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About FIGGERITS Game: “Figgerits isn’t only a logic puzzle and smart game, it’s a kind of cross-logic and word puzzle game for adults that will blow your mind and train brainpower. Sounds interesting, right? Play IQ logic games, solve brain puzzles, and complete top word games to win. Use clues to decrypt the message and decipher the cryptogram.”

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FIGGERITS Game Answers of All Levels:

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FIGGERITS Level 1 [Less than half of our body] Answer: Shell Use Taboo Freehand Orator
FIGGERITS Level 2 [Ice caps, glaciers, and permanent snow] Answer: Season Won Pill Lilac Giggle Pelican Separate Woman Sane Melon Donation
FIGGERITS Level 3 [Body can go longer without food than without sleep] Answer: Wish Loss Hopes Genealogy Doodle White Balance Offend Clog Intrude Out Rare Obey Yell Barely
FIGGERITS Level 4 [Somebody tells you to break a leg] Answer: Age Leak Toss Stubble Symbol Garbage Meddle Museum Lotus Useless Mood Bloom Soot
FIGGERITS Level 5 [Raining cats and dogs outside today] Answer: Act Song Data Array Sustain Gene Ingrain Tongue Constant Attend Retort Earring Narrator Studio And
FIGGERITS Level 6 [Solving this was a piece of cake] Answer: Toga Peak Face Vigilant Glowing Highlight Allow Ovation Taint Office Salsa Giant Loathe
FIGGERITS Level 7 [Pirates never used treasure maps] Answer: Mass Tree Trust Ardent Insipid Destined Detente Adverse Separate Reserve Earnest Speed Pianist
FIGGERITS Level 8 [And it refers to the color of the sea] Answer: Draft Coffee Force Scratch Distort Eraser Loose Erosion Trade Isolated Destined Standard Assess Fiesta
FIGGERITS Level 9 [Australia used to be a british penal colony] Answer: Debit All Blister Appeal Hilarious Style Bluebird Hostel Subdue Aisle Absolute Alone
FIGGERITS Level 10 [A true love will always find a way] Answer: Day Wind Any Tyranny Virile Oriental Inwardly Outlaw Detonate Resistant Unruffled Eyelid Ratify Deflate Evasive
FIGGERITS Level 11 [A friend in need is a friend indeed] Answer: Find Nine Free Referee Defend Sardines Dire Raisin Address Raid Rendered Dinner Deaf End
FIGGERITS Level 12 [A barking dog never bites] Answer: Ran Odd Good Rooster Overtake Barge Designer Goddess Driven Toast Trait Sneak Void Air King
FIGGERITS Level 13 [In the battle of pelusium, the persians reportedly used cats] Answer: Fell Slip About Parochial Counsel Tape Pendant Album Notorious Depiction Herald Typically Treasury Resident Elastic
FIGGERITS Level 14 [The boston tea party did not occur due to a new tax] Answer:
Note Couch Nearest Entice Indirect Excite Cowardice Execute Indecent Coincide Circuit Exonerate Trap Bet Pretty Boot
FIGGERITS Level 15 [The great emu war lasted for a month] Answer:
Tree Here Attendant Armament Formal Ladder Gesture Astronaut Serenade Outrage Warehouse Stagger Harm Warm Argue
FIGGERITS Level 16 [Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end] Answer:
Thrifty Green Feigning Criticism Honeycomb Sober Sonic Bodice Tender Mission Binged Merit Corridor Ring Review Bring River
FIGGERITS Level 17 [Knowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous] Answer:
Clock Once Weeks Suave Mutation Remember Seethe Benefit Enthuse Thorn Version Restrain Needed Survivor Believe Single Misses
FIGGERITS Level 18 [Not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul] Answer: Sale Now Suite Tailspin Pilot Elitist Ogle Leggings Analogue Tingle Shipped Tiptoe Staple Diesel Shine Entails Atone
FIGGERITS Level 19 [Pluto is not the only dwarf planet in the solar system] Answer: Flat Part Fall Monetary Authority Attempt Dare Piteous Ointment Hospital Shear Relent Nutshell Persona Want
FIGGERITS Level 20 [To make a full rotation around its axis] Answer: Fair Lift Mute Exodus Frankness Rainstorm Launder Annual Front Damsel Token Mirror Takeout Detain
FIGGERITS Level 21 [Saturn is the lightest planet of the solar system] Answer:
Site Shape Sat Fissure Helmet Humanity Antonym Essential Interior Emanate Mansion Pleasant Trillion Nutrient Tuition Thing
FIGGERITS Level 22 [China was the first country to ever use paper money] Answer: May Mean Open Inverse Weary Cartoon Stuffy Attention Honest Citation Yacht Venue Attorney Appear
FIGGERITS Level 23 [This fashion was introduced by wagner’s costume designer] Answer: Screen Due Gateway Cowardice Institute Snobby Regret Hunch Astute Oddity Confuse Forgo Wince Serious
FIGGERITS Level 24 [Charles darwin was a member of cambridge glutton club] Answer: Out But Log Harmonic Adhere Emerald Frown Assemble Limber Climate Scissors Gambler Breach Lot Count
FIGGERITS Level 25 [Human race would fit into a volume of a sugar cube] Answer: Assure Omen Walnut Denounce Fluent Voucher Malice Because Guesses Volcanic Factual Vaccine Delta
FIGGERITS Level 26 [In south america, there are tribes deep in the amazonian rain forests] Answer: Cure Aims Chair Bombard Hornet Affirm Shatter Ooze Artisan Emperor Sorts Trainee Ransom Tenant
FIGGERITS Level 27 [There is a compound called geosmin which gives rain its distinct smell] Answer: Limit Times Curve Dividend Snuggle Disown Poncho Romance Inclines Sunscreen Gruesome Edits Helping Agile
FIGGERITS Level 28 [Deus ex machina is an old trope, fairly often used by bad writers] Answer:
Nun Litter Doorway Teeter Sniff Yodel Penniless Bluntness Eminence Syllables Shamed Exude Canines Solidity Assure
FIGGERITS Level 29 [What is easy? To advise another] Answer: Aviator Onion Iota Dehydrate Divisive Retrieve Adhesion Wart Sweetener Hoarse Shadow Wiener Detains Rev Soothe
FIGGERITS Level 30 [Everything flows, nothing stands still] Answer: Lost Adds Insist Insignia Frontier Handrails Gargoyle Avowal Tailor Flare Gritty Linger Download Initial Hiding
FIGGERITS Level 31 [Nothing can ever exceed the speed of light] Answer: Avid Shift Delete Diverge Eccentric Logged Revenge Thrive Extort Throne Deviation Lose Hoax Despite
FIGGERITS Level 32 [Mars is red because of iron oxide] Answer: Same Arise Ride Forbid Amorous Exorcism Bonfire Dossier Consumer Courier Encore Raccoon Barbarism
FIGGERITS Level 33 [Photons remain trapped inside the sun for ten thousand years] Answer:
Surprise Hidden Forehead Prominent Sneer Humanism Inherent Auditor Hedonist Paranoia Syndrome Tested Mantra Patient
FIGGERITS Level 34 [There are no seasons on venus since its orbit is almost circular] Answer:
Hear Sooner Retail Substance Reluctant Enviable Avarice Accrue Assess Stamina Surreal Cameo Souvenir Shot Shone
FIGGERITS Level 35 [The sakoku edict banned all traveling from and to japan] Answer: Took Banjo Engraving Pamper Blatant Lament Diamond Pardon Flippant Adhere Demote Decides
FIGGERITS Level 36 [They were determined to protect the city] Answer: Hit Copy Commence Decrepit Powdery Other Trendy Torch Tiptoe Hypnotic Topic Rhetoric Coyote Cherry
FIGGERITS Level 37 [Life that used to exist on this planet will forever remain unknown] Answer: One Make Loophole Reflex Remark Minor Foxtrot Defuse Virtue Rehearsal Expensive Refrain Alleviate Extrovert
FIGGERITS Level 38 [Among all the animals on earth, only humans are able to enjoy spicy food] Answer: Train Opal Judicious Psychic Bloody Foresight Deify Champion Harmless Notes Command Occasion Jumble Faded
FIGGERITS Level 39 [Everyone on earth is at most fiftieth cousin with everyone else] Answer: None Other Chummy Whistle Mouthful Fatalism Heist Flotilla Ointment Sitcom Fossil Mummy Even Heat
FIGGERITS Level 40 [This whole situation turned out to be a storm in a teacup] Answer:
Come Rare Rundown Abolish Annotate Accounts Ebullient Inputs Solution Swallow Sensible Obtuse Heathen Outshine
FIGGERITS Level 41 [Jupiter has such a strong gravitational pull that it attracts most of the] Answer: Trap Living Art Refute Impact Purist Foster Juice Mediator Hitch Smooth National Popular
FIGGERITS Level 42 [Once the universe is devoid of all usable heat, it is expected to die] Answer: Teeth Eats Shut Connive Reception Vortex Dessert Coexist Provide Convince Officer Device Succeed Able Hall
FIGGERITS Level 43 [Metal doesn’t spontaneously fuse on earth because it has an oxide layer] Answer:
Opens Safely Silent Exhibit Sandstorm Anecdote Float Hustler Plane Useless Dentist Shore Continent Tolerate Supposes Crutch
FIGGERITS Level 44 [Astronauts drink recycled water that comes from their showers] Answer:
Latter Wall Draw Fiery Rotary Humorous Entwine Intend Enunciate Tendency Threaten Stitches Lacked Forecast Rain Hamster Contour
FIGGERITS Level 45 [Pax romana, or roman peace, lasted for more than two centuries] Answer:
Normal Earn Exam Wistful Fraction Pope Surround Muffler Meltdown Cramp Realistic Acorn Withhold Indirect Clatter Thwart Career
FIGGERITS Level 46 [There were thirteen participants in the gunpowder plot] Answer:
Phoned Tone Legend Pathetic Serpent Penitent Rotten Cheetah Hut Whoop Pecan Inertia Siren Recipient Decipher Stern
FIGGERITS Level 47 [Ketchup was a medicine known as “tomato pills”] Answer:
Plank Tenants Taunt Seduction Unanimous Thicket Wedlock Dollop Anomalous Eminence Swindle Niche Pumpkins Widens Cue
FIGGERITS Level 48 [No man is free who is not a master of himself] Answer: Fast Lose Father Washroom Earshot Feline Initiator Snort Strain Smallest Shrine Armament Moisten Matte Miles
FIGGERITS Level 49 [The energy of the mind is the essence of life] Answer:
Shell Soft Innocent Screen Scythe Mentor Interfere Selects Sightsee Slightly Essence Hermetic Oneself Infidel Merely Softness
FIGGERITS Level 50 [Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies] Answer:
Goblin Gnome Slime Scallop Hoist Editions Decadent Maiden Misplaced Nebula Offensive Luscious Muffin Abounding Wisest Attested
FIGGERITS Level 51 [An apple a day keeps the doctor away] Answer: All Narrow Tense Stocks Landed Payday Placate Hyphen Deadpan Lather Saloon Sparrow Hydrant Sonata
FIGGERITS Level 52 [You must learn to walk before you run] Answer: Knee Wall Autumn Oar Stratum Royal Eternal Bluffer Bleak Embassy Elbows Saboteur Unstable Football
FIGGERITS Level 53 [A chain is only as strong as its weakest link] Answer: Any Scar Lion Skylight Carrot Senseless Angelic Negation Witch Trot Cricket Liaisons Rookie Crayon Skewers Hectic
FIGGERITS Level 54 [You can’t judge a book by its cover] Answer:
Enjoy Joker Tongue Consensus Sundae Vendetta Strategy Brassy Dejected Curious Censure Knotty Abundant Bagged Denounce
FIGGERITS Level 55 [They say that two heads are better than one] Answer:
Shares Honesty Throat Ether Warrant Rowboat Hardware Barren Antenna Serene Endorse Battery Boosted Bob Wreath
FIGGERITS Level 56 [It was surely a shot in the dark, but it turned out right!] Answer: Task Sit Neither Asked Harder Tautology Hawk Usher Gorgeous Nation Baritone Lustrous Halibut Tributary Shutdown
FIGGERITS Level 57 [You really should stop putting the cart before the horse] Answer:
Race Both Affect Gallop Stealthy Steroids Profound Bore Dissuade Adoration Denture Fluster Rest Trousers Rather Futile
