer: shoes, pants, socks, earrings, sunglasses
I LOVE TO PLAY ___ AT THE ARCADE LEVEL 260 Answer: pacman, pinball, skee ball, basketball, air hockey
I ALWAYS PROCRASTINATE AND PUT ___ OFF UNTIL THE NEXT DAY LEVEL 261 Answer: laundry, homework, cleaning, dishes, shopping
YOU NEED A STEADY HAND TO BE A/AN ___ LEVEL 262 Answer: surgeon, artist, dentist, writer, seamstress
I ALWAYS HAVE ___ IN MY GLOVE BOX LEVEL 263 Answer: napkins, gloves, money, pen, registration
I EAT MY PANCAKES WITH ___ ON TOP LEVEL 264 Answer: syrup, butter, fruit, chocolate, whipped cream
I GOT ___ OUT OF THE FIRST AID KIT LEVEL 265 Answer: bandaid, gauze, tape, ointment, alcohol
I DON’T LIKE TO HAVE A SLEEPOVERS BECAUSE I ___ IN MY SLEEP LEVEL 266 Answer: talk, snore, fart, pee, drool
I WANTED SOMETHING LIGHT, SO I ORDERED A ___ SALAD LEVEL 267 Answer: chicken, caesar, chef, cobb, fruit
I COULD TELL HE WAS NERVOUS BECAUSE HE WAS ___ LEVEL 268 Answer: sweating, shaking, stuttering, pacing, quiet
I FOUND ___ WHEN I LIFTED UP A ROCK LEVEL 269 Answer: worm, dirt, ants, snake, grass
I NEED A NEW ___ BECAUSE I DROPPED IT IN THE TOILET LEVEL 270 Answer: phone, toothbrush, wallet, watch, key
I LIKE TO GET A ___ MUFFIN AT THE COFFEE SHOP LEVEL 271 Answer: blueberry, chocolate, banana, bran, strawberry
MY 6 YEAR OLD SON IS HAVING A ___ THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY LEVEL 272 Answer: spiderman, batman, cars, dinosaur, superman
I COULDN’T ___ BECAUSE I FORGOT MY ID LEVEL 273 Answer: drive, drink, fly, vote, smoke
THE BABY WAS CRYING BECAUSE SHE WAS ___ LEVEL 274 Answer: hungry, tired, wet, sick, sad
___ IS/ARE MY FAVORITE PART OF TAKING A CRUISE LEVEL 275 Answer: food, drinks, relaxing, swimming, entertainment
I LEARNED HOW TO ___ IN BOY SCOUTS LEVEL 276 Answer: camp, cook, tie knots, hunt, start a fire
WHEN I SEE ___ I KNOW IT’S FALL LEVEL 277 Answer: pumpkins, leaves, rain, sweaters, halloween
I ALWAYS HAVE ___ TO KEEP THE KIDS BUSY LEVEL 278 Answer: toys, games, books, snacks, tv
I ALWAYS ___ BEFORE I GO TO BED LEVEL 279 Answer: shower, brush my teeth, pray, pee, read
MY DOCTOR PULLED A ___ OUT OF HIS POCKET LEVEL 280 Answer: pen, stethoscope, thermometer, paper, phone
MY DAUGHTER WON A ___ AT THE FAIR LEVEL 281 Answer: prize, toy, fish, ribbon, stuffed animal
I ___ TO FEEL BETTER IF I’M IN A BAD MOOD LEVEL 282 Answer: sleep, eat, read, cry, listen to music
I USED TO LOVE GETTING ___ IN MY LUNCHBOX LEVEL 283 Answer: candy, juice, chips, notes, cookies
MY FIRST WISH FROM A GENIE WOULD BE FOR ___ LEVEL 284 Answer: money, love, car, house, health
I WOULD LOVE THE ___ IF I LIVED IN A BIG CITY LEVEL 285 Answer: food, people, lights, shopping, view
I AM GOOD AT ___ BECAUSE I HAVE GOOD AIM LEVEL 286 Answer: basketball, shooting, darts, baseball, archery
I ALWAYS ___ ON FLIGHTS LEVEL 287 Answer: sleep, eat, read, drink, watch tv
I PLAYED THE ___ IN THE FAIRYTALE PLAY LEVEL 288 Answer: princess, fairy, witch, tree, frog
I USE ___ WHEN I TAKE A BATH LEVEL 289 Answer: soap, shampoo, towel, bubbles, washcloth
MY HUSBAND WANTS TO GET A ___ PUPPY LEVEL 290 Answer: husky, pitbull, labrador, german shepherd, pug
I HIDE ___ FROM MY KIDS LEVEL 291 Answer: candy, money, toys, phone, presents
MY DOG CHASES ___ ALL THE TIME LEVEL 292 Answer: cats, ball, tail, birds, people
I LOVE TO ___ ON A SUNNY DAY LEVEL 293 Answer: swim, walk, tan, play, read
I LOVE WHEN THEY PUT ___ ON A MEAT LOVERS PIZZA LEVEL 294 Answer: pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, chicken
I ALWAYS HAVE ___ IN MY BATHROOM LEVEL 295 Answer: toilet paper, soap, towels, toothpaste, shampoo
MY MOM ALWAYS TOLD ME TO FINISH MY ___ TO GROW BIG AND STRONG LEVEL 296 Answer: vegetables, fruit, meat, milk, dinner
I NEED SILENCE TO ___ LEVEL 297 Answer: read, sleep, think, focus, work
WE PLAYED ___ AT THE POOL PARTY LEVEL 298 Answer: marco polo, volleyball, tag, basketball, chicken
I LOVE THE ___ TRUCK AT THE FOOD TRUCK MEETUPS LEVEL 299 Answer: taco, ice cream, hotdog, burger, bbq
I FELT LIKE A REAL ADULT WHEN I GOT MY FIRST ___ LEVEL 300 Answer: car, job, house, paycheck, bill
MY RUNNING CLUB NICKNAME IS ___ BECAUSE I’M THE SLOWEST LEVEL 301 Answer: turtle, snail, sloth, slow poke, slug
I SAW A ___ AT THE PETTING ZOO LEVEL 302 Answer: goat, pig, horse, cow, sheep
THERE ARE ___ ON MY WALLS LEVEL 303 Answer: pictures, posters, lights, mirrors, clocks
I GOT A NEW RECIPE FROM ___ TO TRY TONIGHT LEVEL 304 Answer: mom, grandma, tv, facebook, friend
I ALWAYS ___ BEFORE I START DRIVING LEVEL 305 Answer: buckle up, check mirrors, adjust the seat, start the car, turn on music
I LIKE ___ MORE THAN CHOCOLATE LEVEL 306 Answer: vanilla, strawberry, chips, sex, nothing
I ___ WHILE WATCHING TV LEVEL 307 Answer: eat, sleep, read, talk, play on my phone
WE SKIP THE HOUSE ON HALLOWEEN THAT HANDS OUT ___ LEVEL 308 Answer: apples, toothbrushes, raisins, nothing, pencils
I BET MILLIONAIRES ___ ALL DAY LEVEL 309 Answer: sleep, work, eat, shop, play
I ___ THE BABY TO GET HER TO STOP CRYING LEVEL 310 Answer: feed, rock, change, sing to, burp
I WAS LATE, SO I JUST ATE A/AN ___ FOR BREAKFAST ON MY COMMUTE LEVEL 311 Answer: banana, bagel, apple, donut, granola bar
I ALWAYS KEEP MY ___ IN A CASE LEVEL 312 Answer: phone, glasses, money, laptop, instrument
I HAVE TO WEAR ___ FOR MY JOB LEVEL 313 Answer: suit, uniform, tie, shoes, hat
THE HOTEL HAD A GOOD ___ SO I BOOKED IT LEVEL 314 Answer: pool, review, breakfast, price, view
MY DOG ALWAYS BARKS AT ___ LEVEL 315 Answer: cats, people, mailman, squirrels, other dogs
CHUBBY ___ ON A BABY ARE SO CUTE LEVEL 316 Answer: cheeks, legs, arms, feet, hands
I LOVE ___ FLAVORED CHIPS LEVEL 317 Answer: bbq, cheese, sour cream and onion, onion, sour cream
MY BROTHER DOESN’T HAVE ANY ___ IN HIS BACHELOR PAD LEVEL 318 Answer: food, furniture, girls, dishes, pictures
MY PICKY KID ONLY EATS ___ LEVEL 319 Answer: chicken nuggets, pizza, candy, fries, mac and cheese
I CAN MAKE ___ WITHOUT A RECIPE LEVEL 320 Answer: cake, cookies, eggs, spaghetti, pizza
I HAVE TO BUY A PRESENT FOR A/AN ___ PARTY THIS WEEKEND LEVEL 321 Answer: birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary, baby shower
I THINK I GOT THE JOB BECAUSE OF MY ___ LEVEL 322 Answer: looks, personality, experience, resume, skills
I LOVE GETTING ___ IN THE MAIL LEVEL 323 Answer: cards, letters, packages, money, gifts
I USE MAKEUP TO COVER MY ___ LEVEL 324 Answer: acne, scars, freckles, wrinkles, dark circles
YOU SHOULDN’T BE FASHIONABLY LATE TO A ___ LEVEL 325 Answer: wedding, funeral, date, job interview, class
AFTER DINNER, I LIKE TO ___ LEVEL 326 Answer: watch tv, sleep, read, eat dessert, shower
___ WERE/WAS THE FIRST THING I UNPACKED IN MY NEW HOUSE LEVEL 327 Answer: clothes, dishes, bed, food, tv
MY MOM WAS A FLORIST, SO SHE NAMED ME ___ LEVEL 328 Answer: rose, daisy, lily, violet, iris
I MISSED MY ___ WHEN I WAS CAMPING LEVEL 329 Answer: bed, phone, tv, shower, bathroom
I CHANGED INTO A ___ PRINT SHIRT BECAUSE MY PLAIN ONE WAS BORING LEVEL 330 Answer: striped, cheetah, zebra, plaid, flower
I ALWAYS BRING TOO MANY/MUCH ___ WHEN I TRAVEL LEVEL 331 Answer: clothes, shoes, money, food, luggage
THERE’S ALWAYS ___ IN WESTERN MOVIES LEVEL 332 Answer: cowboys, horses, guns, saloons, hats
ACTION STARS LOOK COOL JUMPING OFF OF ___ IN MOVIES LEVEL 333 Answer: buildings, cars, cliffs, bridges, planes
I LIKE TO PUT ___ IN MY PASTA SALAD LEVEL 334 Answer: cheese, tomatoes, olives, onion, dressing
I GO BACK TO MY HOMETOWN EVERY YEAR FOR ___ LEVEL 335 Answer: christmas, thanksgiving, vacation, family reunion, birthday
I CHECK MY ___ AT LEAST ONCE A DAY LEVEL 336 Answer: email, phone, bank account, facebook, watch
I ALWAYS ___ AFTER A WORKOUT LEVEL 337 Answer: shower, eat, sleep, drink water, stretch
I WOULDN’T BUY ___ FROM A GAS STATION LEVEL 338 Answer: food, clothes, milk, coffee, shoes
I NEVER WENT TO ___ BEFORE I HAD KIDS LEVEL 339 Answer: park, daycare, chuck e cheese, disney, zoo
I GET MY NEIGHBOR TO TAKE CARE OF MY ___ WHILE I’M ON VACATION LEVEL 340 Answer: house, dog, plants, mail, lawn
I LIKE TO EAT MY ___ WITH MELTED BUTTER LEVEL 341 Answer: toast, popcorn, pancakes, lobster, corn
IT’S SO HARD TO DRAW THE ___ WHEN DRAWING A PERSON LEVEL 342 Answer: eyes, nose, hands, ears, mouth
CSI AGENTS LOOK FOR ___ AT A CRIME SCENE LEVEL 343 Answer: blood, fingerprints, evidence, weapons, hair
I’M ALWAYS TELLING MY KIDS TO CLEAN THEIR ___ LEVEL 344 Answer: room, teeth, bathroom, face, plate
___ WAS ON THE RADIO SO I CHANGED THE CHANNEL LEVEL 346 Answer: news, rap, country, commercial, static
I LOVE PUTTING ___ IN MY YOGURT LEVEL 347 Answer: fruit, granola, nuts, honey, chocolate
THE CAT ___ SO I DON’T THINK HE LIKES ME LEVEL 348 Answer: hissed, scratched, bit me, ran away, hid
I WISH I HAD ___ AT HOME LIKE YOU HAVE AT A HOTEL LEVEL 349 Answer: room service, pool, maid, food, towels
I HAD TO SKIP MY ___ BECAUSE I WAS RUNNING LATE THIS MORNING LEVEL 350 Answer: breakfast, coffee, shower, workout, makeup
I MADE MONEY AS A TEENAGER BY ___ LEVEL 352 Answer: babysitting, working, doing chores, mowing lawns, walking dogs
I ALWAYS CHECK THAT MY ___ IS IN MY BACKPACK BEFORE LEAVING FOR SCHOOL LEVEL 353 Answer: books, homework, phone, pencil, lunch
I ___ BEFORE I EAT LEVEL 354 Answer: pray, cook, wash my hands, drink, set the table
THE MAGICIAN PULLED A ___ OUT OF A HAT LEVEL 355 Answer: rabbit, flower, bird, scarf, card
I SPONSORED A/AN ___ BECAUSE THEY’RE ON THE ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST LEVEL 356 Answer: elephant, tiger, panda, polar bear, rhino
I WOULD SURVIVE ON ___ IF STRANDED ON A DESERT ISLAND LEVEL 357 Answer: water, fish, coconuts, bugs, bananas
I AM GOING TO ___ FOR MY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION LEVEL 358 Answer: lose weight, diet, exercise, stop smoking, save money
MY ___ IS SOMETHING I KEEP SECRET LEVEL 359 Answer: weight, age, money, password, love life
WHEN I WAS LITTLE, I THOUGHT ___ WAS REAL LEVEL 360 Answer: santa, tooth fairy, easter bunny, monsters, ghosts
MY HUSBAND ALWAYS FORGETS WHERE HE PUTS HIS ___ LEVEL 361 Answer: keys, wallet, phone, glasses, shoes
THE POLICE FOUND ___ IN THE BANK ROBBER’S BAG LEVEL 362 Answer: money, gun, mask, jewelry, gloves
I ALWAYS BUY ___ AT THE END OF SUMMER BECAUSE IT’S/THEY’RE ON SALE LEVEL 363 Answer: swimsuits, sandals, shorts, towels, sunscreen