FIGGERITS Level 58 [A wrong decision at first, but a blessing in disguise in the end] Answer: Ages Business Builds Fruition Nourish Disturb Curfew Sunburn Signs Filter Grudge Liable Ringlet Banter
FIGGERITS Level 59 [This sort of thing only happens once in a blue moon] Answer: Inhale Profit Cactus Balance Telltale Referee Stagnant Combine Sloppy Announce Income Chariot Forgery Hyena
FIGGERITS Level 60 [It was the last straw that broke the camel’s back] Answer: Taste Late Heat Sallow Scramble Cherish Beak Weasel Imitator Market Elsewhere Rehearsal Cheese
FIGGERITS Level 61 [Around one million earths could fit inside the sun] Answer: Minor Hell Letters Restrain Uniform Coconut Nestle Air Manifest Drool Relation Chrome Shelter Fortune Crusade
FIGGERITS Level 62 [Rogue planets do not belong to any planetary system] Answer:
Sore Response Longest Assemble Bayonet Landlady Sponge Grands Monetary Struggle Monotone Bundle Employer Massage Bonnet Dotted Beaten
FIGGERITS Level 63 [Neutron stars rotate rapidly – up to a hundred times per second] Answer:
Terms Southern Discount Appraise Harsh Solution Snotty Leniency Despite Canon Strictly Amendment Pendant Tardiness Rupture
FIGGERITS Level 64 [Olympus mons on mars is the tallest mountain in the solar system] Answer:
Only Man Pun Amulet Seamless Mutilate Hoist Amp Hustle Amateur Solitary Mallet Anonymous Unhealthy Luminary Pops
FIGGERITS Level 65 [Comets are basically giant space snowballs because they are composed] Answer:
Bias Cleaning Sleep Crucial Mobility Dominion Serial Banana Nylon Clog Panoramic Scooter Allege Hobby Miserable Waits
FIGGERITS Level 66 [Cleopatra was greek, not egyptian, as many people tend to believe] Answer: Cat Well Laptop Indent Obedient Report Pigsty Pettiness Great Savvy Avail Esteem Bandage Speaker
FIGGERITS Level 67 [George washington’s wooden teeth are just a popular myth] Answer:
Eagle Tame Laughter Haunt Goons Normality Jealous Stopper Regulate Tightwad Treasure Intestine Lollipop Destines Swooned Ghosts
FIGGERITS Level 68 [A lot of cowboys preferred bowler hats, not what is called “cowboy hats” today] Answer:
Add Boat Safer Yeast Cyclone Snowfall Essence Solicit Properly Powers Candle Ebony Label Contend Body Castoff Headband Whereby Affect
FIGGERITS Level 69 [Pilgrims with buckled hats is another popular myth] Answer:
Paw Tries Highlight Python Triumph Abilities Hollow Limousine Paltry Martyr Therapy Seashells Lioness Crumpled Sacked Weary
FIGGERITS Level 70 [The first mentions of oxford university date back to the year] Answer:
Mimic Dismount Inferno Insanity Benchmark Thrifty Keynote Abdomen Overturns Trenches Orifice Infinity Tenacious Unsound Foxy Notified Veins
FIGGERITS Level 71 [It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters] Answer:
Tip Those Unhappy Tomorrow Thaw Statue Inane Ashtray Ouster Shows Thesaurus Borrow Stays Recruiter Courteous Crest Options
FIGGERITS Level 72 [Give me a place to stand, and I will move the earth] Answer:
Pillow Writ Molar Warrior Drastic Heirloom Televise Medieval Hither Litigate Incite Overheat Limping Singsong Enclave Scalding
FIGGERITS Level 73 [Say not always what you know, but always know what you say] Answer: Bowl Annual Yolks Sallow Knotty Snowball Layout Outlaw Sway Stunt Subway Saloon Natty Hasty Sauna
FIGGERITS Level 74 [Per aspera ad astra – through hardships to the stars] Answer: Erase Tastes Adapt Tights Predator Poster Spares Trough Radar Redhead Reassure Gear Airstrip
FIGGERITS Level 75 [An apple a day keeps the doctor away] Answer: Koala Pen Pay Partners Holster Tapestry Dawn Ecstasy Relocate Landed Shatter Coerce Appeal Oracle Eraser
FIGGERITS Level 76 [I have recently heard the news through the grapevine] Answer:
Laundry Parent Threat Artist Thistle Wand Screech Event Secede Lacerate Satellite Cravat Together Nitrate Rewind Returning
FIGGERITS Level 77 [Don’t count your chickens before they hatch] Answer: Ours Shorter Country Yacht Sidekicks Footnote Bother Concrete Abhor Stick Donate Buffet Insist Rebuke Nursery
FIGGERITS Level 78 [You can’t deal with her, she always has her head in the clouds] Answer: Hat Should Each Underwear Whistle Hearty Sassy Retreat Education Shallow Stain Residue Research Hydrant
FIGGERITS Level 79 [I have it from the horse’s mouth that this puzzle game is easy!] Answer: Oh She Sort Amethyst Zigzag Fruity Truth Plague Gamma Sausage Remote Ellipse Ravish Pretzel Mammoth
FIGGERITS Level 80 [Practice makes perfect, so just persevere, and you will speak chinese] Answer: Ape Ream Affects Alienate Oriental Justice Pacifists Valet Weapon Spunky Handle Tramp Docile Hassle Yucky Ticket
FIGGERITS Level 81 [My parents taught me that honesty is the best policy] Answer:
Nicely Synthetic Amenities Property Promotion Mahogany Bisect Peruse Garment Photons Target Greasy Saunter Openly Repayment
FIGGERITS Level 82 [People should remember that actions speak louder than words] Answer:
Decision Displaces Treats Auburn Sleuth Ephemeral Skulk Snowman Summon Pseudo Cordon Marble Behold Tumble Wreathe
FIGGERITS Level 83 [You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink] Answer:
Watt Tease Hatchback Cockroach Ricochet Creed Oddest Demote Charlatan Tradition Clutter Memory Deodorant Coasters Mortar Yowl Cheer Holly
FIGGERITS Level 84 [Sunsets on mars are blue because the light is reflected from the dust particles] Answer: Tree Nuns Draft Timescale Bigot Froth Mounts Import Absorb Redeem Cruiser Noble Cloister Males Bleach Doleful
FIGGERITS Level 85 [Stephenson 2-18 is the largest known star for now] Answer: Short Anger Knows Phrasing Sleek Hallow Software Appraise Tool Ongoing Spleen Ago Toffee Rankle Whisk Gate
FIGGERITS Level 86 [Voyager 1 entered interstellar space after 35 years of travelling] Answer: Elite Lines Appeal Notoriety Devote Gentry Repent Defeated Talon Golfer Presence Levitate Insane Revenge Sensory
FIGGERITS Level 87 [2000 was the last year on earth for all living human beings] Answer:
Taste Trees Loyal Slothful Gloat Sobering Harangue Honestly Swivel Embellish Alters Alienate Stereo Raisin Babble Unwise
FIGGERITS Level 88 [Active stars are primarily made of plasma, which is an ionized gas] Answer:
Delay Rider Maples Deviant Chintz Alarmed Redirect Introvert Itching Moody Haze Saddle Attentive Entity Flipper Wavering
FIGGERITS Level 89 [You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this] Answer:
Yellow Puma Hound Snazzy Stove Vend Stallion Reddened Dilute Vessel Rowdy Steer Ivy Asteroid Mourned Headroom
FIGGERITS Level 90 [I love the name of honor more than I fear death] Answer:
Feather Morn Northern Editorial Ovation Reform Nominated Tool Offhand Animate Framed Dormant Marinate Millionth Valve Faint
FIGGERITS Level 91 [It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life] Answer:
Seen Liberal Lobster Egotist Entailing Resonate Entreat Abstract Foliage Eclectic Tortoise Flinch Loiter Blister Torch Starter Fiche
FIGGERITS Level 92 [The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority] Answer:
Rod Fish Notes Benefit Lenient Tinfoil Enjoyed Snobbish Billboard Theorem Ejection Concoct Intent Filthy Adhere Shellfish Snide
FIGGERITS Level 93 [Animus risu novatur – the spirit is refreshed with laughter] Answer:
Sins Tomato Graph Variants Giggled Leaflet Graffiti Fateful Sheath Whistle Sluggish Pitfalls Heartless Unanimous Rout Mum
FIGGERITS Level 94 [It’s no use crying over spilled milk] Answer: Sleep Dislike Pulp Civic Revolver Missed Motto Led Colony Solid Reeking Mystic Souvenir Repulsive
FIGGERITS Level 95 [Sometimes it’s necessary to get a taste of your own medicine] Answer: Cure Window Money Minded Matter Crafty Effect Amnesia Sonnet Crayons Organism Imagery Feminism
FIGGERITS Level 96 [Stop biting off more than you can chew] Answer: Big Foreign Forget Snitches Warrant Timing Footnote Teapot Chauffeur Nauseate Thwart Empty Sophomore
FIGGERITS Level 97 [Going on a wild goose chase will bring you nowhere] Answer: Energy Will Whole Algebra Warning Bureau Heads Rogue Aborigine Guinea Disc Whirlwind Hooligan Laurel
FIGGERITS Level 98 [You look like you got up on the wrong side of bed] Answer: Flee Besides Weird Gullible Nothing Silky Snoop Offer Define Business Sensible Skunk Kidney Spoiled
FIGGERITS Level 99 [There was this myth in ancient greece: “redheads will become vampires after death”] Answer:
Gear Vehicle Yeast Malaria Witty Misbehave Infection Seaweed Reviewed Recharge Cradles Dryer Attract Character Archery Apiece Herbivore
FIGGERITS Level 100 [The dutch-scilly war: the longest war had no battles] Answer:
Daughter Bacon Bracelet Eastward Rarest Hoots Sanction Hardens Herald Shallow Tended Snowboard Shrew Healthy Boldest Celestial Bestow Haggled
FIGGERITS Level 101 [The great fire of london destroyed over 13,200 houses, but had 6 casualties] Answer:
Survey Billboard Troll Virtue Acrylic Gang Carousel Blotch Offing Shuttle Distorted Stable Tolerate Hither Toggled Fiftieth
FIGGERITS Level 102 [After being told he couldn’t keep dogs on campus, lord byron brought a bear] Answer:
Ally Notebook Moisture Torn Crude Pageant Penalty Glorious Hutch Tendril Bungler Fleeting Flaunt Reborn Target Trebled
FIGGERITS Level 103 [The leaning tower of pisa was constructed like this from the very beginning] Answer:
Angel Perspire Stranger Officious Glorify Terriers Legible Volley Bristle Frowning Freckles Devoutly Verbosity Shoal Filigree Nutmeg Slew
FIGGERITS Level 104 [Good things come to those who wait] Answer:
Cent Night Condition Cocoon Tightness Congested Swish Moisten Hostage Mosaic Henchman Hogs Wastage Chainsaw Mooch
FIGGERITS Level 105 [Keep your friends close and your enemies closer] Answer:
Foyer Course Reduce Druid Forceps Ominously Mousse Rosemary Propels Composure Infused Misery Soprano Mandrake Yolks
FIGGERITS Level 106 [Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst] Answer: Free Barrow Stutter Retreat Bootstrap Hoarse Brother Fetter Pores Sweatshop Pauper Broth Booth These
FIGGERITS Level 107 [You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs] Answer:
Calmly Came Clue Orangutan Arraign Keen Forage Furrow Tact Siesta Barbarous Tarnish Bushy Loony Iguana Sherry Clot
FIGGERITS Level 108 [They say that sometimes familiarity breeds contempt] Answer:
Imitate Comforted Predator Accompany Malaise Physician Mistletoe Yeast Intercoms Restless Lottery Filly Anybody Formality Emissary Tilled
FIGGERITS Level 109 [Nowadays, pluto is classified as a dwarf planet in the kuiper belt] Answer:
Tactical Tense Fair Warehouse Palpable Whittle Dated Partisan Apprehend Hybrid Sulky Flawed Portion Aliases Spooky Haywire Presses
FIGGERITS Level 110 [There are five dwarf planets in the solar system, none of which can be seen] Answer:
Arrive Prepare Servant Whim Ferocity Festoon Chisel Leaflets Barren Retention Flies Marinate Bilateral Drowsy Die Rainfall Whether
FIGGERITS Level 111 [Saturn is mostly made of gas and has a very low density] Answer:
Message Future Vineyard Ailment Sallow Withdraw Station Toiletry Shovel Arsonist Lentil Immersion Hydrant Vinyl Reffed