I WISH I WAS A TEENAGER AGAIN SO I COULD ___ ALL DAY LEVEL 364 Answer: sleep, eat, play, watch tv, party
YOU NEED ___ FOR A FOURTH OF JULY PARTY LEVEL 365 Answer: fireworks, food, drinks, friends, flags
I ALWAYS HAVE ___ IN MY MAKEUP BAG LEVEL 366 Answer: lipstick, mascara, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow
I STARTED ___ DURING THE SPEECH BECAUSE I HATE PUBLIC SPEAKING LEVEL 367 Answer: sweating, stuttering, shaking, crying, panicking
I REMEMBER HAVING TO DO ___ FOR THE SCHOOL FITNESS TEST LEVEL 368 Answer: push ups, sit ups, running, jumping jacks, pull ups
MY KIDS LOVE TO ___ AT SLEEPOVERS LEVEL 369 Answer: eat, sleep, play, talk, watch movies
I PICK LOTTERY NUMBERS BY USING ___ LEVEL 370 Answer: birthdays, ages, anniversaries, lucky, random
I WISH I HAD BOUGHT ___ STOCKS TEN YEARS AGO LEVEL 371 Answer: apple, google, amazon, tesla, facebook
I LIKE TO PUT ___ IN MY TEA LEVEL 372 Answer: sugar, milk, honey, lemon, ice
I ALWAYS PICTURE A ___ WHEN I THINK OF A CASTLE LEVEL 373 Answer: princess, king, dragon, moat, knight
MY ___ WASN’T WORKING, SO I WAS LATE TO WORK LEVEL 374 Answer: car, phone, alarm, shower, water
I THINK ___ IS THE SECRET TO A HAPPY MARRIAGE LEVEL 375 Answer: love, communication, trust, sex, honesty
MY DATE TOOK ME ON A ROMANTIC ___ RIDE LEVEL 376 Answer: car, boat, bike, horse, plane
I GOT MY HUSBAND A PERSONALIZED ___ FOR HIS BIRTHDAY LEVEL 377 Answer: card, shirt, wallet, watch, ring
IF I WON A YEAR SUPPLY OF CANDY, I’D WANT IT TO BE ___ LEVEL 378 Answer: snickers, skittles, reeses, twix, hersheys
WE SAW A LOT OF ___ ON OUR ALASKAN CRUISE LEVEL 379 Answer: water, ice, snow, whales, bears
I bring my lucky ___ to every game LEVEL 380 Answer: socks, hat, shirt, rabbits foot, charm
Bees make me think of ___ LEVEL 381 Answer: honey, flowers, sting, hives, pollen
___ is the best invention ever LEVEL 382 Answer: phone, car, tv, computer, electricity
I love ___ with whipped cream on top LEVEL 383 Answer: ice cream, pie, cake, strawberries, hot chocolate
You need to be an early riser to work as a ___ LEVEL 384 Answer: doctor, teacher, farmer, baker, policeman
I used ___ for my big work presentation LEVEL 385 Answer: powerpoint, pictures, graphs, projector, video
If my 10 year old was president, she’d do away with ___ LEVEL 386 Answer: school, homework, chores, bedtime, vegetables
The pageant contestant did ___ for the talent portion LEVEL 387 Answer: singing, dancing, magic, juggling, gymnastics
I had to ___ because I ate too much LEVEL 388 Answer: poop, sleep, throw up, burp, unbutton my pants
I ___ in order to be more eco friendly LEVEL 389 Answer: recycle, walk, bike, compost, carpool
I didn’t accept my ___ friend request on social media LEVEL 390 Answer: mom, dad, boss, sister, ex
I’m not eating ___ because I’m on a diet LEVEL 391 Answer: candy, cake, ice cream, chocolate, carbs
I’d miss all ___ if didn’t put them on my calendar LEVEL 392 Answer: birthdays, appointments, holidays, events, anniversaries
I put my keys in ___ when I am at the beach LEVEL 393 Answer: bag, pocket, car, towel, shoes
My hair looked terrible because I ran out of ___ LEVEL 394 Answer: shampoo, hairspray, conditioner, gel, mousse
My husband could sleep anywhere, even ___ LEVEL 395 Answer: outside, floor, car, couch, standing up
Golf makes me think of ___ LEVEL 396 Answer: clubs, balls, tiger woods, grass, golf carts
I always ___ when I know a camera is on me LEVEL 397 Answer: smile, hide, pose, laugh, look away
You would need to be ___ to climb Mount Everest LEVEL 398 Answer: strong, fit, crazy, brave, athletic
I do way more than 10,000 steps a day because I work as a ___ LEVEL 399 Answer: nurse, doctor, teacher, dog walker, waitress
If I came face to face with a bear, I’d ___ LEVEL 400 Answer: run, scream, cry, play dead, faint
There’s always fliers for ___ on the college bulletin board LEVEL 401 Answer: jobs, clubs, roommates, parties, tutors
Most gyms have ___ LEVEL 402 Answer: weights, treadmills, showers, bikes, mirrors
I got my mother in law ___ for Christmas because I didn’t know what to get LEVEL 403 Answer: gift card, money, flowers, card, socks
There’s usually ___ next to the cash register at a restaurant LEVEL 404 Answer: mints, toothpicks, candy, menus, tip jar
I forgot to put ___ in the diaper bag and it was a disaster! LEVEL 405 Answer: diapers, wipes, bottle, clothes, formula
I love crispy ___ for breakfast LEVEL 406 Answer: bacon, toast, hashbrowns, waffles, sausage
I rarely buy new …, I reuse ones I have LEVEL 407 Answer: clothes, shoes, towels, dishes, bags
I always pack ___ for a lunch at the beach LEVEL 408 Answer: water, chips, sandwich, fruit, towel
We’re redoing the ___ before moving into our new house LEVEL 409 Answer: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, floors, living room
I work as a ___ at the restaurant LEVEL 410 Answer: cook, waitress, hostess, manager, bus boy
I always try ___ before buying it/them LEVEL 411 Answer: clothes, shoes, cars, food, perfume
I can’t wait to buy ___ cookies from the Girl Scouts LEVEL 412 Answer: thin mints, samoas, peanut butter patties, shortbread, lemonades
It’s rude to answer your phone at ___ LEVEL 413 Answer: dinner, church, work, school, funeral
Everyone keeps ___ in their junk drawer LEVEL 414 Answer: pens, batteries, tape, paper, scissors
Tabloids always show pictures of celebrities ___ on the cover LEVEL 415 Answer: kissing, smiling, posing, walking, eating
We saw ___ washed up on the beach LEVEL 416 Answer: shells, fish, trash, seaweed, whale
I was born on Christmas, so my parents named me ___ LEVEL 417 Answer: noel, jesus, holly, mary, joy
I ordered fish and they served it with the ___ still on! LEVEL 418 Answer: head, tail, eyes, skin, scales
The kids are so happy they get ___ when we’re on vacation LEVEL 419 Answer: ice cream, toys, candy, money, swim
I like to add ___ to my brownies LEVEL 420 Answer: nuts, chocolate chips, caramel, sprinkles, peanut butter
I see more tattoos of ___ than anything else LEVEL 421 Answer: flowers, hearts, names, skulls, butterflies
Elephants make me think of ___ LEVEL 422 Answer: africa, dumbo, circus, peanuts, trunks
I got stopped by TSA because I had ___ in my carryon LEVEL 423 Answer: food, liquid, knife, medicine, scissors
There are great deals on ___ at thrift stores LEVEL 424 Answer: clothes, shoes, furniture, toys, books
I wish I were ___ LEVEL 425 Answer: rich, famous, skinny, pretty, tall
My daughter said she wanted to get a ___ piercing, and I said “No way!” LEVEL 426 Answer: nose, belly button, tongue, lip, nipple
I say “___” instead of “money.” LEVEL 427 Answer: cash, moolah, dough, bucks, dollars
I wouldn’t go into a cave because I’m afraid I’d see ___ LEVEL 428 Answer: bats, spiders, bears, snakes, bugs
My son had to add padded muscle to his ___ Halloween costume LEVEL 429 Answer: hulk, superman, batman, spiderman, wrestler
I keep ___ on my nightstand LEVEL 430 Answer: water, phone, lamp, book, glasses
You always have to make appointments with a ___ in advance LEVEL 431 Answer: doctor, dentist, hairdresser, mechanic, lawyer
My boyfriend and I share ___ LEVEL 432 Answer: food, bed, clothes, car, money
I can’t believe he showed up to the ___ in jeans LEVEL 433 Answer: wedding, funeral, party, prom, interview
I bought ___ to decorate for the party LEVEL 434 Answer: balloons, streamers, confetti, banners, lights
The dog chewed my …! LEVEL 435 Answer: shoes, homework, socks, couch, pillow
I was pleasantly surprised when I came home and the babysitter had ___ LEVEL 436 Answer: cleaned, cooked, kids to bed, washed dishes, done laundry
We used ___ to start the bonfire LEVEL 437 Answer: wood, matches, gas, paper, sticks
We have ___ to stop burglars LEVEL 438 Answer: alarms, dogs, cameras, locks, police
If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life if would be ___ LEVEL 439 Answer: pizza, pasta, steak, chicken, burgers
I bought lots of ___ for my kids to craft with LEVEL 440 Answer: paper, glue, crayons, paint, markers
Our honeymoon was a disaster because we ___ LEVEL 441 Answer: got sick, fought, got lost, missed our flight, lost our luggage
I’m getting my nails done for ___ tomorrow LEVEL 442 Answer: wedding, prom, party, date, vacation
I put off …, but always feel better after LEVEL 443 Answer: cleaning, homework, exercise, showering, laundry
My date was allergic to ___ so it was a disaster LEVEL 444 Answer: nuts, me, flowers, dogs, cats
It’s normal for a house guest to use a host’s ___ in the bathroom LEVEL 445 Answer: towel, soap, toilet, sink, shower
Farmers get up every day to ___ LEVEL 446 Answer: feed animals, milk cows, harvest, plant, plow
I’m most ticklish on my ___ LEVEL 447 Answer: feet, neck, armpits, stomach, sides
There’s always ___ on the kid’s menu LEVEL 448 Answer: fries, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, hot dog, burger
I was falling asleep, so I ___ to stay awake LEVEL 449 Answer: drank coffee, watched tv, read, exercised, ate
I can eat ___ with one hand LEVEL 450 Answer: pizza, chips, hot dog, fries, ice cream
You don’t have to be super fit to play ___ LEVEL 451 Answer: golf, baseball, football, video games, chess
My kids smashed a ___ while playing catch in the house LEVEL 452 Answer: window, vase, tv, lamp, picture
I ___ to get over a breakup LEVEL 453 Answer: cry, eat, sleep, drink, shop
Pigs make me think of ___ LEVEL 454 Answer: bacon, mud, pink, farms, ham
I think it’s worth it to buy an expensive ___ LEVEL 455 Answer: car, house, phone, tv, watch
___ is contagious LEVEL 456 Answer: flu, covid, yawning, laughter, smiling
I got a job as a ___ at the hospital LEVEL 457 Answer: nurse, doctor, janitor, receptionist, cook
Adding ___ to any food makes it better LEVEL 458 Answer: salt, pepper, ketchup, butter, cheese
I won the ___ contest at the county fair LEVEL 459 Answer: pie eating, singing, beauty, hot dog eating, baking
Most people have a can of ___ in the pantry LEVEL 460 Answer: corn, beans, soup, peas, tuna
We celebrated my colleague’s ___ at work today LEVEL 461 Answer: birthday, retirement, promotion, anniversary, baby shower
I have ___ to match my dress for the party LEVEL 462 Answer: shoes, purse, jewelry, makeup, hat
I like to eat ___ with my fried chicken LEVEL 463 Answer: mashed potatoes, fries, corn, biscuits, mac and cheese
I like to eat ___ with my fried chicken LEVEL 464 Answer: mashed potatoes fries corn biscuits mac and cheese
The neighbors went all out and had a ___ for their son’s birthday party LEVEL 465 Answer: clown, bounce house, magician, pony, band
Being in ___ makes me feel claustrophobic LEVEL 466 Answer: elevator, closet, car, small room, airplane
I would be wary of buying ___ on clearance LEVEL 467 Answer: food, clothes, shoes, milk, car
I didn’t know how to ___ when I first moved out of my parents’ house LEVEL 468 Answer: cook, clean, do laundry, pay bills, shop
I bought ___ on sale after Christmas LEVEL 469 Answer: lights, decorations, clothes, toys, tree
People associate ___ with America LEVEL 470 Answer: freedom, flag, eagles, statue of liberty, burgers
___ taste(s) best grilled LEVEL 471 Answer: chicken, steak, hot dogs, hamburgers, fish
I talk to my ___ when I have to make a difficult decision LEVEL 472 Answer: mom, dad, friend, sister, spouse
I wear the same ___ every day LEVEL 473 Answer: shoes, glasses, bra, hat, watch
Kids spend their allowance on ___ these days LEVEL 474 Answer: candy, toys, video games, clothes, phones
I’d love the ___ if I lived in the country LEVEL 475 Answer: quiet, animals, food, view, fresh air
The first thing I do when I get home from work is ___ LEVEL 476 Answer: eat, shower, sleep, watch tv, change
The apartment was right next to …, so it was cheap! LEVEL 477 Answer: airport, cemetary, train tracks, highway, dump
I buy ___ in bulk LEVEL 478 Answer: toilet paper, paper towels, food, water, soap
I get a new ___ every few years LEVEL 479 Answer: car, phone, job, tv, shoes
I turn on ___ right when I get up in the morning LEVEL 480 Answer: lights, tv, phone, shower, music
I swiped right on Tinder because he was wearing a ___ uniform LEVEL 481 Answer: police, firefighter, army, navy, marine
No one recognized me at the reunion because I ___ LEVEL 482 Answer: lost weight, gained weight, dyed hair, cut hair, wore makeup
It costs more to repair my ___ than to buy a new one! LEVEL 483 Answer: car, phone, house, tv, computer
It’s so hard to ___ with my broken arm LEVEL 484 Answer: write, shower, eat, drive, cook
You need ___ to play Santa at the mall LEVEL 485 Answer: beard, suit, hat, belly, boots
My kid uses his ___ to get around the neighborhood LEVEL 486 Answer: bike, scooter, skateboard, feet, car
___ is/are the best part of going to an NFL game LEVEL 487 Answer: food, beer, fans, game, half time
Our flight was delayed due to ___ LEVEL 488 Answer: snow, rain, no pilot, wind, mechanical issues
My son loves to drive his toy ___ up and down the couch LEVEL 489 Answer: car, truck, tractor, motorcycle, plane
We just finished picking the ___ for our wedding LEVEL 490 Answer: flowers, cake, venue, food, colors
I need ___ when I am studying LEVEL 491 Answer: music, quiet, food, books, light
I don’t like instant …, I like the real stuff! LEVEL 492 Answer: coffee, potatoes, oatmeal, rice, noodles
My foot fell asleep so I ___ to try to wake it up LEVEL 493 Answer: walked hitit shookit stomped jumped
I made small talk about ___ with the person sitting next to me LEVEL 494 Answer: weather, food, work, family, sports
We cooked ___ over the campfire LEVEL 495 Answer: hot dogs, fish, hamburgers, marshmallows, beans
I hate wrinkles, so I even iron my …! LEVEL 496 Answer: socks, underwear, sheets, jeans, bra
It was the day before ___ so I had to wait in line forever at the post office LEVEL 497 Answer: christmas, thanksgiving, easter, valentines day, mothers day
I didn’t pick up the call because it was ___ LEVEL 498 Answer: spam, late, ex, unknown, work
I don’t buy expensive ___ because I just lose them LEVEL 499 Answer: earrings, shoes, rings, sunglasses, phones
I ordered ___ for dessert because I love fruit LEVEL 500 Answer: pie, strawberry shortcake, fruit salad, parfait, cobbler
I used ___ to pretend I was talking on the phone LEVEL 501 Answer: banana, hand, remote, shoe, toy
The handyman forgot his ___ at my house LEVEL 502 Answer: hammer, screwdriver, wrench, drill, nails
I was green after that ___ ride LEVEL 503 Answer: roller coaster, car, boat, plane, train
I forgot to put ___ in my gym bag, so it was an uncomfortable workout LEVEL 504 Answer: water, socks, shoes, shorts, deodorant
I always hand write ___ LEVEL 505 Answer: letters, notes, cards, checks, lists
I can’t ___ because my nails are still wet LEVEL 506 Answer: eat, drive, write, text, cook
I can’t imagine a celebrity ___ for themself LEVEL 507 Answer: cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving, dishes
Football players have to ___ before a game LEVEL 508 Answer: stretch, practice, warm up, eat, hydrate
I love a nice cold ___ when I’m on vacation LEVEL 509 Answer: beer, pool, soda, ice cream, margarita
My parents made me take ___ lessons as a kid LEVEL 510 Answer: piano, dance, singing, swim, karate
I can’t figure out how to set the ___ in my house. LEVEL 511 Answer: clock alarm tv thermostat oven
A pet goldfish is boring – you can’t even ___ it. LEVEL 512 Answer: pet walk play with hold cuddle
I tried to ___ to get out of a speeding ticket. LEVEL 513 Answer: cry flirt lie bribe run
I bought lots of ___ for my New Years Eve party. LEVEL 514 Answer: food drinks decorations fireworks hats
I always listen to music when I’m ___ LEVEL 515 Answer: driving cleaning sad happy showering
Women ___ a lot in labor. LEVEL 516 Answer: scream cry sweat push curse
I can’t believe they served ___ at the black tie gala. LEVEL 517 Answer: hot dogs pizza burgers fries tacos
I think it’s hard to ask the boss for ___ LEVEL 518 Answer: raise time off help promotion break
I don’t have any books on my bookshelves, just ___ LEVEL 519 Answer: pictures dust knick knacks movies plants
I missed my exit on the highway because I was ___ LEVEL 520 Answer: talking texting singing distracted eating
The magician made ___ disappear. LEVEL 521 Answer: rabbit cards himself bird me
Getting along with you significant other’s ___ makes life much easier! LEVEL 522 Answer: friends siblings mother father pets
I think the ___ I bought on the street is fake. LEVEL 523 Answer: purse watch shoes ring phone
I always make sure to have ___ in reach when I watch TV. LEVEL 524 Answer: remote drink snacks phone blanket
I prepared for ___ for months! LEVEL 525 Answer: vacation christmas wedding graduation test
I would never ___ again if I won the lottery. LEVEL 526 Answer: work clean cook drive worry
I made sure my ___ was/were clean before my date. LEVEL 527 Answer: car house teeth clothes hair
My grandpa keeps ___ in his shirt pocket. LEVEL 528 Answer: pens money glasses candy tissue
We left the beach because we saw ___ LEVEL 529 Answer: sharks jellyfish lightning rain crabs
I’d only run if I was being chased by a ___ LEVEL 530 Answer: bear dog lion tiger killer
I can’t believe my Uber driver asked me not to ___ in the car. LEVEL 531 Answer: eat talk drink smoke sing
My daughter likes to pretend to be a ___ when playing. LEVEL 532 Answer: princess doctor teacher fairy mom
I like to add lemon to my ___ LEVEL 533 Answer: water iced tea fish salad soda
I couldn’t hear the TV because my wife was using the ___ LEVEL 534 Answer: vacuum phone blender hair dryer dishwasher
I was surprised to see he put his ___ on his Tinder profile. LEVEL 535 Answer: weight age kids address mom
I barely remember a time when ___ weren’t digital. LEVEL 536 Answer: clocks phones watches tvs pictures
My parents like my new girlfriend because she’s ___ LEVEL 537 Answer: smart nice pretty funny rich
I get my best ideas when I’m ___ LEVEL 538 Answer: sleeping showering driving eating drunk
Don’t forget to add ___ to your chili! LEVEL 539 Answer: beans meat cheese onions peppers
Switzerland, Senegal, Slovenia, Sudan,______ LEVEL 540 Answer: sweden spain south africa singapore slovakia
My husband spent hours assembling my son’s new ___ on Christmas day. LEVEL 541 Answer: bike car swing set train set playhouse
I ruined my ___ by putting it in the washing machine. LEVEL 542 Answer: shirt shoes sweater pants dress
I got new glasses, so now I see all the ___ on the road. LEVEL 543 Answer: cars signs lines people potholes
It was Colonel Mustard in the library with the ___! LEVEL 544 Answer: candlestick rope wrench revolver lead pipe
I’m so organized – all of my ___ is/are alphabetized. LEVEL 545 Answer: books spices movies food cds
My ___ is/are killing me after that nightclub. LEVEL 546 Answer: head feet back legs stomach
If I were stranded on an island with someone, I’d want them to be a ___ LEVEL 547 Answer: doctor hunter chef survivalist friend
It would be nice to be a ___ and have your hair and makeup done all of the time. LEVEL 548 Answer: model actress singer princess news anchor
I like to order ___ with pizza. LEVEL 549 Answer: breadsticks soda wings salad beer
My suitcase was overweight, so I took my ___ out. LEVEL 550 Answer: shoes makeup books coat hair dryer
It’s so clear out I can see the ___ constellation! LEVEL 551 Answer: big dipper little dipper orion leo gemini
I’ll be waiting for a while, so I got ___ from the vending machine. LEVEL 552 Answer: soda candy bar chips water coffee
I got the new girl at work for Secret Santa, so I just got her ___ LEVEL 553 Answer: gift card candy perfume candle socks
I was eating so well until I went ___ LEVEL 554 Answer: school vacation party mcdonalds buffet
My grandma knits ___ for all the babies in the family. LEVEL 555 Answer: blankets hats booties sweaters mittens
My cousin is nuts – he claims he saw ___! LEVEL 556 Answer: bigfoot alien ghost elvis santa
The hardest thing to give up to be vegan would be ___ LEVEL 557 Answer: meat eggs cheese milk ice cream
I grew up in the cold, so I know how to ___ LEVEL 558 Answer: ski sled snowboard stay warm shovel snow
I hid my wife’s birthday present in the ___ LEVEL 559 Answer: closet garage car basement attic
My romantic friend proposed to his girlfriend on ___ LEVEL 560 Answer: valentines day christmas birthday vacation new years
If I could go back in time, I’d tell my younger self not to ___ LEVEL 561 Answer: smoke drink get married worry lie
I take my toddler to ___ to help make the day go by. LEVEL 562 Answer: park daycare zoo pool grandmas