FIGGERITS Level 112 [Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system] Answer:
Accuracy Summer Results Treatise Martyr Stymie Monotone Parole Arthritis Similarly Nominally Inherent Lesion Sparse Slushiest
FIGGERITS Level 113 [Phrase “when pigs fly” is used to describe something unlikely to happen] Answer: Finish Spelling Help Greyhound Dilute Heartache Cunningly Custard Why Mousse Hairline Robust Knobby Brimstone
FIGGERITS Level 114 [It was a hard day. I think it is better to hit the sack] Answer: Hate Winter Witness Hack Shyster Barren Sheath Habitat Worksheet Hoodwink Deride Ebony
FIGGERITS Level 115 [With no skill at all, he was like a fifth wheel at the company] Answer: While Fit Planet Swallow Socket Epsilon Half Sketchy Enemy Entwine Paycheck Epistle Amenity
FIGGERITS Level 116 [It’s not a big deal, you should take it easy and keep calm] Answer: Say Site East Hammock Obliged Antonym Sake Suitcase Schedule Tinkle Loathsome Capsule Magician Badmouth
FIGGERITS Level 117 [What has been wrongly gained is wrongly lost] Answer:
Strains Wealthy Allow Threshold Inhibit Wiring Brotherly Goodwill Bliss Biases Destroy Hire Wallowing Gnarly Dowry Daintily Rending
FIGGERITS Level 118 [Love conquers all things, so we too shall yield to love] Answer:
Continual Quills Levitate Ounces Avowal Versatile Salad Yearn Coagulate Squelch Sidelines Roughly Civilian Squadron Incense Heartiest
FIGGERITS Level 119 [Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle] Answer: Bad Health Homonym Offshore Threat Indignity Hunker Singsong Revenge Inferior Festive Better Geyser Vogue
FIGGERITS Level 120 [Nemo malus felix – “no evil is happy” in latin] Answer:
Axes Foam Muffle Lollipop Massively Noxious Mission Humane Salivate Militant Synopsis Impetus Loonie Intensely Fixation Leaf
FIGGERITS Level 121 [Nimium ne crede colori – trust not too much to looks] Answer:
Mile Sonorous Surmount Concur Knockout Condor Contour Hunk Donor Monstrous Smooth Recoiled Clout Coconut Muddier
FIGGERITS Level 122 [King of saudi arabia was sometimes called the “leopard of the desert”] Answer:
Shade Feel Prose Intrude Wrinkle Relegate Shot Startling Cinema Blank Brownie Woodwind Tree Comedian Defection Adapts
FIGGERITS Level 123 [The great pyramid of giza was the tallest building in the world] Answer:
Silent Hills Gorilla Powdery Wigwam Lending Zeal Sentient Grasp Motif Hunting Partridge Establish Fidgety Glitz Footwear
FIGGERITS Level 124 [Upon his wife’s death, herod the great kept her body, preserved in honey] Answer:
Deprives Drops Theory Dishes Dethrone Purist Snowboard Righteous Penny Eureka Resonate Sheer Snuffer Horn Turnip Benign
FIGGERITS Level 125 [As many as 400 people danced until falling unconscious from exhaustion] Answer:
Nun Candidate Axiom Lending Synonyms Cello Linoleum Defended Reprise Finite Reformer Digital Coax Impish Cell Fetch Crocus
FIGGERITS Level 126 [The vikings discovered america nearly five hundred years prior to columbus] Answer:
Provide Spaniel Reap Unnerved Grouchy Denied Morbid Deeply Erudite Steak Rushes Envious Sediment Pilfers Overtake Iffy Sleigh Prunes Stumbled
FIGGERITS Level 127 [95% of the universe is made of dark matter and dark energy] Answer:
Garage Naked Amendment Tokenism Attended Nook Refund Reef Suave Drag Irradiate Many Ominous Refute Venue Reader
FIGGERITS Level 128 [Pluto is only half as wide as the united states from the west coast] Answer:
Offend Finished Petunia Munition Inoculate Finally Curl Position Lonely Airline Nectarine Wrestler Plummet Tormentor Who
FIGGERITS Level 129 [The chinese started documenting the appearance of halley’s comet] Answer:
Eat Personnel Road Simile Admits Falter Cause Harshly Flimsy Coding Intricate Instant Portrayal Hamster Feast Fisherman
FIGGERITS Level 130 [It takes venus longer to rotate around its own axis than around the sun] Answer:
Set Worn Rain Glitter Roulette Deities Envision Insulting Artisans Garland Resided Hearts Tinker Desirous Takeout Extorts Overturn Ordained Shiver
FIGGERITS Level 131 [Sun rises in the west on venus since it rotates in the opposite direction] Answer:
Sirens Sweetener Pirouette Tarnish Usher Assort Vacuous Winter Apricot Utter Dedicate Whether Coercion Penchant Decanter Shuns Revive Its
FIGGERITS Level 132 [Confucius once said that a good medicine tastes bitter] Answer: Coincide Deem Gin Cessation Tree Fortunate Abdicate Encode Daub Chassis Adoration Cachet Afford Hiatus
FIGGERITS Level 133 [When an elephant is in trouble, even a frog will kick him] Answer:
Internal Airport Wholesale Kennel Prophet Sniff Chemical Unable Narrow Rural Crackle Viral Eaten Ranger Golf Warlock
FIGGERITS Level 134 [A habit is first a wanderer, then a guest, and finally the boss] Answer:
Listens Ally Feel Graffiti Rehash Daunting Brandish Assists August Gash Behalf Regatta Wistful Renegade Barber Airfare Foolish
FIGGERITS Level 135 [Laws, like the spider’s webs, catch the flies and let the hawk go free] Answer: Wake Tale Aircraft Brackets Reinstate Thee Disaster Hesitant Bastard Lethal Sniper Flatter Bread Swift
FIGGERITS Level 136 [When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm] Answer:
Smitten Sheet Heroism Caution Worth Anchor Nutrition Heron Merry Hindrance Nowhere Mirth Dynamic Curry Ointment Torment Coy Orients Sister
FIGGERITS Level 137 [Home is the best place when life begins to wobble] Answer: Fine Bills Beef Pilot Cannon Bestow Hectic Stomach Amicable Semantics Beseech Foist Blithe Sing
FIGGERITS Level 138 [If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe] Answer:
Insane Trades Finesse Admission Auburn Junior Vilify Loftiness Mutiny Validate Shouted Saboteur Baby Dilation Relevant
FIGGERITS Level 139 [Philosophers are in the right when they tell us that nothing is great] Answer:
Short Stirs Weary Strangers Seniority Plethora Hating Walloping Regulator Phooey Phosphate Lungs Stallion Glosses Entreaty Then Harpoon Hoarsely
FIGGERITS Level 140 [That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet] Answer:
Shallow Starlets Remotely Basement Arrowroot Hobble Shawl Easier Sooty Chariot Wanderer Turntable Endorse Unleash Sewers Chatterer
FIGGERITS Level 141 [State of men without civil society is nothing else but a mere war of all] Answer:
Welfare Mate Gloat Voucher Sinew Amnesties Festivity Fishbowl Armaments Useless Cyclone Titillate Townhouse Glows Bewitch Longevity Collision
FIGGERITS Level 142 [The universe has more stars than there are grains of sand on the surface] Answer:
Gain Find Sign Mushroom Cushion Stratum Vicar Famished Canteen Dogs Cocoa Craving Firing Insomnia Armistice Fans
FIGGERITS Level 143 [The light from the stars is traveling millions of light years to reach us] Answer:
Sill Foam Torch Salute Thief Athletic Rigmarole Loft Homely Thirst Goulash Hoof Illness Calculus Stool Motives Hostile Haggle Fraying
FIGGERITS Level 144 [Quantum fluctuations which caused separate bubble universes to appear] Answer:
Insert Rebuilt Available Lawsuit Mission Rub Quail Spit Luscious Infusion Quilt Childish Flaccid Beast Interests Aquatics Opossum
FIGGERITS Level 145 [The center of our galaxy smells like rum and tastes like raspberries] Answer: Miss Seem Proper Issue Linchpin Absentee Astute Rules Prefix Purport Foray Sell Seepage Skills Dilated Pixel
FIGGERITS Level 146 [And this collision will be the end of these two galaxies] Answer:
Twist Bin Annex Thistle Slices Delegate Blob Detox Bewitch Floss Sodden Consign Toggle Hinds Oxide Clods Endless Tango Wobbles
FIGGERITS Level 147 [The english judges have never used gavels in the criminal court] Answer: Value Sudden Scolding Avalanche Glimmer Lotus Cavort Rouse Juvenile Smudge Justice Solves Mashed
FIGGERITS Level 148 [One of his strangest decisions was to make his favorite horse a senator] Answer:
Hosts Roof Romance Hoist Irking Shattered Network Father Defame Rotation Anarchic Areas Fidget Invent Mocking Raider
FIGGERITS Level 149 [Men usually wore tunics and would laugh at men who put on trousers] Answer:
Irate Suns Worry Household Renewal Rotten Unaware Matron Straggle Newspaper Mutely Outsmart Potter Autocrats Gangster Puppeteer Underrate Tellers
FIGGERITS Level 150 [The pictures were altered to remove the traces of certain political figures] Answer:
Trade Desolate Voodoo Callous Selects Crescent Writ Elation Shreds Walnut Fester Schemed Repulsion Pageant Allowance Fungal Halter
FIGGERITS Level 151 [The university of oxford is nearly two hundred years older than the aztecs] Answer:
Haste Shortly Dissident Crazy Survive Dents Orthodox Facet Downy Yeast Toxin Fortune Orators Revision Zest Neuroses
FIGGERITS Level 152 [“pardon my french” is a phrase used to apologize for swearing] Answer:
Frame Phone Memory Azalea Deafening League Puzzle Code Forest Porridge Downhill Patronage Sniffling Lawsuit Enforced
FIGGERITS Level 153 [He who speaks too much is tiresome; he who speaks too little is boring] Answer: Assume Keeps Blinkers Tinsel Limbo Slight Settings Compose Kite Gobble Attempts Skewers Holster White
FIGGERITS Level 154 [Opportunities come but do not linger] Answer:
Report Superior Regiment Outburst Reside Committee Collie Buildup Mince Mentions Renege Compound Slobber Pedigree Screens
FIGGERITS Level 155 [If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together] Answer:
Gusty Snot Wagging Frugality Berries Greenhorn Wagon Infusions Offbeat Tunas Rationale Barefoot Sow Array Reiterate Yellow Stuffy
FIGGERITS Level 156 [Reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour] Answer:
Hued Bohemian Hurt Paternity Nut Residue Unburden Denounced Timer Foot Mousy Birthday Funded Passport Dumpster Detour Orphan Coo
FIGGERITS Level 157 [Hell is empty and all the devils are here] Answer: Thy Sit Entail Destiny Elitism Mill Harmless Vividly Middle Reveled Splash Masterly Deter Piles Titles
FIGGERITS Level 158 [Government has no other end, but the preservation of property] Answer:
Reason Outnumber Partition Shot Bereft Surgeon Ears Verify Epigram Nauseated Deed Virtuoso Bribe Dear Varsity Hardens
FIGGERITS Level 159 [Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change] Answer:
Sand Past Fervently Chagrined Scowl Patriot Escapism Depend Monogram Devoutly Crimson Twin Witty Getaway Swaps Institute
FIGGERITS Level 160 [That will be his punishment – as well as the prison] Answer:
Snow Sheer Repentant Altar Thesis Tasteless Embellish Heroine Entails Burnish Bowels Pipeline Mature Hermit Emptiness
FIGGERITS Level 161 [Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires] Answer:
Thread Parade Hardship Intimate Shine Shipment Handmade Preempt Resin Primaries Hen Shrimp Sashes Harvester Advert
FIGGERITS Level 162 [Hotter than its surface due to the sun’s magnetic field and the energy] Answer:
Cattle Fact Handcuffs Fleet Forgery Ruffian Entourage Fountain Dysentery Truncate Theoretic Gyrate Steer Damaging Little
FIGGERITS Level 163 [There is an enormous black hole in the center of nearly every large galaxy] Answer:
Average Gear Ambition Relax Locket Autonomy Absorbent Layer Ruthless Haystack Annoyance Finally Kernel Ferment Relay Legal
FIGGERITS Level 164 [The winds are 1.5 Times faster than the speed of sound] Answer: None Phantom Dawned Pound Fashion Fearsome Summon Funds Showroom Perforate Astounded Infant
FIGGERITS Level 165 [Jupiter has at least 79 moons rotating around it] Answer: Sitting Anteater Jaunt Gradient Norm Dolphin Jungle Rhino Delusion Nature Aiming Plural Piston Monitor
FIGGERITS Level 166 [Populated by robots, which were sent there from the earth] Answer:
Freshen Holistic Probably Sapphire Moth Shadow Percolate Prudish Shot Barely Mane Wretched Meteor Laurel Treatment Reproduce Streets
FIGGERITS Level 167 [Without effort, you won’t even pull a fish out of a pond] Answer: Fire Valiant Pollen Ponytail Festival Statute Innovate Astutely Whether Tenuous Fawned Petulant Foot Truth Route
FIGGERITS Level 168 [It is not the gods who burn our pots] Answer: Output Deposit Shuddered Gusto Hobnob Entwined Troops Outstrip Unwind Nouns Prosper Browsing Rodent
FIGGERITS Level 169 [Love overlooks defects; hatred magnifies them] Answer:
Lots Vet Hindrance Dismissed Segregate Rocks Dramatic Forever Ceasefire Attend Discern District Scarce Hesitate Flooded
FIGGERITS Level 170 [Take thy thoughts to bed with thee, for the morning is wiser] Answer: Stringent Stir Borrower Irritate Notion Teasing Thrifty Sheets Hook Weigh Tedious Brutish Fury Okra Artwork Moment
FIGGERITS Level 171 [Frowning and fierceness do not prove manliness] Answer: Response Infringe Overwrite Seven Veneer Nitrate Approval Warp Scorpion Condo Aims Draining Affair Provident
FIGGERITS Level 172 [Sharks have been around for 450 million years – longer than dinosaurs] Answer:
Author Dyke Felon Bravery Dummy Vanilla Embroil Hiding Inaudible Forbidden Anvil Inserted Lemonade Gasoline Adding
FIGGERITS Level 173 [The word “camel” comes from arabic and means “beauty” if translated] Answer:
Offices Face Infancy Bitter Lynch Fear Orator Barbecue Remembers Amble Touchdown Newt Rudiment Entirely Becomes
FIGGERITS Level 174 [The jaguar may be the most powerful and dangerous animal in america] Answer: Ruin Numb Myth Jabber Corn Sonnet Argument Rotund Wrap Hamburger Gyrate Thyme Wager Amplifier
FIGGERITS Level 175 [Wild orca, although referred to as the “killer whale has never hunted] Answer: Rare Raucous While Crochet Wheel Hardcover Forceful Cavort Walk Edge Convert Velour Accent Forage
FIGGERITS Level 176 [Muntjacs are deer with fangs that occasionally hunt and eat small animals] Answer: Agree Junta Affairs Desist Clinic Country Finding Lurid Radically Mundane Judiciary Threw Malicious East Gaining
FIGGERITS Level 177 [Special servants that would be killed upon their master’s passing] Answer:
Plant Arise Glamour Uprising Retain Rekindle Glib Pristine Whipped Saboteur Skiing Loathed Swank Prevents Sciences
FIGGERITS Level 178 [But he admitted to falling in love with a white pigeon] Answer:
Toad Entitled Life Bandwagon Pantomime Pawn Doughnut Woo Motto Handout Mountain Potent Wombat Failing Amphibian Invite Into
FIGGERITS Level 179 [“war on cats” probably helped rats to spread the bubonic plague] Answer:
Chance Proposal Depleted Raspberry Herbal Deacon Band Whopper Rattle Putting Brood Arrows Scheduled Nylon Brag Publishes
FIGGERITS Level 180 [10,000 people being poisoned to death before the prohibition was lifted] Answer:
Biggie Handstand Profile Pained Nephew Engaged Snowball Afternoon Pattern Barrette Tailor Opposed Whale Filet Total Distilled Heighten Losing Postdate
FIGGERITS Level 181 [Both served as vice president and president, both died on the same day] Answer:
Created Stir Mammoth Reserved Standby Reprieves Dashboard Vertebra Mirrors Parish Pierce Ascends Torrent Rarity Initiate Desisted Variance Tenant
FIGGERITS Level 182 [He who has a why to live can bear almost any how] Answer:
Low Terrace Level Toolbar Shallow Teeth Scorch Baboon Honesty Eye Baseball Abhorrent Hammer Scramble While Wealth
FIGGERITS Level 183 [I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, i’ll go to it] Answer: Ego Weeknight Label Ebullient Weight Banknote Hobble Outlaw Lineage Become Kowtow Giggle Economy Ice
FIGGERITS Level 184 [The world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame] Answer: Wit Loathsome Cockroach Warble Redeem Asset Blemish Wreak Doormat Tarmac Mackerel Aim Odometer Honest
FIGGERITS Level 185 [I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being] Answer:
Mean Manner Fuming Burden Aroma Barged Bandage Uranium Eaten Hundred Rhubarb Assort Homage Dandruff Stress Someone
FIGGERITS Level 186 [In the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society] Answer:
Sentient Leisure Census Misnomer Blanch Slumber Abdominal Annoyance Bothered Straddle Choice Consists Clutter Cats Semantics
FIGGERITS Level 187 [They are capable of holding a grudge against people who did something] Answer:
Analogue Age Road Rendition Feasible Whiplash Downplay Geometric Whirlpool Uncanny Melodrama Scarf Sycophant Ordered Hanging
FIGGERITS Level 188 [A rat king is not a giant rat; it’s a collection of rats] Answer:
Forecast Narrate Scarlet Torso Interfere Talon Leek Reconcile Garnet Consortia Fiction Stinking Clarinet Solace Steals Effect
FIGGERITS Level 189 [Majority of their lives in water is to protect their very sensitive skin] Answer: Tin Jettison Symmetry Reversal Palette Site Strew Javelin Seek Overwhelm Falsify Commence Travesty Event Invent
FIGGERITS Level 190 [The adult whales are compelled to protect any animal in the range of orcas] Answer:
Propel Waddle Seethe Mandarin Deranged Hourly Roller Ferocity Encroach Neglect Falter Commune Template Dormant Retches Channel Marched Wholesale
FIGGERITS Level 191 [The sound of the lion in many movies is not actually the roar of a lion] Answer:
Reiterate Float Inferior Animosity Yielded Evaluate Emissions Inherent Acclimate Yodel Luncheon Coveted Sniffle One Allocate
FIGGERITS Level 192 [Character is always corrupted by prosperity] Answer:
Pressure Director Browser Precede Patriot Libretto Peers Procure Swathe Priority Obtuse Cashew Redirect Cloudy Tolerate Obeyed Tribe
FIGGERITS Level 193 [You burn your tongue and don’t tell everyone else that the soup is hot] Answer: Spots Harangue Yearn Revenge Bubble Detour Venture Shoot Tryouts Urban Sit Vagueness Abundant Put
FIGGERITS Level 194 [You may go where you want, but you cannot escape yourself] Answer:
Salt Treats Fuse Argument Marrow Haughty Retort Gummy Courtesy Mortar Monument Guarantee Brawny Announce Tyranny Eaten Portray
FIGGERITS Level 195 [Discipline your son when he is young, and be his friend when he grows up] Answer:
Fiendish Pedigree Download Forge Spinach Surfer Hurricane Scrooge Webbed Gargle Piercing Hidden Deduce Euphoria Cogency Deploy Bow
FIGGERITS Level 196 [When old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit] Answer:
Salons Towels Reward Monster Thirsty Adept Aloha Disavowal Pea Ravish Stoop Dainty Roasted Meander Thyroid Derision Irony Helper Moos
FIGGERITS Level 197 [The so-called planet nine, five to ten times larger than the earth] Answer: Entitle Soothing Archive Patient Saloon Milliner Elicit Homeland Pile Foster Damaged Lie Severe Tin Starch
FIGGERITS Level 198 [A giant gas cloud in the constellation of aquila with enough alcohol] Answer: Along Falcon Slide Squint Oscillate Outweigh Chalet Councils Inflated Equate Annals Cost Nougat Enhance Add
FIGGERITS Level 199 [Curiously, ‘moon’ was his mother’s maiden name] Answer: Amend Mad Diminish Outwardly Demure Raincoat Tilted Hilarious Wield Clumsy Scrawny Amethyst Dined
FIGGERITS Level 200 [Consists of rock material, so pebbles condense out of the air] Answer:
Feuded Fondle Snarled Atone Pedal Binomial Rubbish Mincemeat Macaroni Panda Blacklist Hoist Blink Microbe Fibber Frolic Enamel Chats Oppressed
FIGGERITS Level 201 [A human being can survive ninety seconds unprotected in space] Answer:
Crescent Pertain Neuter Pressure Heyday Cabaret Evident Rancorous Accrued Debase Unanimous Darts Crevice Roughen Considers Eunuchs Gibberish Retain Anyone
FIGGERITS Level 202 [The level of intelligence and self-control observed in primates] Answer: Novel Once Nerves Impair Nobleman Lenient Fondle Entitle Dormant Feeling Famished Vitriolic Live
FIGGERITS Level 203 [Tigers can paralyze their victims with their roar] Answer:
Elect Artist Pizza Organic Trigger Tiara Overview Scrawny Rarest Maggot Avarice Wither Swarthy Retaining Vitamin Certainly
FIGGERITS Level 204 [Bats always turn left when they leave their caves] Answer: Blurb Treaty Fault Nullify Flatten Easel Thrive Filch Evenly Renews Stiffen Awareness Stealth Valley Stay
FIGGERITS Level 205 [Female orcas go through menopause and act as grandmothers] Answer:
Cent Great Freedom Tadpole Goods Enhance Coup Shampoo Glucose Goatee Dream Anchorage Steadfast Hamper Teaches
FIGGERITS Level 206 [The aldabra giant tortoise can weigh more than 500 pounds (220 kg)] Answer:
Trains Stone Slapdash Mediator Workshop Season Iguana Adaptable Kerosene Toothpick Collapse Garnish Bankrupt Tie Register
FIGGERITS Level 207 [You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star] Answer:
Echo Heartbeat Auburn Chase Highway Decimate Richness Sweater Ensue Surmised Murderous Autocrat Choose Save
FIGGERITS Level 208 [I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man] Answer: Shoe Recoiled Mate Forehand Candid Bossiness Hat Trident Ten Deflated Coercion Behave Metallic Brittle Tones
FIGGERITS Level 209 [Not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes playing a poor hand well] Answer: Disc Gross Sold Humble Typify Twiddles Gentility Sprint Motley Buffalo Dashing Pedestal Bawdiness Forfeit Railroad
FIGGERITS Level 210 [A single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife] Answer:
Dinosaur Tiptoe Fatiguing Muffled Rooftop Startup Museum Emblem Orator Stamina Toss Assassin Buffoon Waist Swollen Snugging Guffaw Stoutness
FIGGERITS Level 211 [Appeared to spring from the want of thankfulness for what we have] Answer:
Truth Stern Heritage Foster Mart Heartfelt Frigate Overstep Wharf Rankle Invaded Whisper Average Masks Shortage Riverside Festoons Evaporate Saltwater
FIGGERITS Level 212 [The compressed ribs left indentations in the internal organs of women] Answer:
Instant Lobster Glimmer Browbeat Weariness Notes Escalator Broach Preempt Inference Weirdo Mileage Fine Deleted
FIGGERITS Level 213 [Monogamy imposed by society was harmful for everyone involved] Answer:
Fool Foam Singsong Freely Papaya Velocity Room Neural Vestiges Amnesty Billowing Condone Lovely Biceps Wobbly Candle Hurry
FIGGERITS Level 214 [Cleopatra was able to speak eight different languages, including hebrew] Answer:
Rude Deranged Stagnant Colander Filling Shakedown Obstruct Spatter Shades Beware Replicate Askance Corpulent Defeat Leading Tried
FIGGERITS Level 215 [The french built a fake paris to confuse german bombers] Answer:
Gnome Brass Flush Beam Trustful Betrothal Reshuffle Fumes Buck Bailiff Cross Forsake Penetrate Ferret Piranha Moron