The only food the bar had was/were ___ LEVEL 563 Answer: fries chips wings burgers peanuts
You should get a job as a ___ because you’re a night owl. LEVEL 564 Answer: nurse bartender security guard policeman doctor
My college roommate and I always fought about ___ LEVEL 565 Answer: food cleaning space clothes noise
Kids always hide ___ when playing hide and seek indoors. LEVEL 566 Answer: bed closet curtains couch table
I can’t believe she showed up to dinner in ___ pants. LEVEL 567 Answer: sweat yoga dirty pajama no
I got a ___ tattoo to represent love. LEVEL 568 Answer: heart name rose cupid dove
I’m so lucky I have ___ neighbors. LEVEL 569 Answer: nice quiet helpful no fun
I’m so annoyed – my kid ripped the ___ button off of the remote! LEVEL 570 Answer: volume power channel mute play
You can hear ___ coming before you see it on the road. LEVEL 571 Answer: truck train motorcycle ambulance firetruck
My son wandered off at ___, so they had to page him on the loudspeaker. LEVEL 572 Answer: store amusement park zoo fair school
I keep coins in the car for ___ LEVEL 573 Answer: tolls food car wash gas drinks
My daughter always cries when she goes to ___ LEVEL 574 Answer: school doctor dentist bed daycare
I honked my horn at the ___! LEVEL 575 Answer: car dog deer person cat
Oh no! The screen on my ___ is broken! LEVEL 576 Answer: phone tv computer tablet door
My friend has a white couch, so she won’t let anyone drink ___ on it. LEVEL 577 Answer: wine juice soda coffee tea
___ is the last thing I turn off at night. LEVEL 578 Answer: light tv phone radio computer
She’s a bad lier, she always ___ LEVEL 579 Answer: laughs smiles looks away stutters blinks
I use gloves to ___ LEVEL 580 Answer: clean garden cook keep warm wash dishes
My toddler came in with ___ all over her face. LEVEL 581 Answer: food marker dirt makeup paint
I needed a pen to sign the ___ LEVEL 582 Answer: check contract lease bill card
I bought ___ cream at the store. LEVEL 583 Answer: ice whipped sour coffee shaving
The coolest thing about James Bond is his ___ LEVEL 584 Answer: car suit gadgets accent looks
As a kid, we used to trade ___ at school. LEVEL 585 Answer: cards lunches pencils toys books
I was so nervous I’d drop the ___ because I’m so clumsy. LEVEL 586 Answer: baby glass food ball phone
I made wings for my kid’s ___ costume. LEVEL 587 Answer: fairy angel bird butterfly bat
My son is so excited about his field trip to the ___ LEVEL 588 Answer: zoo museum park aquarium movies
I’d eat potatoes prepared any way, but my favorite is ___ LEVEL 589 Answer: mashed baked fried boiled scalloped
She told me to hold my ___ LEVEL 590 Answer: breath horses hand tongue purse
The … keeps beeping – it’s driving me crazy! LEVEL 591 Answer: phone car alarm clock microwave smoke detector
A palindrome is a word spelled the same backward and forward like …. LEVEL 592 Answer: mom dad racecar wow pop
We withdrew our bid on the house because it …. LEVEL 593 Answer: sold flooded mold too expensive too small
I grew tons of tomatoes, so I am going to make …. LEVEL 594 Answer: salad salsa sauce soup ketchup
Seeing … is at the top of my New York City sightseeing list. LEVEL 595 Answer: statue of liberty times square central park empire state building broadway show
OMG, I am so itchy from …! LEVEL 596 Answer: poison ivy bug bites rash sweater allergies
My sister kept talking loudly, so we kept getting hushed at …. LEVEL 597 Answer: movies library church school funeral
I never get … in the mail anymore – it’s all digital. LEVEL 598 Answer: bills letters coupons cards ads
He was so embarrassed – he turned as red as a …. LEVEL 599 Answer: tomato apple beet cherry fire truck
I grew up on the coast, so I learned how to …. LEVEL 600 Answer: swim surf fish sail dive
I already … the meat for tonight’s dinner. LEVEL 601 Answer: cooked seasoned thawed marinated bought
My grandfather asked me to help him figure out his …. LEVEL 602 Answer: phone computer tv car taxes
We took our engagement photos at …. LEVEL 603 Answer: beach home park lake studio
I’m so jealous that preschoolers get to … every day. LEVEL 604 Answer: play nap color snack draw
She added … to her omelet and it looked delicious. LEVEL 605 Answer: cheese ham onions peppers bacon
It’s such a nice day, people are out playing … in the park. LEVEL 606 Answer: frisbee tag baseball catch football
I love red lipstick, but it always leaves marks on …. LEVEL 607 Answer: clothes cups teeth cheeks glasses
I always bring some cash to tip the …. LEVEL 608 Answer: waiter valet driver bartender bellhop
I only really drink … at Christmas. LEVEL 609 Answer: eggnog wine hot chocolate champagne cider
My teenager got to play the part of … at the Shakespeare festival. LEVEL 610 Answer: romeo juliet hamlet macbeth othello
Anything tastes good with enough … on it. LEVEL 611 Answer: salt ketchup cheese sugar butter
Celebrities are probably nervous to … on stage at the Oscars. LEVEL 612 Answer: talk sing fall dance cry
I love peanut butter and …. LEVEL 613 Answer: jelly bananas chocolate crackers celery
We’re on a budget, so this weekend we … as a family. LEVEL 614 Answer: played games cooked ate watched movies hiked
That basketball player is so tall, he has a hard time fitting in …. LEVEL 615 Answer: cars shoes doorways clothes beds
I’ve never seen … outside of the zoo. LEVEL 616 Answer: lion tiger elephant monkey giraffe
Your eyes are blue like …! LEVEL 617 Answer: sky ocean sapphires topaz ice
I lost the keys to my …! What a nightmare. LEVEL 618 Answer: car house safe locker office
I made veggie … for meatless Monday. LEVEL 619 Answer: burgers pizza soup lasagna spaghetti
A glass of …. LEVEL 620 Answer: water milk juice wine soda
I forgot to add my monthly … bill into my budget. LEVEL 621 Answer: phone gas water electric food
I love Christmas, but I hate cleaning up the …. LEVEL 622 Answer: wrapping paper tree decorations food dishes
Cow, Chameleon, Camel, Cricket…… LEVEL 623 Answer: cat chicken crow cheetah crab
My daughter loves to use a pretend … when she plays doctor. LEVEL 624 Answer: stethoscope thermometer needle bandaid coat
I like my french fries with …. LEVEL 625 Answer: ketchup ranch salt mayo cheese
I had to bring my … because the sun was so intense. LEVEL 626 Answer: sunscreen hat umbrella sunglasses water
I always include … cheese on my party platter. LEVEL 627 Answer: cheddar swiss pepper jack gouda brie
You need a strong kick to …! LEVEL 628 Answer: soccer football kickball karate kickboxing
Soap operas never change. They always have … in the plot line. LEVEL 629 Answer: love death cheating pregnancy amnesia
My son is so excited they have a … as a class pet. LEVEL 630 Answer: hamster fish snake lizard bird
I’m always telling my toddler to get his fingers out of his …. LEVEL 631 Answer: mouth nose food ear pants
Without real preparation, most people wouldn’t last a day in …. LEVEL 632 Answer: desert jail court jungle college
My friend has 10 kids – can you imagine how much he spends on …! LEVEL 633 Answer: food clothes toys shoes diapers
The … makes the house seem so cosy. LEVEL 634 Answer: fireplace candles furniture blankets couch
Do people actually buy … from informercials? LEVEL 635 Answer: clothes jewelry makeup pillows pans
Kids today don’t know how to use a …. LEVEL 636 Answer: rotary phone typewriter vcr map stove
The hotel had … in the honeymoon suite! LEVEL 637 Answer: roses champagne chocolate hot tub candles
I didn’t want to curse, so I said “Holy …!” LEVEL 638 Answer: moly cow crap smokes guacamole
It takes skill to flip …! LEVEL 639 Answer: pancake eggs burger coin houses
The apartment is amazing, except it looks right onto …. LEVEL 640 Answer: dump highway building parking lot alley
I’m a germaphobe, so I don’t use the … on airplanes. LEVEL 641 Answer: bathroom tray pillows blankets armrest
He wasn’t feeling well – he was as green as …! LEVEL 642 Answer: grass frog cucumber pickle pea
The kids in the outfield just … at the the ball games. LEVEL 643 Answer: stand sit talk pick flowers play
I took a wrong turn and had to get help from …. LEVEL 644 Answer: gps police gas station map stranger
He’s in a bad mood. He must not have had enough … today. LEVEL 645 Answer: sleep food coffee water sugar
When I was younger, I thought guys with … were so cool. LEVEL 646 Answer: tattoos cars motorcycles beards long hair
Kids always called me … because I was the shortest kid in the class. LEVEL 647 Answer: shorty tiny midget shrimp smalls
Have you ever seen a cat holding a …? Down by the bay! LEVEL 648 Answer: rat bat hat mat gnat
It started raining! Quick, bring the … inside! LEVEL 649 Answer: food kids dog clothes chairs
Be warned – when you have kids, you’ll have less …! LEVEL 650 Answer: money time sleep patience energy
I’m so mad – I got … on my top and can’t get it out! LEVEL 651 Answer: ketchup mustard blood wine coffee
The poor candidate … the job interview! LEVEL 652 Answer: failed missed bombed forgot about was late
How do models get their … so shiny? LEVEL 653 Answer: hair skin teeth nails lips
I found cool … at the thrift store for the 70s themed party. LEVEL 654 Answer: shoes clothes glasses wigs jewelry
I had to climb the tree to get the___ Level 655 cat, kite, ball, apple, frisbee
OMG! My dad is so embarrassing. He ___ in front of my friends. Level 656 farted, danced, sang, burped, hugged me
I had to Google “How to tie a …”! Level 657 tie, knot, bow, shoe, scarf
Ugh, the person in front of me at the register took forever because they used___ Level 658 coupons, cash, coins, check, gift cards
It’s so hot, it’s hard to___ Level 659 breathe, sleep, eat, walk, work
Oh no! I realized my ___ was in view on my Zoom meeting! Level 660 kid, dog, underwear, cat, bathroom
I feel like there’s a ___ on every corner these days. Level 661 gas station, mcdonalds, starbucks, church, bank
I like having roommates, but it’s much easier to ___ when you live alone. Level 662 sleep, clean, cook, watch tv, study
Oh no, the power went out! Where is the …? Level 663 flashlight, candle, generator, phone, lighter
I caught a ___ knocking over my trash cans on the security camera. Level 664 raccoon, dog, bear, cat, kid
I grew tons of bananas, so I made banana___ Level 665 bread, pudding, cake, pie, muffins
Anyone who gives a kid a ___ for Christmas clearly doesn’t have any kids! Level 666 drum set, sweater, puppy, socks, guitar
The realtor told us to ___ our house to get more money. Level 667 paint, clean, renovate, rent, stage
I know I should eat more green vegetables, but the only one(s) I like is/are___ Level 668 broccoli, lettuce, peas, green beans, spinach
I really lost my temper, so I ___ him. Level 669 hit, yelled, kicked, left, ignored
The boat captain used the term ___ and I had no idea what it meant! Level 670 stern, starboard, port, aft, ahoy
… is/are the craziest thing I’ve seen someone eat. Level 671 octopus, bugs, snails, snake, alligator
If I had to live without one basic household appliance, it would be my___ Level 672 toaster, microwave, blender, dishwasher, dryer
Don’t tell anyone – the secret ingredient in my grandma’s pot roast recipe is___ Level 673 love, sugar, ketchup, beer, wine
I don’t think we’ll use ___ anymore in the year 2099! Level 674 cars, phones, gas, paper, cash
I can’t believe my girlfriend snuck a look at my ___! Level 675 phone, butt, email, wallet, bank account
She was so tired, she passed out with her ___ on. Level 676 shoes, makeup, clothes, glasses, tv
Life is___ Level 677 good, hard, short, beautiful, like a box of chocolates
I look so serious in my ___ photo because they told me not to smile. Level 678 passport, drivers license, school, work, mug shot
My grandma hates the word “panties” so she calls them___ Level 679 underwear, bloomers, undergarments, drawers, unmentionables
I listen to ___ to relax. Level 680 music, rain, tv, podcasts, books
You snore more when you___ Level 681 drink, sick, tired, on your back, nap
She’s such a ___ – she never stops talking! Level 682 chatterbox, gossip, chatty kathy, motormouth, blabbermouth
I wouldn’t want my girlfriend’s dad to be a___ Level 683 cop, boxer, lawyer, hunter, pastor
Ugh, my husband needs help with …, but he won’t ask! Level 684 directions, cooking, cleaning, kids, car
Why is it so hard to say “no” to …?! Level 685 kids, food, friends, boss, parents
I ran out of …, so I borrowed my boyfriend’s. Level 686 deodorant, shirts, toothpaste, money, razors
OMG – I am already sick of ___ and there’s still 2 weeks until Christmas! Level 687 shopping, christmas music, snow, decorations, wrapping
Fruit flavored ___ tastes best. Level 688 candy, gum, water, medicine, yogurt
I ___ before bed and couldn’t sleep. Level 689 ate, drank coffee, exercised, watched tv, napped
The DJ forgot his ___ so he can’t setup. Level 690 speakers, turntable, microphone, computer, cords
I’m so mad – I spent hours cooking dinner, then accidentally___ Level 691 dropped it, burned it, fell asleep, over seasoned it, undercooked it
I look forward to ___ every week. Level 692 weekend, payday, church, date night, football
That guy was huge! I bet he could lift ___! Level 693 car, house, elephant, ton, cow
I always wanted to be a contestant on ___! Level 694 wheel of fortune, jeopardy, price is right, family feud, american idol
OMG, my face was so red from ___! Level 695 embarrassment, laughing, sunburn, running, crying
This email is full of___ It’s so unprofessional! Level 696 typos, ads, emojis, slang, curse words
Parents can’t wait until their kids can ___ themselves. Level 697 feed, drive, dress, bathe, wipe
How rude! He ___ in the middle of my story. Level 698 left, interrupted, laughed, burped, yawned
I’m afraid of spiders, so I won’t go___ Level 699 camping, hiking, basement, attic, cave
You should try ___ – it’s a good side hustle! Level 700 uber, door dash, babysitting, dog walking, ebay
My daughter got another school dress code violation for her___ Level 701 tank top, mini skirt, makeup, short shorts, piercings
Instagram sponsored ads are always trying to sell me___ Level 702 clothes, makeup, food, games, jewelry
Every action movie has a scene with a ___ in it. Level 703 fight, car chase, explosion, gun, death
I always remove my makeup before I ___ so it isn’t all over my face. Level 704 sleep, shower, swim, cry, workout
People wait in line for hours for ___ on Black Friday! Level 705 tvs, toys, clothes, phones, video games
I remember when ___ was/were always free on a plane! Level 706 drinks, luggage, seats, snacks, meals
I loved to ___ when I stayed home sick from school. Level 707 sleep, watch tv, read, eat, play video games
Oh no, I was holding her new baby and he ___! Level 708 pooped, cried, spit up, fell, fell asleep
I wouldn’t last on Survivor! I can’t___ Level 709 swim, hunt, fish, make a fire, eat bugs
In the song “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t do That),” I wonder if “That” is___ Level 710 kill, cheat, lie, steal, die
As a kid, ___ is a lot of fun. As an adult, it’s a lot of work! Level 711 running, playing, school, cooking, cleaning
She totally flirted to get___ Level 712 money, drinks, out of a ticket, date, food
My legs are so long, I look like ___! Level 713 giraffe, spider, ostrich, flamingo, stork
My kid cried the first time he went to___ Level 714 school, doctor, dentist, daycare, camp
A lot of people have a ___ in their house but never read it. Level 715 bible, cookbook, dictionary, manual, phone book
My daughter asks questions all day long! I thinks she’ll grow up to be a___ Level 716 lawyer, teacher, reporter, judge, detective
I love salsa on my___ Level 717 tacos, chips, burrito, eggs, salad
The poor bride was so nervous, she ___ before the ceremony. Level 718 cried, threw up, fainted, drank, ran away
Rookie mistake – we didn’t assemble my son’s ___ before Christmas morning! Level 719 bike, car, scooter, train, trampoline
I found a box with my ___ from high school in the attic. Level 720 yearbook, pictures, diploma, prom dress, cap and gown
You need to be ___ to be a model. Level 721 tall, pretty, skinny, confident, graceful
I have to buy ___ for my Halloween party. Level 722 candy, decorations, costume, pumpkins, food
Can you help me change …? Level 723 clothes, tire, oil, diaper, lightbulb
It’s so much easier now that you can ___ online these days. Level 724 shop, date, talk, pay bills, work
Teenage boys spend too much time___ Level 725 sleeping, eating, playing video games, watching tv, on the phone
I think you need to put more water in your___ Level 726 plants, pool, coffee, car, bathtub
My boyfriend tried to feed me ___ in a romantic way, but just spilled it on me. Level 727 ice cream, spaghetti, wine, strawberries, cake
My hands are always so dry. I’m a …, so I have to wash them all of the time. Level 728 doctor, nurse, cook, teacher, mechanic
I bought (a) new ___ to go with my new motorcycle. Level 729 helmet, boots, leather jacket, gloves, sunglasses
I got my tattoo removed because___ Level 730 ugly, job, faded, we broke up, parents
We got ___ to help deter burglars. Level 731 dog, alarm, camera, fence, lights
I wanted to nap when my baby napped, but I ___ instead. Level 732 cleaned, watched tv, read, showered, ate
I was the last of my friends in high school to …, and they all made fun of me. Level 733 graduate, date, drive, get kissed, drink
I usually don’t eat chocolate, but it’s …, so why not!? Level 734 christmas, halloween, easter, birthday, valentines day
You must have had a nightmare last night. You were ___ in your sleep. Level 735 screaming, crying, sweating, tossing and turning, kicking
It’s as easy as ___! Level 736 pie, one two three, abc, can be, breathing
My daughter was so excited to give Santa___ Level 737 cookies, milk, hug, list, kiss
He’s crazy – he camped out overnight to get ___ tickets. Level 738 concert, movie, football, theater, baseball
I don’t know why, but I always get nervous when I have to talk to___ Level 739 doctor, boss, police, teachers, strangers
When I went skydiving, I ___ right before the jump. Level 740 screamed, prayed, cried, peed, threw up
He’s as happy as ___! Level 741 clam, can be, lark, pig in mud, kid in a candy store
I lost my appetite because the person next to me was ___ at the restaurant. Level 742 coughing, farting, burping, sneezing, smelly
I know most ___ aren’t poisonous, but I still wouldn’t want to touch one. Level 743 snakes, spiders, frogs, rats, lizards
Teenagers think wearing ___ makes them look older. Level 744 makeup, heels, jewelry, glasses, suits
Our water wasn’t working so we couldn’t___ Level 745 shower, drink, cook, wash dishes, do laundry
The town I grew up in was so small that it didn’t even have a___ Level 746 school, gas station, grocery store, post office, stop light
I am not looking forward to getting older and losing my___ Level 747 hair, teeth, hearing, memory, sight
I made sure to stock up on ___ to prepare for the hurricane. Level 748 water, food, batteries, toilet paper, flashlights
That restaurant was so bad, I had to___ Level 749 leave, throw up, complain, write a bad review, send my food back
The secret to staying warm in winter is a good___ Level 750 coat, pair of gloves, blanket, hat, heater
My daughter is super healthy. She drinks ___ every morning. Level 751 water, milk, smoothies, juice, protein shake
You need ___ to make coffee shop style coffee at home. Level 752 cream, coffee beans, espresso machine, syrup, frother
I love kitchen gadgets like my___ Level 753 air fryer, blender, mixer, juicer, crockpot
I wish they sold ___ in vending machines. Level 754 beer, pizza, wine, phones, fruit
I know putting ___ on my veggies makes them less healthy, but they taste so much better! Level 755 salt, butter, cheese, ranch, oil
That pickpocket is going to be so mad! He picked my pocket and only got ___! Level 756 lint, change, gum, candy, receipts
I think ___ is the best remedy for a headache. Level 757 sleep, medicine, quiet, water, caffeine
When I don’t know the lyrics to a song I just___ Level 758 hum, dance, fake it, lip sync, make them up
People from other countries think Americans eat ___ every day. Level 759 pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, fast food
We went apple picking, so I am going to make a bunch of___ Level 760 pies, applesauce, cider, juice, candy apples
The worst part about going to be beach is getting sand in your___ Level 761 hair, shoes, eyes, mouth, bathing suit
Give me a ___! Level 762 break, hand, hug, kiss, minute
I think having to ___ would be the hardest part of being an actor. Level 763 cry, kiss, memorize lines, sing, travel