FIGGERITS Level 216 [The olympic games used to include competitions in the fine arts] Answer:
Hearts Amnesia Commoner Affair Three Campaign Piety Disposal Indulgent Menorah Physical Cologne Premiere Mysticism Outclass Initiator Conclude Maintain
FIGGERITS Level 217 [Teachers open the doors, but you must enter by yourself] Answer:
Trend Ease Corners Host Buffer Slyness Tumbler Butterfly Tuft Sullen Patches Snobbery Folly Lousy Fluent Adopt Posed
FIGGERITS Level 218 [Deep doubts, deep wisdom; small doubts, little wisdom] Answer: Doe Spot Liable Implode Dubious Wallop Bed Mausoleum Blossoms Blowout Dissolute Ballast Moose Output Posted
FIGGERITS Level 219 [Avoiding danger is not cowardice. Courage without discretion is no good] Answer: Van Irrigate Wrench Arranged Generic Agitation Audition Scoot Ride Twister Standout Engrossed Reunion And Region
FIGGERITS Level 220 [Put something off for one day, and ten days will pass] Answer:
Free Property Appraisal Sweetness Petrify Downfall Fatuous Aspersion Mugged Dawdle Fathomed Nitwit Fertility Meted Deterrent Ditto Pensioner Runs
FIGGERITS Level 221 [In love there is always one who kisses and one who offers the cheek] Answer:
Wrench Hoot Dearth Veneer Wrist Sneaks Intensely Detect Error Rows Hockey Senile Wither Rafter Overrate Leaky Cow Frown Offender
FIGGERITS Level 222 [The elephant is the only animal incapable of jumping] Answer: Anyone Minimal Jiggle Aplomb Pelican Falsetto Jumbo Shaggy Hot Umpteenth Bobcat Genuflect Bemoan Million
FIGGERITS Level 223 [Donkeys are instinctively aggressive towards canines, and are capable] Answer:
Winner President Vanity Android Genetics Deranged Cavern Bearable Senator Crinkly Gin Peacock Bandit Ensconce Donates Save Answered
FIGGERITS Level 224 [Tigers learn to imitate calls of other animals to lull them] Answer:
Sirens Caste Canon League Gloat Illusion Immortal Realm Unfasten Hermit Stammer Fruition Anthem Tortilla Grime Amulet Methane Eliminate
FIGGERITS Level 225 [They cannot eat big pieces of food because it can cause them brain damage] Answer:
Seen Pathos Spaghetti Barber Shy Cosmonaut Concierge Inch Murmur Detonated Panties Informant Chits Bacterium Mustang Bombarded Gapes Certified Begging
FIGGERITS Level 226 [Rats are able to experience joy and laugh. They express their good humor] Answer:
Oriole Earring Gossip Rhapsody Tot Submerge Tough Highlight Buxom Steam Suburbs Connect Proxy Laggard Legality Pagoda Expel Egghead Adjoining
FIGGERITS Level 227 [Emperor nero was strongly influenced by his teacher seneca] Answer: Tea Screen Deflected Colleague Antidote Scornful Stardom Subtitles Each Fritters Warlord Machinery Spray Start
FIGGERITS Level 228 [But it caught a man and a shoeshiner, who remained still on a busy street] Answer: Relate Enter Brooding Dusty Dogmatic Cheetah Switch Daisy Lie Rigorous Brawny Shrubbery Shimmery Add Admits
FIGGERITS Level 229 [Caligula derived his pleasure from surrounding himself with luxury] Answer:
Hair Rules Despise Crouch Glory Foxtrot Groundhog Gloomy Applied Flaunt Tallow Tawny Shelve Raunchy Survive Logarithm
FIGGERITS Level 230 [The president of the state of israel, but had to turn down the offer] Answer:
Often Round Hour Renewed Refund Underwent Referee Retention Bellhop Affiliate Suspended Brash Derailed Infuriate Publish Uplift
FIGGERITS Level 231 [The outside of the colosseum was entirely covered with rich marble] Answer:
Oath Leech Anthem Mulch Deficit Doodled Citric Caustic Barely Chateau Modicum Billboard Witticism Fallout Socialite Reviewer Costume Entryway
FIGGERITS Level 232 [Poison dart frogs are only poisonous because they eat poisonous ants] Answer: Roots Sin Rating Supplant Bassoon Chariot Personal Food Nutty Hypnosis Tenacious Security Cloister Lettuce Prison
FIGGERITS Level 233 [Their putrid stomach oils at those they perceive to be a threat] Answer:
Covet Earache Core Shelter Treacle Tiptoe Sapphire Restore Custodial Path Pompous Heater Slumped Idealism Calories Obey Heartless Approach
FIGGERITS Level 234 [In india, parrots are classified as a wild species of bird] Answer: Sell Rabid Inferno Casino Official Window Twisted Pieces Arbiter Speed Tradition Braise Dollop
FIGGERITS Level 235 [Orcas are at the top of the food chain in the ocean and are capable] Answer:
Contains Feint Hood Abolition Tobacco Pat Tacit Hen Teetotal Percolate Elephant Edition Placenta Infection Dentist Defaced Placebo Handrail Thence
FIGGERITS Level 236 [Seagulls are dangerous birds that form gangs and hunt sheep, baby whales] Answer:
Nugget Innards Earnestly Pellet Amiss Alley Absentee Goofs Weather Harassing Erase Budge Softens Sturdy Wheedle Parable Dunno Sunburned
FIGGERITS Level 237 [The universe is expanding at an accelerated speed, which might be due] Answer:
Expired Invite Wrapping Ditch Lethargic Dangers Masticate Abdicated Purple Riddance Award Hit Maltreat Nuptial Insists Situated
FIGGERITS Level 238 [Each of those rings are tens of millions of kilometers in diameter] Answer:
Riots Loiter Skeleton Octagon Tango Semester Chagrin Orient Dramatist Gofer Infertile Deride Concrete Mike Imminent Gross Foments Tint
FIGGERITS Level 239 [There is no such thing as the center of the universe] Answer:
Never Ruins Interest Earring Trench Saturate Cotton Cities Greetings Astonish Niche Chitchat Score Heretic Cruiser Thereof
FIGGERITS Level 240 [If the stars in galaxies were shrunk to the size of tennis balls] Answer: Bones Exhort Outset Tales Startle Whizz Station Textile Greenhorn Guzzle Whittle Truthful Shriek Falls
FIGGERITS Level 241 [It actually has ice on its poles, much like the earth, and water] Answer:
Steeple Topical Snail Wretched Manicure Careen Ardent Unhappy Wreak Options Hardware Slap Clattered Hacker Mundane Chalk Allocates
FIGGERITS Level 242 [Mummy brown, a popular painting pigment in the 17th and 18th centuries] Answer:
Noun Generally Procedure Worm Immigrate Chromium Eardrums Yummy Trumpeter Placate Glisten Room Calendar Borrow
FIGGERITS Level 243 [It awarded lands and slaves to their citizens upon reaching adulthood] Answer: Seed Ends Pinnacle Guidance Perusal Ooze Lend Dissident Twitch Leaves Disgrace Crossword Trapeze Warren Sale
FIGGERITS Level 244 [The price of a loaf of bread rose from 160 marks at the end of 1922] Answer:
Brooded Reef Preface Shame Kosher Cord Federate Shark Senate Filth Standard Capacitor Fearsome Retread Freak Handsome Laptop
FIGGERITS Level 245 [It was common to drill holes in their teeth and insert jewels there] Answer:
Loose Home Orders Resent Listless Jester Enclosed Translate Ajar Shrew Trestle Insisted Wheat Radiant Rewind Smile
FIGGERITS Level 246 [During 15 years of conquest, alexander the great never lost a single battle] Answer: Lie Annex Custody Quadrant Trudge Instant Quarry Herald Extension Signal Frontage Advent Hexagon Betting
FIGGERITS Level 247 [Unlike in math, in real life two wrongs don’t make a right] Answer: Aim Tea Awful Restore Morsel Rookie Tight Snowfall Domino Take Toolkit Ramrod Frighten Irritate Gamut
FIGGERITS Level 248 [Who offends writes on sand; who is offended, on marble] Answer:
Tattoos Draw Horn Noodles Waffle Debonair Rasher Feline Whims Seamless Offhand Iodine Sorrows Safari Orient Wiener Folder Festoons
FIGGERITS Level 249 [Truth is more valuable if it takes you a few years to find it] Answer:
Virtual Seats Laser Infinity Drowse Resident Faraway Deterrent Summer Frisky Warranty Abilities Sieve Odyssey Endive Shout
FIGGERITS Level 250 [Who knew you when you were young will seldom respect you as an adult] Answer:
Carol Artery Update Guesswork Huddle Willingly Platoons Indigo Mellow Skull Procured Eggshells Winger Accurate Hormone Renowned Torrents
FIGGERITS Level 251 [It is impossible to wake up someone who’s just pretending to be asleep] Answer:
Inmate Salmon Outlaw Rephrase Raindrop Beak Shrill Jugular Brunette Nepotism Pettiness Judgment Power Tiles Bugle Warship Pinpoint Pities
FIGGERITS Level 252 [Something is rotten in the state of denmark] Answer:
Meet Tinkering Adhesion Mother Emigrant Takeoff Strident Strings Marinate Artisan Shoes Asterisks Smother Hindsight Nine
FIGGERITS Level 253 [Capitalism does live by crises and booms, just as a human being] Answer:
Descend Sender Iron Decidedly Cuddle Obsess Convulse Score Jelly Savage Snappy Schism Amber Activism Jubilant
FIGGERITS Level 254 [I think, therefore I am (cogito, ergo sum)] Answer: Token Ominous Kerchief Trigger Mongoose More Corrugate Hit Cactus Free Forego Fortnight Cinnamon Rather
FIGGERITS Level 255 [Never touch your idols: the gilding will stick to your fingers] Answer:
Nervous Hideous Sons Leggings Goldfish Fidget Ethic Whiskers Dislike Loosely Overtone Insult Hygienic Erstwhile Trough Unduly
FIGGERITS Level 256 [Talk not to me of blasphemy, man; i’d strike the sun if it insulted me] Answer:
Kittenish Refuse Runs Furniture Tittle Melody Toffee Diminish Pebble Fields Heathen Demeanor Antipathy Kills Passbook Mirthful Skillet Deftly
FIGGERITS Level 257 [Have broken or fractured bones because they regularly fall out of trees] Answer:
Lose Fears Eater Renovate Flute Abreast Fronds Shutters Adherent Later Brackets Fool Voyage Turbulent Geeky Governor
FIGGERITS Level 258 [If you shave a zebra completely, its skin will be black underneath the coat] Answer:
Earthy Succumbs Blitz Drinkable Hollow Puberty Shattered Stalwart Practice Inertia Footstep Hoodwink Blotchy Burst Cinder Hernia Vocalist
FIGGERITS Level 259 [We can ride horses, but not zebras because zebras are unpredictable] Answer:
Accords Desire Inane Cellulose Blizzard Placebo Balloon Credible Taper Unpopular Sadden Neurotic Breeze Pliable How Shows
FIGGERITS Level 260 [Panther is not a separate species of big cats. It is a genus] Answer:
Recess Artists Career Probes Castoff Oust Pager Pinpoint Anguish Barren Fritters Serpent Nitrate Hotshot Progress Bother Seer Heartbeat Fog
FIGGERITS Level 261 [Dolphins are capable of forming such strong bonds with people] Answer:
Designing Shelter Priest Pigeon Chopper Disguise Disdain Befall Pampered Eagle Curdled Debrief Browse Schlep Opt Spent Hotel
FIGGERITS Level 262 [Starting is easy, persistence is an art] Answer: Transient State Age Teenager Pastry Parsnip Stagnant Tray Incense Patience Rant Carriage Steepness Pigsty Canine
FIGGERITS Level 263 [The morning sun never lasts a day] Answer: Evens Revulsion Unanimity Validate Demerit Rule Algae Treats Shiver Geranium Glassy Hesitated Ingenuity
FIGGERITS Level 264 [Since excuses were invented, no one is ever in the wrong] Answer:
Invert Sworn Vision Terseness Executive Rivet Excess Circus Wren Directive Swerve Sweeties Entice Intuitive Gosh Winced Western Viewer
FIGGERITS Level 265 [Pearls are worthless in the desert] Answer:
Wheel Parrot Swallow Pioneer Sirloin Spleen Withstand Sale Apprise Wheedle Harsh Shell Pretend Whistle Sort Eraser
FIGGERITS Level 266 [A spoken word is not a sparrow. Once it flies out, you can’t catch it] Answer:
Odds Soap Pair Scuffle Aria Potent Wisps Tickle Yucky Follicle Wand Unethical Lipstick Hostility Aspirin Caffeine Tap Playoff