I couldn’t get my jeans to zip so I had to___ Level 764 change, lay down, lose weight, jump, pin them
We kept having to stand at …, but my feet were killing me! Level 765 church, work, school, concert, wedding
I’m on a budget, so I cancelled my___ Level 766 cable, netflix, vacation, credit card, gym membership
My son has a heart of gold. He’d make a good___ Level 767 husband, doctor, teacher, father, therapist
You need to get ___ at a baseball game for an authentic experience. Level 768 hot dog, beer, hat, popcorn, peanuts
I bought a black marker to draw a ___ on my Halloween decoration. Level 769 bat, cat, witch, spider, jack o lantern
He’s an adrenaline junkie. He loves___ Level 770 skydiving, bungee jumping, roller coasters, racing, rock climbing
I don’t like to ___ alone at night. Level 771 sleep, eat, walk, drive, watch tv
Ugh, the dentist gave us ___ when we knocked on his door trick or treating! Level 772 toothpaste, floss, toothbrushes, apples, mouthwash
I can’t believe my luck. I only had my new car for a day and I got___ Level 773 ticket, pulled over, in an accident, flat tire, scratch
I think there’s a school with ___ as its mascot in every city! Level 774 tiger, bear, lion, eagle, panther
I’m such a romantic! I believe in ___! Level 775 love at first sight, soulmates, fairy tales, destiny, true love
Try using ___ if you want to sleep more soundly. Level 776 melatonin, ear plugs, eye mask, blackout curtains, white noise
I can’t just sit on the phone and talk, so I ___ on a call. Level 777 watch tv, walk, play games, clean, cook
It feels wrong to spend so much money on ___ when it’s/they’re so small! Level 778 diamonds, shoes, phones, toys, pets
I love ___ cookies. Level 779 chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal, snickerdoodle
I was afraid there was someone in my house, but it was just the___ Level 780 dog, cat, wind, tv, kids
Fridays are better at my job because we___ Level 781 leave early, dress casual, party, work from home, get paid
I’m left handed, so I have to buy a left handed___ Level 782 scissors, golf club, guitar, baseball glove, mouse
I am not participating in Take Your Child to Work Day because my kid will___ Level 783 cry, scream, be bored, run around, make a mess
The older I get, the more I like___ Level 784 sleeping, reading, quiet, vegetables, being alone
When we lost power from the blizzard, ___ was/were the first thing I missed. Level 785 tv, lights, heat, internet, phone
I carved a ___ into my Halloween pumpkin. Level 786 face, cat, witch, ghost, bat
You have to wear a uniform to be a …guard. Level 787 security, life, crossing, prison, national
She’s very shy. She wouldn’t want to ___ in front of people. Level 788 talk, sing, dance, cry, eat
I hate driving. I don’t know how people can work as a ___ behind the wheel all day. Level 789 bus driver, truck driver, taxi driver, mailman, police officer
I get up on Saturday morning to___ Level 790 clean, watch tv, work, exercise, shop
I made ___ shaped cookies for Thanksgiving. Level 791 turkey, pumpkin, leaf, pilgrim, cornucopia
I save money on groceries by___ Level 792 using coupons, buying in bulk, shopping sales, making a list, buying generic
It’s late. I can’t wait to close ___ and go to sleep. Level 793 eyes, door, book, curtains, computer
I really wish ___ were an olympic sport! Level 794 sleeping, eating, reading, bowling, football
The washing machine is ___ – I think it’s time for a new one. Level 795 old, leaking, loud, shaking, smoking
My toddler loves ___ books. Level 796 animal, picture, coloring, pop up, dinosaur
I’d never go on a blind date without___ Level 797 phone, money, friend, car, pepper spray
I saw the police car in my mirror and I___ Level 798 pulled over, panicked, slowed down, sped up, cussed
We’re finally moving in together because we___ Level 799 love each other, got married, got engaged, can save money, are pregnant
I’m so embarrassed. The UPS guy came to the door when I was wearing___ Level 800 nothing, pajamas, underwear, face mask, curlers
Ugh, the school nurse called because my son stuck ___ up his nose. Level 801 pencil, eraser, bead, toy, coin
My wife is going wedding planning crazy! She rented ___! Level 802 horse and carriage, doves, castle, yacht, orchestra
I can’t imagine how much/many ___ the coffee shop goes through in a week. Level 803 cups, sugar, coffee beans, cream, lids
I’m allergic to perfume, so I have to buy unscented___ Level 804 soap, lotion, deodorant, shampoo, laundry detergent
I’m an adult, but I still have to ask my parents for help with___ Level 805 money, taxes, cooking, kids, car
I like chicken, but I won’t eat the ___! Level 806 skin, feet, gizzard, liver, heart
Bobby’s dad got thrown out of the Little League game for ___! Level 807 yelling, cursing, fighting, running on the field, cheating
It freaks me out when people dress up as ___ for Halloween. Level 808 clowns, zombies, jason, chucky, michael myers
I can’t believe my car got ___ while I went into the store for 5 minutes! Level 809 stolen, hit, towed, broken into, ticketed
I love to come home and have a hot ___ in the winter. Level 810 chocolate, shower, coffee, tea, meal
He’s so afraid of commitment he won’t even commit to a ___! Level 811 job, date, house, car, dog
I accidentally cut my index finger, so now it hurts to___ Level 812 write, type, cook, bend, eat
When I was younger I’d fearlessly get on a …, but now I’m afraid! Level 813 roller coaster, horse, bike, plane, motorcycle
He thinks he’s so cool. He never says my “car,” he says my “….” Level 814 ride, wheels, vehicle, whip, baby
I have to get ___ for the party this weekend. Level 815 date, gift, babysitter, outfit, ride
A person’s ___ is/are the first thing I notice. Level 816 eyes, smile, hair, clothes, teeth
We saw lots of ___ at the parade. Level 817 floats, bands, balloons, kids, costumes
That new restaurant puts ___ in their mac and cheese. It’s delicious! Level 818 bacon, lobster, chicken, shrimp, extra cheese
We like to ___ when we camp. Level 819 hike, fish, swim, make smores, tell stories
I love to eat ___ at the fair. Level 820 cotton candy, funnel cake, corn dogs, popcorn, ice cream
I was in the middle of making spaghetti and meatballs when I realized I didn’t have ___! Level 821 meat, spaghetti, cheese, garlic, tomatoes
The dog is …, so I know she’s happy! Level 822 jumping, playing, wagging its tail, barking, running
I can’t stand cold___ Level 823 weather, food, coffee, showers, feet
I’m so hungry I could eat___ Level 824 horse, cow, elephant, whole pizza, whale
The kids want to name our new dog “….” Level 825 spot, fido, rover, max, bella
Moms really want ___ for Mother’s Day. Level 826 flowers, love, dinner, sleep, quiet
I wear ___ to bed. Level 827 nothing, pajamas, socks, underwear, sweats
I’m trying to bulk up, so I have been eating ___ for extra protein. Level 828 eggs, chicken, steak, peanut butter, fish
I had to get a ___ at the dentist today. Level 829 filling, cleaning, root canal, tooth pulled, crown
The rental car seemed cheap, but then I added ___ and it really went up! Level 830 insurance, gas, mileage, gps, another driver
I need ___ to karaoke. Level 831 music, alcohol, microphone, courage, lyrics
Teen movies always have a ___ character in them. Level 832 jock, nerd, mean, cheerleader, funny
I ran out of toothpicks to put in the ___ appetizer. Level 833 cheese, meatball, fruit, olive, pigs in a blanket
My son got a tooth knocked out at ___ practice! Level 834 football, baseball, soccer, hockey, wrestling
I like strong___ Level 835 men, coffee, drinks, minds, cars
I saw a ghost in my house so I called___ Level 836 ghostbusters, police, mom, priest, exorcist
Being a kid is way better than being an adult – kids don’t have ___! Level 837 bills, jobs, responsibilities, stress, cook
I was surprised to see my ___ had a tattoo. Level 838 mom, grandma, teacher, pastor, boss
I’m just not a dog person. I think it’s gross when they ___! Level 839 poop, lick, drool, shed, sniff butts
I think the hardest part of being in military bootcamp would be___ Level 840 training, food, yelling, getting up early, taking orders
He works as a …, so he always has a good tan. Level 841 lifeguard, construction worker, farmer, landscaper, pool boy
I can’t believe my mother in law snooped in my ___ when she came to visit. Level 842 closet, purse, medicine cabinet, fridge, drawers
The kids were so tired from jumping on the___ Level 843 bed, trampoline, couch, bounce house, pogo stick
I didn’t get any sleep. My spouse was ___ all night. Level 844 snoring, talking, watching tv, coughing, tossing and turning
People always take ___ from hotels. Level 845 towels, shampoo, pillows, robes, pens
He prefers to play ___ because he’s not a team player. Level 846 golf, tennis, video games, chess, solitaire
I just moved out of my parents house, so I’ve never had to ___ clothes! Level 847 wash, fold, buy, iron, put away
The ___ hors d’oeuvres at the wedding were delicious. Level 848 cheese, shrimp, meatball, mushroom, quiche
We booked a big family resort. It has ___ to keep us entertained! Level 849 pool, games, music, movies, shows
I would never share my ___! Not even with my spouse! Level 850 toothbrush, food, money, password, underwear
Most mini golf places have a ___ on the course. Level 851 windmill, bridge, waterfall, tunnel, hill
We turned our son’s room into ___ when he moved out. Level 852 office, gym, guest room, man cave, storage
I couldn’t concentrate in my office because of the sound of___ Level 853 music, talking, construction, phones, printer
My dog likes to ___ my shoes. Level 854 chew, hide, smell, pee on, sleep on
I sign up for ___ class in the middle of my school day so I can have a mental break. Level 855 gym, art, music, drama, home ec
I threw on ___ quickly because I felt underdressed. Level 856 makeup, jacket, jewelry, heels, tie
I tried to carry all of my groceries in one trip, but the bag with the ___ was too heavy. Level 857 milk, cans, meat, potatoes, dog food
My grandfather always had ___ in his shirt pocket. Level 858 money, candy, glasses, pen, handkerchief
The ___ is/are the worst part of being a pizza delivery driver. Level 859 traffic, bad tips, driving, customers, smell
It’s going to rain all day, so we’ll go to ___ to entertain ourselves. Level 860 movies, mall, arcade, bowling, library
“I’m lying” sounds so bad – I prefer to say “I’m___” Level 861 fibbing, stretching the truth, bending the truth, exaggerating, untruthful
I gave up my seat to the woman who was___ Level 862 pregnant, old, disabled, tired, injured
I liked babysitting for my neighbors because they had___ Level 863 pool, snacks, cable, video games, money
I wasn’t happy to come out to find ___ on my windshield. Level 864 bird poop, crack, ticket, snow, bugs
Oh no! My kids saw me ___ and realized there was no Santa! Level 865 wrapping presents, eating cookies, stuffing stockings, kissing santa, hiding presents
My husband likes to do activities at the beach like …, while I like to sunbathe. Level 866 swimming, play volleyball, surfing, build sandcastles, fishing
That was the worst date ever. He took me to ___! Level 867 mcdonalds, parents, mall, burger king, park
I think ___ is/are the thing I miss most about college. Level 868 friends, parties, classes, freedom, dorms
My kid is competing in the ___ at school. Level 869 spelling bee, talent show, science fair, debate, track meet
Surgeons need ___ for surgery. Level 870 gloves, mask, scalpel, nurses, steady hands
I didn’t have time to shop for a gift before the party, so I gave them___ Level 871 money, gift card, wine, hug, regift
The smell of ___ reminds me of growing up on a farm. Level 872 hay, manure, animals, grass, fresh air
It’s rude not to cover your mouth when you___ Level 873 cough, sneeze, yawn, burp, eat
That box cake recipe is so easy! Just add ___! Level 874 water, eggs, milk, oil, butter
I had to go pick up ___ from the lawn after the big wind storm last night. Level 875 trash, leaves, branches, furniture, toys
My teenager was hiding ___ from me, but I knew about it. Level 876 cigarettes, grades, boyfriend, makeup, tattoo
I am getting into SCUBA diving, so I have to go buy___ Level 877 flippers, wet suit, mask, tank, lessons
… is bad luck! Level 878 black cat, broken mirror, walking under a ladder, thirteen, stepping on a crack
My kids have terrible manners. They slurp their ___ when they eat. Level 879 soup, drink, spaghetti, cereal, milk
I closed my eyes and made a wish in front of the___ Level 880 fountain, shooting star, wishing well, birthday cake, mirror
All of the little girl’s tshirts in the store have ___ on them. Level 881 unicorns, rainbows, flowers, hearts, kittens
I stopped eating pork and the thing I miss most is___ Level 882 bacon, pork chops, ham, sausage, ribs
I’d like to check out the ___ but I am not a member there. Level 883 gym, country club, golf course, pool, costco
The only downside of living in Hawaii would be the___ Level 884 volcanos, tourists, heat, cost, distance
My kid is wired. He ate so much candy at the ___ party! Level 885 birthday, halloween, christmas, easter, valentines day
I always double check ___ before going to sleep. Level 886 windows, doors, alarm, kids, phone
I had ___ on my bike as a kid. I thought I was so cool! Level 887 lights, basket, streamers, bell, horn
OMG, that chili was so spicy I had to ___! Level 888 drink milk, drink water, cry, spit it out, cough
I bought the baby ___ but she took it/them off in 5 seconds! Level 889 socks, shoes, hat, mittens, bows
As a kid, my mom made me ___ before dinner. Level 890 pray, wash my hands, set the table, do homework, clean
When I’m stressed out, ___ helps me relax. Level 891 music, reading, bath, wine, sleeping
When you first start dating, neither person wants to be the first to___ Level 892 kiss, say i love you, fart, hold hands, call
It would be so cool to be an astronaut and see ___ from space. Level 893 earth, stars, moon, sun, mars
Not having ___ in a hotel is a dealbreaker for me. Level 894 tv, pool, breakfast, room service, wifi
I ___ right after high school. Level 895 went to college, got a job, got married, traveled, moved out
I didn’t get to the gym, but I …, so I feel like I burned a lot of calories! Level 896 ran, cleaned, swam, hiked, danced
My neighbor already has her Christmas ___ up/out and it’s not even Thanksgiving! Level 897 tree, lights, wreath, stockings, presents
I always add ___ to punch for a party. Level 898 fruit, soda, ice cream, juice, alcohol
All rom coms have a ___ in the plot. Level 899 twist, kiss, break up, love story, misunderstanding
I can’t figure out how to hook the ___ up to the TV. Level 900 dvd player, cable, speakers, xbox, wifi
One of the neighborhood kids knocked on the door because she___ Level 901 wanted to play, was lost, was selling cookies, was locked out, lost her dog
She is a top executive so she has two___ Level 902 cars, offices, assistants, phones, houses
I love steak with___ Level 903 potatoes, steak sauce, mushrooms, onions, butter
I can’t believe my great grandmother made her own ___ instead of going to the store. Level 904 bread, butter, clothes, soap, blankets
I loved getting to work with ___ in art class as a kid. Level 905 paint, clay, glue, markers, glitter
I ___ when a salesperson starts to approach me in a store. Level 906 walk away, smile, look away, hide, leave
It’s so hot! I wish I could wear shorts to work like a___ Level 907 lifeguard, mailman, gym teacher, police officer, gardener
I wish I were tall so I could___ Level 908 play basketball, reach things, model, see over people, change lightbulbs
It grosses me out that my boyfriend doesn’t refrigerate___ Level 909 ketchup, butter, eggs, mayonnaise, leftovers
The band’s tour bus has ___ on it. Level 910 beds, bar, groupies, hot tub, tv
Even though they’re scary, I like …. Level 911 haunted houses, horror movies, roller coasters, spiders, snakes
My hands were freezing, so I … to warm them up. Level 912 put on gloves, blew on them, sat on them, put them in my pockets, rubbed them
We set up our chairs outside for the …. Level 913 fireworks, wedding, picnic, parade, cookout
I … while I ate my breakfast. Level 914 read, watched tv, talked, drove, worked
I had a hard time removing the shell from the … to eat it. Level 915 crab, lobster, shrimp, oyster, clam
I put … on the treasure map I made for my son. Level 916 x marks the spot, treasure chest, compass, palm tree, pirate
I am the … at the colonial times reenactment park. Level 917 soldier, blacksmith, baker, king, maid
He was … in the line, so I knew he was getting annoyed with the wait. Level 918 pacing, yelling, tapping his foot, sighing, complaining
You know you’re rich when you have a private …. Level 919 jet, chef, driver, butler, island
You don’t see as many … anymore now that we have cell phones. Level 920 pay phones, phone books, landlines, cameras, maps
… makes me achy. Level 921 exercise, rain, cold, flu, work
I didn’t want to be recognized, so I put on …. Level 922 sunglasses, hat, mask, makeup, wig
I love when spas have … to make you feel more relaxed and pampered. Level 923 music, robes, wine, candles, cucumbers
I prefer to run on a treadmill rather than outside because …. Level 924 its cold, its hot, i can watch tv, its private, of traffic
I’ve changed a lot through the years, but my … is still the same. Level 925 hair, personality, height, name, smile
The magician tapped his wand and said “…!” Level 926 abracadabra, tada, poof, hocus pocus, voila
Before phones, kids entertained themselves with … on road trips. Level 927 games, books, music, toys, coloring
I laughed so hard I …! Level 928 cried, peed, snorted, hurt, fell over
Beauty __…__. Level 929 and the beast, mark, queen, salon, pageant
My kids can’t believe TVs didn’t always have …. Level 930 color, remotes, cable, flat screens, wifi
I’m a …, so I have to smile at people all day. It’s exhausting! Level 931 cashier, teacher, receptionist, nurse, waitress
He’d read anything – even the …. Level 932 dictionary, bible, cereal box, phone book, encyclopedia
I can’t believe she needed a whole suitcase just for …! Level 933 shoes, makeup, jewelry, hair products, overnight
My house always looks tidy, but the … is a mess! Level 934 bathroom, closet, garage, basement, backyard
Counter …. Level 935 top, clockwise, offer, attack, productive
Most people don’t get enough … each day. Level 936 sleep, water, exercise, sun, vitamins
I always … first thing when get home from vacation. Level 937 unpack, sleep, shower, do laundry, check the mail
I never have the right sized battery for my …. Level 938 remote, flashlight, watch, clock, toys
My son started to play football, so I have to get him … for protection. Level 939 helmet, pads, mouth guard, cup, shin guards
I’m trying to use fewer disposable items like … to be more ecofriendly. Level 940 cups, straws, paper towels, plates, water bottles
Even though they’re small, … are very loud! Level 941 kids, dogs, cats, birds, crickets
The office Christmas party is fun because we …. Level 942 drink, dance, play games, sing, exchange gifts
The clown’s bag had a … in it. Level 943 horn, balloon, red nose, flower, wig
I never get burgers – I just like to order … as a sweet treat from fast food places. Level 944 ice cream, cookies, milkshake, pie, brownies
I still have my … in storage at my parents’ house. Level 945 clothes, toys, yearbooks, pictures, books
Pull a …. Level 946 muscle, prank, finger, wagon, fast one
My toddler won’t go anywhere without …. Level 947 blanket, me, pacifier, stuffed animal, snacks
The dollar store is a great place to buy …. Level 948 toys, cards, decorations, snacks, crafts
I put … in they kid’s birthday goodie bags. Level 949 candy, toys, stickers, pencils, balloons
As a waitress, I feel like I am always refilling …. Level 950 water, coffee, napkins, salt, ketchup
We have … in the background of our Christmas photos this year. Level 951 snow, christmas tree, santa, lights, fireplace
You can have all the money in the world, but it won’t buy you …. Level 952 love, happiness, family, friends, health
Weird. I barely know that guy, but he called me “…”. Level 953 baby, honey, sweetie, love, darling
I have to submit my receipts for my … from my business trip. Level 954 food, hotel, gas, flight, rental car
I decided to try that new TV show because of the …. Level 955 actors, reviews, plot, commercials, hype
It’s not New Years Eve without …. Level 956 fireworks, champagne, party, countdown, ball drop