FIGGERITS Level 267 [Though a good deal is too strange to be believed, nothing is too strange] Answer: Son Root Nebula Delegate Beehive Gallon Villain Agenda Debut Ran Invisible Sunlight Solitude Stage Ago
FIGGERITS Level 268 [Age appears best in four things: old wood to burn, old wine to drink] Answer: Bow Drown Hanker Airport Underdog Partisan Forage Tutor Bunker Thwarted Toboggan Differ Espionage Null Odd
FIGGERITS Level 269 [What do I fear? Myself? There’s none else by. Richard loves richard] Answer: Nose Obsess Noon Olive Holiday Showcase Radical Cataclysm Viscosity Flaw Chastity Flirt Missive Noble Obey
FIGGERITS Level 270 [Passed away because he overdosed on the combination of cherries and milk] Answer:
Overcoat Seventies Host Indelibly Freckles Landslide Decipher Commando Wacky Uniform Nibble Sideburns Weaponry Observe Bicycle Adhesion Harmed
FIGGERITS Level 271 [Before the invention of dentures, doctors used teeth of dead soldiers] Answer:
Deeds Hero Hole Innocent Rotten Dubious Tread Conceive Obscene Sunscreen Condone Bovine Detente Hideous Offset Filed
FIGGERITS Level 272 [The most venomous fish in the world and its sting, if untreated, can kill] Answer:
Mouth Soft Shut Steward Rankled Iteration Regal Fictional Feminist Truant Flounder Kangaroo Fuselage Suave Vision Footnote
FIGGERITS Level 273 [Almost all sea snakes are venomous, and some of them are even more toxic] Answer:
Sermon Erase Motivate Afloat Infix Mismatch Knees Edifice Exotic Maiden Masses Academic Ticket Scoff Over Menu Vans
FIGGERITS Level 274 [Holding their breath for 40 minutes – longer than seals and dolphins] Answer:
Sense Bootleg Ambush Retina Grumble Handle Bigamous Foreman Heartburn Applied Guttural Liaison Triangles Shopped Phone
FIGGERITS Level 275 [The octopus has no bones, so it can fit even in the tiniest holes] Answer: Button State Sensitive Eclectic Canvass Toss Incentive Science Flail Leash Stifle Opponent Soothe Unusual Chops
FIGGERITS Level 276 [But in zoos they are reported to be very affectionate with people] Answer:
Optical Hope Wall Betrayed Dizzy Reservoir Horizon Fit Treasure Warrant Life Pushy Subvert Espresso Elephant Vineyard Locate
FIGGERITS Level 277 [Great red spot has shrunk by 40% in 150 years. It’s not really a spot] Answer: Kilobyte Barbell Eyesore Honey Skyline Report Sultan Genie Paper Alibi Booking Regalia Good Adopts
FIGGERITS Level 278 [There is no sound in space, it’s an eerily silent vacuum] Answer:
Sterile Satellite Despair Archer Adoration Horrid Prophet Insincere Curtain Spurious Tissue Element Cartoon Sinister Cries Survey
FIGGERITS Level 279 [Every star has at least one planet rotating around it, the milky way galaxy] Answer:
Sneer Steel Plague Extort Retinue Wager Tolerate Triumph Gritty Earwax Yen Endowed Hearten Hook Vary Kayaking Perhaps Annotate
FIGGERITS Level 280 [The footsteps left on the surface of the moon will remain there] Answer:
Conform Pleasant Trample Emanate Tariff Weasel Create Fanfare Transform Phenomena Swoon Occur Slippers Werewolf Chat Structure
FIGGERITS Level 281 [The distance of our sun from the center of the milky way, the sun rotates] Answer:
Ethic Treaty Necktie Innocence Attitude Rain Moniker Estimate Cadence Defuse Ear Heuristic Crocus Recently Certain Forensic Framework
FIGGERITS Level 282 [A roman emperor who was such a regular visitor of the gladiator fights] Answer:
Hesitate Alarmist Foresight Mellow Charge Pardon Vicious Mortgage Coverage Heifer Profane Useless Wigwam Downwards Agitator Hit Retrieve
FIGGERITS Level 283 [The guillotine was used for execution in france up until 1977] Answer:
Tedious Store Capsule Coconut Food Culture Chortle Explicit Fringe Hitched Sinew Sewage Refuge Saccharin Fine Excuse
FIGGERITS Level 284 [Male samurai preferred the katana, their female counterparts] Answer: Salute Pimp Smirk Taunt Dared Thesaurus Comprise Cistern Shaken Freelance Redraft Surrender
FIGGERITS Level 285 [Was a very talented musician and could play five different instruments] Answer:
Nectar Latitude Trainers Tiptoe Masseur Civilian Terrier Flatten Intensely Frumpy Verdicts Wrestle Pedantry Disclaim Saunter Peerless Emit Driveway
FIGGERITS Level 286 [Because he ate inordinate amounts of food as well as inedible objects] Answer:
Transmit Union Silicon Jettison Stubble Waddle Obedience Injection Distorted Affable Falsehood Daffodil Witch Editor Strain
FIGGERITS Level 287 [Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains] Answer:
Harsher Vaccine Decency Wannabe Refinery Rend Dimension Offensive Inward Rainbow Embassy Worrisome Hyena Shinny Banished Vendor Here Aced
FIGGERITS Level 288 [Two things awe me most, the starry sky above me and the moral law within me] Answer:
Elm Hammer Wall Astronomy Honeymoon Write Diameter Barbarism Savage Bikini Wither Strike Sedentary Whitewash Moron Disavow Minor Item
FIGGERITS Level 289 [No such thing as freedom of choice unless there is freedom to refuse] Answer: Museums Forgetful Sleuth Surface Offset Hairnet Insignia Curse Lacerate Rouse Artifice Rod Content Mode
FIGGERITS Level 290 [Minds are capable of the greatest vices as well as of the greatest virtues] Answer:
Breathe Firsthand Pittance Begins Grenade Demonic Trousers Fruitful Vestige Vague Laureate Sorrowful Sleeve Waffles Village Laurel Shelter Peeling Contorts
FIGGERITS Level 291 [Two dogs over one bone seldom agree] Answer:
Nerves Son Sabotage Vendetta Waver Braggart Stratagem Abnormal Endowment Goodness Bravado Observer Traverse Gender Song
FIGGERITS Level 292 [Live for a century, learn for a century] Answer: Ironic Riot Overture Reverent Unicorn Recently Villa Ritual Electrify Occult Contrive Eleven Truly Illicit Creative Info
FIGGERITS Level 293 [As norwegians like to say, all weather is passing] Answer: Partial Telltale Persist Skating Arts Saltwater Waylay Hang Single Weasel Anteater Loyalty Whiskers Warrior Nitwit
FIGGERITS Level 294 [Any half-truth is actually a whole lie] Answer: Ill Hell Writhe Classify Low Tortoise Hustle Escalator Tautly Fraternal Cheetah Neatness Hilarious Wall
FIGGERITS Level 295 [“manners maketh man” means that people are judged based on their behavior] Answer: Taken Treatment Smash Vanish Regalia Jibe Abolish Virile Jaguar Spangle Disposal Resent Breed Slope Restart
FIGGERITS Level 296 [Sensitive feet, so they always run on the tips of their toes] Answer: Pot Host Site Violinist Lousy Waiver Rivet Sonorous Sheep Literary Sweater Trip Refuse Raven Airfare Forest
FIGGERITS Level 297 [Would prefer to run away even if you interrupted their feeding] Answer: Fun Port Flute Interview Neurology Hover Unaware Polluted Ghetto Whiny Apparent Devour Dropout Guilty Tune Tray
FIGGERITS Level 298 [The cuckoo returns to destroy the nest and kill all the chicks] Answer:
Crust Thou Keynote Skilled Tenuous Detect Sheer Slander Hatch Diesel Scarlet Shocked Delta Slacken Scratch Childish Nets Undue Try
FIGGERITS Level 299 [During this period, elephants are always very aggressive and dangerous] Answer:
Thirst Trees Wearing Straying Prairies Tongue Astound Partner Superstar Harpoon Revival Surround Stage Nurture Innuendo Trivially Rugged Detergent Weighty
FIGGERITS Level 300 [Cheetahs in captivity tend to be very stressed and too shy to mate] Answer:
Ayes Resent Combine Ash Renovate Hypnosis Savvy Heyday Amiss Phobia Dismay Restore Deposit Shoo Psyche Vacate Amphibian Annotate
FIGGERITS Level 301 [So dense that a teaspoon of its material weighs more than mount everest] Answer:
Error Ornament Thunder Stall Inanimate Fulfill Outward Indigent Margin Promote Warden Venom Horseshoe Revision Soap Relation
FIGGERITS Level 302 [The moon is drifting away from the earth little by little] Answer:
Admission Swim Memorable Foretell Timetable Twisting Trifle Rot Feeble Dietary Formality Lithe Trying Hobble Liberally Afford
FIGGERITS Level 303 [The most distant photograph of the earth is called ‘pale blue dot’] Answer: Bottle Misinform Pastor Diaphragm Doubt Dilated Churlish Sincere Clerical Shuttle Rustic Tirade Pool Eat
FIGGERITS Level 304 [At least some part of us dates back to the beginning of time] Answer: Motto Hint Gnome Scruples Collage Sulking Catapult Bobsled Detached Falsetto Setback Callous Tumbled Infinite
FIGGERITS Level 305 [Very strange since some parts of space should never have come into contact] Answer:
Apt Assort Viaduct Incisive Mushroom Sardonic Violate Ceaseless Acutely Report Straight Lyrics Grouchy Farmer Correct Act
FIGGERITS Level 306 [Ronald reagan was a dedicated lifeguard in his youth and saved 77 people] Answer: Degrade Acid Synapse Analogous Tulip Layover Dreadful Rupture Dwindle Shipyard Whip Triggered Revisit Filthy
FIGGERITS Level 307 [Lived on earth for around 160 million years, which is 64 times longer] Answer: Editorial Lane Enunciate Mighty Listless Monoliths Refrain Devoid Merchant Forewarn Newton Introvert Firefly Hate
FIGGERITS Level 308 [Revealing scandalous dresses with some parts of her body on full display] Answer: Supply Clearance Noiseless Engraved Adds Dangerous Metaphor Swampy Prohibit Sparrow Propriety Aftermath Daily
FIGGERITS Level 309 [Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?] Answer:
Entry Omit Affront Midway Hefty Shakedown Reindeer Deem Renown Earmark Adamant Karat Manifesto Memory Send
FIGGERITS Level 310 [Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it] Answer:
Enter Rent Pontiff Flowerpot Letter Rationale Pottery Prowl Inferno Welfare Eleven Properly Hunt Willow Freewheel Here
FIGGERITS Level 311 [Glass, china, and reputation, are easily cracked, and never well mended] Answer:
Raise Recall Markdown Ravenous Cease Manual Diligence Drawl Taciturn Decrease Urchins Pungent Therapist Scurry Keys
FIGGERITS Level 312 [Ingredients often include egg whites, fish bladder protein, milk protein] Answer:
Gumbo Magnesium Flakes Mustang Hoodlum Coincide Paranoia Downright Parasitic Refrain Swagger Chipmunk Dumbfound Ordeal Thicket Aperitif Designate Subpoena
FIGGERITS Level 313 [Sensation you get after eating a chili pepper is not a physical reaction] Answer:
Pushy Pentagon Interior Tariff Unfurl Illusory Chagrin Reproach Lattice Cleric Cutlery Grapple Succulent Petulant Reconcile Staff
FIGGERITS Level 314 [It has nothing to do with the water itself, but rather with the bottle] Answer:
Wobble Grease Hideout Warehouse Buffer Insurgent Agitate Blindfold Innuendo Rendition Denigrate Terrain Diatribe Anguish Tinsel
FIGGERITS Level 315 [Arachibutyrophobia is the irrational fear of peanut butter getting stuck] Answer:
Canyon Forgery Orifice Negation Knuckles Copious Rhubarb Thesaurus Plausible Knockout Blastoff Obelisk Falsetto Haggle Recession Fickle Corset
FIGGERITS Level 316 [Almost one in three people who live in monaco is a millionaire] Answer:
Crew Seal Poach Amass Cahoots Hawser Empire Replete Roast Pivotal Antelope Hawthorn Chairmen Metronome Consonant Nastiness
FIGGERITS Level 317 [Paper dollars are not paper] Answer:
Earl Troll Noose Nettle Dapper Porter Errand Patent Pedant Treason Stapler Toddler Parasol Leotard Reappear Propeller Toadstool
FIGGERITS Level 318 [The idea of universal basic income dates back to the sixteenth century] Answer:
Bell Tort Scary Rodeo Crane Brook Tamely Adrift Locals Success Dustmen Examine Bubbles Hastily Survival Outskirt Scenario
FIGGERITS Level 319 [We all get the same amount of ice] Answer:
Twins Commas Uncommon Counts Chief Aloof Loots Muscles Slogan Gunmen Ethics Mutate Lotion License Filament Waistline Housewife
FIGGERITS Level 320 [Blood rain sometimes falls from the sky in kerala] Answer:
Mayo Reins Kink Shortlist Loons Theft Radish Blonde Basket Skinny Floods Filler Hearth Manholes Abashes Timeless Stalemate
FIGGERITS Level 321 [Glaciers and ice sheets hold about sixty-nine percent of all freshwater] Answer:
Nay Gulp Cheat Argon Betray Dating Craggy Yuppie Oyster Dropout Terrible Felicity Essayist Broadside Runabout Extort Wingless
FIGGERITS Level 322 [The fastest gust of wind ever recorded on earth] Answer:
Gnats Dreg Awash Cacao Ensign Vista Seafood Counter Drainage Heritage Outcast Feather Incognito Negotiate Sentience
FIGGERITS Level 323 [The oceans contain almost two hundred thousand different viruses] Answer:
Weft Conch Marlin Immune Minimum Admiral Revenue Coastal Unhorsed Moderate Landline Salesman Location Orchestra Redundant Swordfish Scratched
FIGGERITS Level 324 [It would take you approximately eighteen months] Answer: Wax Mushy Elixir Smirks Sewing Swaths Stormy Panting Modesty Hallmark Kangaroo Epidermis Naysayer Mailman
FIGGERITS Level 325 [Although kids often dislike broccoli, it is actually very nutritious] Answer:
Rosary Gauntlet Caustic Rationale Rekindle Frothing Balcony Trivial Handshake Ridicule Dishevel Dynasty Vestibule Fabricate Snicker
FIGGERITS Level 326 [Artificial sweeteners significantly increase the risk of dementia] Answer:
Agnostic Wrinkled Marmalade Farewell Scaffold Menthol Adamantly Facsimile Scanty Ankle Modesty Slackers Dominion Immersion Tentacle
FIGGERITS Level 327 [Caesar cardini, an italian mexican, came up with the recipe of the salad] Answer:
Pinnacle Sphinx Sniffle Aptitude Downfall Aroma Scroll Minuscule Wildlife Peroxide Amorous Hiccup Supersede Prawn Crumpled
FIGGERITS Level 328 [Australians are the biggest consumers of meat in the world] Answer:
Adrift Slouch Embargo Unscrew Succinct Accolade Ballerina Cessation Bungalow Humble Minefield Latitude Ignite Sullen Nestle
FIGGERITS Level 329 [Singing in a group boosts your mood] Answer:
Grotto Armpit Brandy Ruddy Dynamo Pagans Priory Button Ottoman Spartan Papyrus Prodigy Upbraid Startups Pantsuit
FIGGERITS Level 330 [Finland has the most metal bands per capita] Answer:
Fence Flame Frills Baobab Creeper Dreamer Benches Special Discord Panorama Misdeed Landlord Morphine Economic Sailboat
FIGGERITS Level 331 [There is an album that was recorded in space] Answer:
Memo Tribe Ocean Hone Lance Client Stepdad Woodcut Mammals Collar Customs Toreador Meridian Battalion Seclusion
FIGGERITS Level 332 [“jingle bells” was originally a thanksgiving song] Answer:
Trail Tinny Bistro Valet Anyway Toilet Anklet Astral Stooge Joshes Arsenal Newborn Trilogy Another Sneakers Wallaby Eyelash
FIGGERITS Level 333 [Karaoke means empty orchestra] Answer:
Croon Streak Tampons Acronym Nonstop Hotcake Compact Prophesy Cashmere Horseman Testament Necessary Resonance Trenchant Toothache
FIGGERITS Level 334 [Olympic gold medals are actually made of silver] Answer:
Forum Coast Atlas Comic Afire Garlic Svelte Cicada Stadium Logical Plodder Privacy Telegram Ridicule Possessor Oversleep Revolvers Faultless
FIGGERITS Level 335 [Soccer players run about seven miles each throughout the span of one game] Answer:
Store Carbon Commute Gravity Hamster Graceful Illusions Coastline Clingy Outcast Petiole Elation Ornately Unicycle Lumbermen Footstool
FIGGERITS Level 336 [To be sure of winning, invent your own game] Answer:
Marry Amuse Stingy Trainer Embargo Bargain Gunfire Invasion Murmur Immunity Tomatoes Ministry Orientate Gymnasium Breweries
FIGGERITS Level 337 [Kite flying is a professional sport in thailand] Answer:
Rose Ahead Tangle Strand Glossy Trinity Peppers Opinion Sharpen Greenery Gentrify Stationer Opponents Repellent Prankster
FIGGERITS Level 338 [Most people never run far enough on their first wind] Answer: Tail Wage Wheels Violin Trailer Strange Refusal Heliport Enough Flout Evermore Duration Interior Sponsors Tarpaulin
FIGGERITS Level 339 [Parents like to tell their kids that breakfast is the most important meal] Answer:
Onlooker Pepperoni Fortress Dolphin Belittle Ambient Kennel Traitor Premiere Solemn Bitter Boredom Manifest Lookalike Lotion
FIGGERITS Level 340 [Honey is very low in moisture and very acidic, so bacteria cannot survive] Answer:
Arduous Envoy Blunder Browser Ruminate Vindicate Stomach Hyacinth Villain Crowbar Oscillate Crossover Smitten Meadow
FIGGERITS Level 341 [Around 60% of human brain is fat, and around a half of that is omega 3] Answer:
Aghast Furnish Homeland Boomerang Mortgage Bailiff Harmless Ominous Indignant Rumble Amateur Tangible Foible Resilient
FIGGERITS Level 342 [A lot of food is not sold in the united states just because it looks ugly] Answer:
Banjo Fanatic Indebted Hedonist Diskette Synagogue Gallantly Jingle Blockade Enunciate Dignify Kickback Seasoning Ensconce Chickadee
FIGGERITS Level 343 [The nobel prize in economics is not a real nobel prize] Answer:
Boon Smart Catch Harpist Zither Beetle Rococo Errant Minaret Catacomb Crinoline Cinnamon Contrast Petticoat Rebellion Impatient Sclerosis
FIGGERITS Level 344 [Most poor people do not live in poor countries] Answer:
Poem Peels Ovoid Pestle Cement Tensile Solvent Posture Collude Coliseum Reporter Pedicure Soundless Implement Elections
FIGGERITS Level 345 [A penny costs more to produce than its value] Answer:
Larva Scout Nomad Pinion Tycoon Crusty Leopard Novice Miracle Surname Purpose Aerosol Scandal Adhesive Periphery Enactment Pollinate
FIGGERITS Level 346 [The first us coin had the motto] Answer:
Asthma Fauna Duff Suntan Tomcat Hunter Racist Resorts Tissues Fracture Creature Numerous Insistent Headstone Moccasins Headache
FIGGERITS Level 347 [Enigmatic sailing stones near death valley national park in california] Answer: Alto Clap Ferry Vegan Homey Cleave Ponder Pantry Planets Smoking Insight Shamrock Misprint Prepaid Hopscotch
FIGGERITS Level 348 [The best place in the world to see rainbows is in hawaii] Answer: Crow Aorta Cache Slot Rebel Cheers Orchid Ancient Hatchet Nappies Rawboned Hotelier Boatswain Scarecrow
FIGGERITS Level 349 [Climate change is causing flowers to change color] Answer:
Stout Nurse Swine Macro Fiasco Citron Harrow Alright Cochlea Cottage Flatware Magnolia Cornrows Catering Charwoman Encounter Wrestling
FIGGERITS Level 350 [The most densely populated island in the world] Answer:
Earner Pertly Triple Heather Disease Aileron Anymore Heredity Modishly Aphorism Shrewdly Polarity Waterside Masthead Anatomist United A Type Of Tree
FIGGERITS Level 351 [There is a website that tracks the world’s population in real time] Answer:
Oak Rook Arch Pears Tread Madame Bonbon Imbibe Sweeper Nitpick Postman Appetite Broccoli Midstream Spiritual Barometer Precursor
FIGGERITS Level 352 [The orange variety that we know now is the result of a genetic mutation] Answer:
Novelty Scourge Emeritus Furlough Regimen Wacky Hesitate Goulash Erroneous Coworker Almanac Cataclysm Affront Crunchy Hickory
FIGGERITS Level 353 [Regular consumption of fast food has the same negative impact on your liver] Answer:
Plumage Schedule Putative Repellent Helpfully Poignancy Metaphor Treadmill Catfish Synapse Lottery Fluctuate Naivety Tasteful Pigment
FIGGERITS Level 354 [The name itself comes from a greek word, which means “sweet wood”] Answer:
Emerge Kitchen Rooster Daffodil Downhill Mainland Deference Whiskers Arrogance Ransack Frenetic Seasick Domicile Alignment Rigmarole
FIGGERITS Level 355 [Although goat meat is not particularly popular in many cultures] Answer:
Nugget Eyesore Innocent Gentleman Pistachio Impartial Grease Cachet Parsley Heirloom Lupine Mutiny Gargle Rumple Punchline Upshot
FIGGERITS Level 356 [Alaska pays each resident a guaranteed income] Answer:
Done Logo Glee Sage Plums Spout Oink Adore Mining Unplug Slacks Decade Student Pastime Loyally Unearthly Starlight
FIGGERITS Level 357 [Japan has the highest densities of vending machines in the world] Answer:
Harass Cool Clone Agent Stamps Growls Menage Inflate Pinhole Swift Conceit Defrost Potatoes Lavish Snowshoe Majestic Wildfires
FIGGERITS Level 358 [The us government saved every public tweet] Answer:
Nail Plain Sorbet Grain Spout Gutsy Merger Garden Whine Snide Arctic Stormy Varnish Remote Applause Meringue Personae Headwinds
FIGGERITS Level 359 [I disapprove of what you say] Answer:
Proof Fifty Faith Period Others Forests Praises Propose Hosiery Turrets Verified Pushover Stairway Fortitude Advertise
FIGGERITS Level 360 [If you want a high living standard] Answer: Satin Sorrow Ruff Sandals Wary Girlish Tartan Vagrant Satirist Initials Indignant Taillight
FIGGERITS Level 361 [Wimbledon tennis balls are kept at twenty degrees celsius] Answer:
Oasis Classic Pinkie Subtle Muggy Acrobatic Betray Scrape Pundit Blunder Trawler Distance Dedicate Waitress Senility Blueprint Indolence
FIGGERITS Level 362 [When you see a good move, look for a better one] Answer:
Slalom Movement Snooty Flashy Slough Hawker Mammals Grandma Stellar Keyword Mellow Tourney Eyeteeth Meatloaf Sandbank Busywork Tremulous
FIGGERITS Level 363 [A one-armed player scored the winning goal in the first world cup] Answer:
Cute Wasps Gamer Lyceum Midair Fedora Spruce Suitor Dicey Lecture Pudding Grimace Neutral Enriched Watchword
FIGGERITS Level 364 [Professional athletes used to perform in vaudeville during the off-season] Answer:
Spoon Pinup Seamen Mantle Gleam Module Neuron Agitate Midterm Nipping Episode Developer Faithful Standoff Minefield
FIGGERITS Level 365 [One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than fifty preaching it] Answer:
Smart Gypsy Cigar Picnic Sonata Booty Stitch Choosy Tyrants Pointer Cheater Shortage Footpath Chieftain Freshness Incognito
FIGGERITS Level 366 [Since it doesn’t have any seeds, farmers have to resort to cloning them] Answer:
Facet Remiss Classy Volcano Sermon Distort Hyacinth Religion Indict Crossfire Scavenge Slingshot Mantle Sorority Scrooge
FIGGERITS Level 367 [As well as the biggest consumer of chili papers in the world] Answer:
Hinder Thesis Newspaper Pseudo Future Admirable Formula Chapel Emperor Thimble Scapegoat Wrangler Enshrine Winced Polemical
FIGGERITS Level 368 [The aztecs used cocoa beans as currency and accepted them as taxes] Answer:
Cameo Sorcerer Dethrone Aperture Hyphen Crutch Marathon Bonanza Boxcar Thunder Schmooze Expense Ponderous Chutzpah Amorphous Combat Haphazard Mascara
FIGGERITS Level 369 [Perception of sweetness and saltiness reduces by 30 percent while flying] Answer:
Fatuous Burrow Withhold Singsong Crusade Bilateral Propriety Pacific Egregious Fallacy Proponent Fuselage Befitting Alphabet Thwart