We had such a good night and shared …. Level 957 food, stories, kiss, drinks, laughs
The photographer was so frustrated because I kept smiling in my … photo. Level 958 passport, mugshot, drivers license, work, modeling
She really spoils her dog with …. Level 959 treats, toys, love, walks, clothes
I spent an hour picking up the … from my lawn. Level 960 leaves, trash, toys, weeds, dog poop
That teacher gives a lot of … to the students. Level 961 homework, tests, candy, attention, praise
The … kept making my eyes water. Level 962 onion, smoke, wind, allergies, cold
It takes a lot of practice to be good at …. Level 963 sports, cooking, driving, singing, dancing
I gave my son a reward for …. Level 964 good grades, doing chores, good behavior, helping, graduating
I could hear the … because it was so quiet in my house at night. Level 965 wind, crickets, traffic, fridge, birds
When salons were closed for covid, I got really good at doing my … myself. Level 966 nails, makeup, waxing, hair, eyebrows
I hate when someone else drives my car and messes with the …. Level 967 seat, radio, mirrors, steering wheel, ac
I’m a …, so I deal with confidential information all day. Level 968 doctor, lawyer, therapist, police officer, fbi agent
I was so tired I just ate my … out of the box/jar. Level 969 cereal, peanut butter, crackers, ice cream, cookies
My husband always steals the …. Level 970 remote, covers, food, pillow, show
After the game, the athletes …. Level 971 celebrate, shower, eat, rest, go home
Oops – I left my … in the fitting room. Level 972 purse, phone, coat, bag, glasses
It was a long process, but I finally got …! Level 973 married, degree, car, house, divorced
Oh man, I just noticed a piece of the … is missing. Level 974 puzzle, pie, cake, game, car
I always wanted to learn how to … when I was a kid. Level 975 swim, ride bike, drive, dance, skateboard
I think our new neighbors are stealing our …. Level 976 mail, newspaper, packages, wifi, cable
He’d obviously never been camping before. He didn’t bring …! Level 977 food, tent, sleeping bag, water, flashlight
I made a Christmas shopping list, but I forgot to factor in …, so I can’t get it all! Level 978 money, time, tax, shipping, food
When I was a teen, I put … in my hair because the teen magazine recommended it. Level 979 gel, hairspray, mayo, eggs, dye
My wife is too practical for pretty gifts. She’d rather I get her … instead! Level 980 books, vacuum, socks, pajamas, money
I had to get black and white face paint for my kid’s … costume. Level 981 zebra, ghost, panda, skeleton, mime
My first … didn’t go well, but I feel better about it this time. Level 982 date, job, kiss, marriage, test
We wanted to be featured on TV, so we brought/wore … to the football game! Level 983 face paint, signs, costumes, foam fingers, jerseys
It always seems like a chore to get our Christmas tree from the … every year. Level 984 attic, basement, garage, farm, store
The cordless/wireless … are so much handier than the old corded ones. Level 985 phones, vacuums, drills, headphones, chargers
I was a substitute teacher in the worst class yesterday. All the kids …! Level 986 yelled, cried, fought, slept, didnt listen
I tend to … in my bedroom because I have lots of roommates. Level 987 eat, read, watch tv, study, hangout
I hate buying food and drinks at … – they’re always overpriced! Level 988 gas stations, movies, concerts, airport, sporting events
Oh man, I had just gotten into the bathtub to relax when the …. Level 989 phone rang, doorbell rang, baby cried, power went out, kids yelled
I was a … in Hollywood before I got my big acting break. Level 990 waiter, bartender, cashier, janitor, model
I have laryngitis and work as …, so I had to call out sick. Level 991 teacher, singer, receptionist, doctor, operator
I got an amazing deal on a preworn dress! It just needs …, then it’ll be perfect! Level 992 cleaning, buttons, ironing, zipper, hemming
So cool! I just found out my grandma was a … during the war. Level 993 nurse, soldier, pilot, doctor, spy
My mom always told me … was/were bad for my teeth. Level 994 candy, soda, gum, coffee, ice
I am really allergic to flowers. I’ll … if I’m around them. Level 995 sneeze, cough, itch, swell, break out
Wow! That mansion has 20 rooms, including a …! Level 996 movie theater, bowling alley, gym, sauna, game room
I always try to NOT … on my birthday so I can really enjoy it. Level 997 work, drink, clean, overeat, stress
There’s … on the roof of that skyscraper. Level 998 pool, antenna, garden, restaurant, helicopter
That new bar looks fun! You can play … there Level 999 pool, darts, poker, trivia, video games
The commercials are long, so I had time to … Level 1000 eat, cook, clean, shower, pee
I had to leave early so I could go to … before work. Level 1001 store, school, gym, starbucks, bank
Oh no! My … broke right before Christmas! Level 1002 car, tree, lights, oven, refrigerator
I was shocked to see husbands invited to the …. Level 1003 baby shower, bridal shower, bachelorette party, girls night, spa
They didn’t take cash, so luckily I could pay by …. Level 1004 check, card, venmo, paypal, apple pay
My husband is … like a good steak! Level 1005 juicy, rare, tender, tasty, thick
I like to upgrade my … every few years. Level 1006 phone, car, computer, tv, clothes
I think my house is haunted because there are …. Level 1007 ghosts, noises, shadows, flickering lights, cold spots
I am not a confident driver, so I won’t go out in … at all! Level 1008 snow, rain, traffic, ice, dark
What a mess – the … in my office was out of order today. Level 1009 printer, computer, bathroom, coffee maker, phone
You’re in deep …. Level 1010 trouble, water, doo doo, sleep, thought
It’s best to avoid topics like … on a first date. Level 1011 politics, religion, exes, marriage, kids
I forgot to buy crackers for the …. Level 1012 soup, cheese, dip, chili, peanut butter
I do my best studying in/at …. Level 1013 library, bedroom, school, coffee shop, office
Ah man! I have … on the bottom of my shoes! Level 1014 gum, mud, poop, toilet paper, food
I always have to tell my kids to stop climbing …. Level 1015 trees, walls, furniture, fences, stairs
I got transferred to England for work, and it took a while to get used to …. Level 1016 driving, food, accent, weather, time change
My New Years resolution is to watch less TV and … more. Level 1017 exercise, read, sleep, clean, cook
You can tell that dog is just a puppy because he …. Level 1018 chews, is small, bites, barks, plays
I’m terrible at anything to do with finance. I don’t even understand …! Level 1019 taxes, bills, stocks, credit cards, interest
Her resume said she can … quickly. Level 1020 type, learn, read, think, file
Now that I work from home, I rarely wear … anymore. Level 1021 shoes, pants, makeup, suits, dresses
I hid the spare key … in case I get locked out. Level 1022 rock, mat, mailbox, flower pot, door
The crew said the … never showed up for the concert tonight! Level 1023 band, fans, instruments, security, dancers
… is the most important word to learn in a language when you travel! Level 1024 hello, bathroom, thanks, help, please
I hate having to … when it snows. Level 1025 shovel, drive, work, walk, stay inside
I saw a … in their yard, so I knew they had kids. Level 1026 bike, swingset, ball, trampoline, sandbox
I spent so much on … my freshman year of college that I had to get a part time job. Level 1027 books, food, clothes, alcohol, tuition
I need … to go with my knight costume. Level 1028 sword, armor, shield, horse, boots
He was so shy, but got up the nerve to … on our first date. Level 1029 kiss me, hold hands, talk, dance, hug me
I wish I could … every day, but I just don’t have the time. Level 1030 read, exercise, cook, clean, nap
That … means there’s a storm coming. Level 1031 cloud, wind, thunder, lightning, smell
OMG, dad is going to be so mad you used his … without asking! Level 1032 car, tools, phone, razor, credit card
We have so much to do before the baby comes! We haven’t even …! Level 1033 bought diapers, bought a crib, painted, cleaned, picked a name
The border control asked to see my … when we crossed over. Level 1034 passport, license, luggage, trunk, visa
There’s always a place that sells … at the beach. Level 1035 food, drinks, towels, sunscreen, umbrellas
I ran over a … and got a flat tire. Level 1036 nail, screw, piece of glass, pothole, curb
He’s a great guitarist, so when he tried playing a … for the first time he did so well. Level 1037 violin, banjo, bass, cello, ukelele
There’s always … in scifi movies. Level 1038 alien, monster, spaceship, robot, hero
My kids are too young to cook, so they brought me … as my breakfast in bed. Level 1039 cereal, fruit, donuts, muffin, bread
My sister is a real free spirit. She’s changed … a million times! Level 1040 jobs, boyfriends, hair, name, houses
Even though it’s convenient, I don’t like working out at home because I don’t have …. Level 1041 weights, treadmill, motivation, space, trainer, weights, treadmill, motivation, space, trainer
My car was broken into because I left my … on the seat. Level 1042 phone, wallet, keys, laptop, purse, phone, wallet, keys, laptop, purse
The … on the Swiss Army knife comes in handy! Level 1043 knife, screwdriver, scissors, corkscrew, bottle opener
I got my first job as a …, so I need to go buy suits. Level 1044 lawyer, salesman, banker, accountant, doctor, lawyer, salesman, banker, accountant, doctor
I wasn’t as productive at work because I was … today. Level 1045 tired, sick, distracted, hungry, hungover
I always make sure I have plenty of … before going on a road trip. Level 1046 gas, water, food, money, sleep
My teenager …, so he can’t use the car again for a month. Level 1047 crashed, got a ticket, snuck out, lied, got bad grades
My vegan boyfriend wants me to get rid of my leather …, but I love it/them so much! Level 1048 jacket, purse, shoes, pants, couch


Opinion About the People Say game: this is a really fun game but the developers seriously need a dictionary. I’ll play this game and I’ll type in things that are grammatically correct and spelt correctly and it will say that it’s not a word but when the bots put the exact same thing they get points.

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