FIGGERITS Level 370 [The british empire was the largest empire in world history] Answer: Wood Meal Roast Spore Sling Tramp Nerd Dapper Spirit Portent Latrine Snorting Greedily Diagonal Bloodshed
FIGGERITS Level 371 [Government earns money just because it has the monopolistic right to print] Answer:
Nimble Revenge Peanut Regatta Jersey Peephole Snuggle Astronomy Turbulent Reprisal Projector Retrieve Copyright Glamour Catamaran Turncoat Synthesis Alliance Impetus
FIGGERITS Level 372 [The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax] Answer: Acre Tour Ouch Arena Mural Scream Meadow Racist Whaler Outdoor Anchor Remnant Congress Excluded Mudslide
FIGGERITS Level 373 [No real-life example of a government not being involved in the market] Answer:
Embroil Pavilion Karate Tangible Parol Exemption Textile Forbidden Thimble Trademark Herald Perforate Deviation Battalion Indignant Beaver Premiere
FIGGERITS Level 374 [The poor workforce would have already supplanted the expensive one] Answer:
Curfew Keepsake Sanctity Noxious Severely Achieves Collar Weakness Horoscope Contender Foolhardy Tuxedo Neophyte Pinpoint Execution Crinkle
FIGGERITS Level 375 [Music is physically good for your heart] Answer:
Oral Riff Aloe Smoggy Madcap Leisure Treetop Polarity Redeemer Computer Programs Hilarity Morpheme Pyramidal Toothless Literally
FIGGERITS Level 376 [Loud music causes you to drink more in less time] Answer:
Secret Record Talent Access Tatter Sticky Scenery Masonry Maudlin Redskin Sedation Roadside Nonstick Trickster Ecosystem Crocodile
FIGGERITS Level 377 [Croatia has a distinction of housing the only sea organ in the world] Answer: Lard House Cough Lofty Noisy Cutout Recent Angina Arcade Resort Hauling Reorder Newsreel Windward Outsource
FIGGERITS Level 378 [Musicians have shorter lifespans than everyday people] Answer:
Alpaca Comet Ladle Camels Carver Drapery Hostess Fatten Passive Atavism Coronet Optional Helmsman Humanoid Selfishly Commodity
FIGGERITS Level 379 [Japan has the shortest national anthem in the world] Answer:
Jolt Throw Idiom Planar Riddles Slalom Powwow Monorail Slipshod Dominate Notation Installed Dandelion Transport Deathtrap
FIGGERITS Level 380 [No clear link between the intake of msg and any of the harmful side effects] Answer:
Musical Bigotry Mustard Throwback Synthesis Skyrocket Gratify Whimsical Knuckle Frantic Larceny Stagnate Oyster Ordinance Saucy
FIGGERITS Level 381 [If an adult human being had an unlimited supply of breast milk] Answer:
Sprinkle Blueprint Inhibited Blister Fumble Pigeon Tundra Stylus Ballast Panther Rebuke Parody Smidgen Bashful Prologue Purge
FIGGERITS Level 382 [Orange, green, yellow, and red peppers are all different plants] Answer:
Pallor Pendant Wrestling Gangster Forfeit Notoriety Portfolio Pedigree Glisten Papaya Serenade Satire Grossly Prototype Wallow
FIGGERITS Level 383 [They originate from the cookies that the japanese immigrants popularized] Answer:
Mercy Poison Napalm Gutter Sheepish Clarinet Shuffle Conjure Frizzy Cackle Judiciary Glitch Gauze Padlock Refinery Delusion Midriff
FIGGERITS Level 384 [Instead, it is generally made of sugar, vanilla and milk products] Answer:
Pansy Fickle Unveil Crackle Crusade Village Feudalism Cultivate Empirical Dialogue Aspersion Summary Meddler Protrude Generous Pumice Lavender
FIGGERITS Level 385 [Happened because of the tax paradise the government created for chaebols] Answer:
Fumble Emigrant Abundant Condiment Ravish Expertise Blotch Sculpture Plentiful Triangle Extensive Shambles Pantomime Proverb Cinnamon Garnet
FIGGERITS Level 386 [Almost indispensable for global economy and technological development] Answer:
Lavish Incognito Remorse Patchy Hibernate Doodle Forceps Dragonfly Caboose Longevity Precipice Imaginary Abscond Hypocrite Cloister Cynically
FIGGERITS Level 387 [All developed countries became rich via strong government intervention] Answer:
Caprice Scorpion Decimate Mangrove Booster Salvage Evocative Doughnut Laughable Bohemian Tortilla Groceries Spleen Bounce Monsoon
FIGGERITS Level 388 [To be the best country to live in, with the “social progress index”] Answer:
Scrawl Prophecy Raspberry Exude Textured Crowbar Avenge Octopus Colander Evaluate Indelible Incarnate Chagrined Parole Puddle Granule Betrayal Renounce
FIGGERITS Level 389 [A big share of these women are denied the right to go to school] Answer:
Esoteric Tremble Offending Fission Wholesome Whittle Embarrass Frigate Ostrich Charade Glimmer Lineage Engross Semblance Tornado Wiggle
FIGGERITS Level 390 [Nhl players are not permitted to tuck their jersey into their pants] Answer: Judo Jinni Ankle Knot Totem Humid Childhood Monopoly Armlet Praise Cashier Reactor Tentacles Streetcar
FIGGERITS Level 391 [Baseball umpires used to sit in rocking chairs] Answer:
Saga Turban Burro Bounce Braille Sampler Regalia Sandlot Moistens Adorable Impartial Elocution Homemaker Signature Represent
FIGGERITS Level 392 [The world record for the most number of non-stop push-ups] Answer:
Flood Spouse Outlet Elector Whoosh Brooder Ocelot Nebulous Lonesome Trustful Horoscope Downpours Snowbound Crossbow Crescendo Stumbler
FIGGERITS Level 393 [The average distance a man walks on foot during his life] Answer:
Lord Lime Khaki Hinge Creak Guile Fresco Gourmet Slacker Overhaul Camellia Mongrel Worldwide Caregiver Fishhook Succulent
FIGGERITS Level 394 [Sports do not build character. They reveal it] Answer:
Vibe Otter Braid Titter Pearls Lullaby Earlobe Droplet Preteen Picture Solvency Headlines Coruscate Carnivore Intrusive
FIGGERITS Level 395 [Indians only eat about 7 pounds (3.18 Kg) of meat per person per year] Answer:
Fluke Gymnast Framed Tangle Barber Tailspin Skimpy Sensuous Dissuade Testimony Bookmark Spatula Linkage Muffin Dandruff Monstrous Umbrella
FIGGERITS Level 396 [Farm-raised salmons, commonly present in our shops, have a different diet] Answer:
Asylum Cavalry Mammoth Promptly Decisive Indemnity Handcuffs Trespass Syndrome Plaintive Viscosity Pothole Aircraft Deceitful Nuance
FIGGERITS Level 397 [It does contain certain beneficial minerals, but in such tiny amounts] Answer:
Treaty Ramrod Chiffon Ostrich Border Laureate Handmade Arbitrary Accolade Chauffeur Almanac Mittens Acrimony Alimony Doodle
FIGGERITS Level 398 [Made from the crushed bodies of a parasitical insect called the cochineal] Answer:
Uphill Claret Bemoan Furnish Serpent Seminar Detection Sundial Suffocate Deficient Emblem Hamlet Almond Censure Cloister
FIGGERITS Level 399 [A common misconception that the british drink the most tea in the world] Answer:
Claws Silken Debris Seasonal Slalom Panther Dispatch Endemic Crossbow Interlock Heartless Ethereal Miserable Warden Plethora Skewers Epidermis
FIGGERITS Level 400 [The eternal flame falls in new york hides a flicker of fire] Answer:
Lack Awake Mercy Wryly Kinda Rioter Yokel Wildly Dialect Totter Kickoff Hairdo Marksman Loiterer Mortally Contender Asymmetry Scorecard
FIGGERITS Level 401 [An amazing red lake called lake natron is found in tanzania] Answer:
Ergo Alien Derail Muzzle Addict Cuddle Strange Deducts Slacker Dilemmas Gardenia Flogging Nocturnal Dissenter Statesman
FIGGERITS Level 402 [There are fossilized plants in greenland] Answer:
Lingo Sport Zealot Aerate Dazzle Fridge Slather Praline Stinger Granite Hopeless Gripping Pennants Splatter Apartheid Tornado
FIGGERITS Level 403 [Seven percent of the total number of people] Answer:
Eve Rave Hash Posts Share Blunt Troth Pursue Vacuum Ashcan Parcel Robber Earmuff Roommate Nuthatch Buccaneer Latecomer
FIGGERITS Level 404 [It is estimated that sweden has more islands than any other country] Answer:
Ash Nest Decor Snout Healer Adults Mansard Dialect Canoeist Disorder Minerals Turmoil Altimeter Intellect Dismissal Seaway Edelweiss
FIGGERITS Level 405 [Listening to music enhances physical performance] Answer:
Yarn Safety Catnap Alleys Glance Outfit Sealant Polygon Moocher Polemic Pliancy Figurine Curiously Cameraman Northerly
FIGGERITS Level 406 [Orchestras don’t always need a conductor] Answer:
Loan Court Sword Onshore Lotto Tooth Hatred Cannery Sawdust Hardwood Tuneless Handcart Enthrones Detractor Headlands
FIGGERITS Level 407 [Leo fender never learned to play either instrument] Answer:
Halve Sports Effort Rapport Overtime Insulate Nosedive Stupidly Postpone Patrolmen Marathons Adversary Nutriment Intuition Provision
FIGGERITS Level 408 [A song that gets stuck in your head is called an earworm] Answer:
Hymn Colt Gamer Skater Chatty Garlic Machete Merrily Realism Meddler Notional Kindness Homeowner Recurrent Democracy
FIGGERITS Level 409 [Plants grow faster when music is played around them] Answer:
Craft Marry Model Garret Touchy Proudly Captain Coinage Commerce Anagrams Watchman Aphorism Teaspoon Inflation Fingertip
FIGGERITS Level 410 [The established dollar-wall street regime, based on the us dollar] Answer:
Borough Shadow Maelstrom Telegram Billiard Insidious Slowdown Laureate Ensemble Marshal Obsolete Nebulous Blessing Tortoise Insinuate
FIGGERITS Level 411 [Free-market policies imposed on the continent by the developed countries] Answer:
Impurity Daffodil Spoonful Disorder Profusely Ransack Sheepish Ambush Skydive Barnacle Camellia Dispersal Slapdash Outbreak Pervasive Turban Oblivion Maverick
FIGGERITS Level 412 [Could be transferred to any country for the purposes of interrogation] Answer:
Blithely Ribbon Landslide Infatuate Disarray Footage Prudence Garnish Protein Insignia Carousel Lectern Crystal Linchpin Rebuff Ascetic
FIGGERITS Level 413 [Depends on the united states, the biggest importer of goods in the world] Answer:
Guffaw Slothful Elongated Gradient Seaweed Sublime Epistle Rightful Inebriate Impartial Allotment Reprisal Tangible Attitude Forestall
FIGGERITS Level 414 [The worst case of hyperinflation of all time happened in hungary] Answer:
Layoff Emphasis Haughtily Fester Gourmet Apricot Scrawny Swelter Conspire Endanger Serenely Implicate Gremlin Languish Hiccup
FIGGERITS Level 415 [Fresh eggs always sink to the bottom of a glass filled with water] Answer:
Symbol Airfield Barrette Hydrogen Sanitary Twinkle Forlorn Heathen Kayaking Brandish Shallow Lobbyist Hybrid Embark
FIGGERITS Level 416 [The famous hawaiian pizza with pineapples did not originate in hawaii] Answer:
Furrow Enamel Undertow Satellite Muzzle Throttle Siphon Frieze Upsurge Gladiator Foothold Gazette Ripple Fissure Eardrums Glower Nutshell
FIGGERITS Level 417 [It generally takes about 2 years for a japanese chef to learn how to cook] Answer:
Twinge Cohesion Canonical Wallop Castoff Journey Blatantly Papyrus Cockroach Subjugate Blacklist Jaunty Palatable Skyrocket Syringe Goofy Prologue Carousel
FIGGERITS Level 418 [Labels provide the information on the ingredients in a particular order] Answer:
Smidgen Trustful Brunch Applaud Deserve Confine Envisage Glacier Leftover Shatter Preamble Dismantle Ballistic Caveat Graphite Scenario
FIGGERITS Level 419 [Titanium dioxide is linked to a few adverse side effects for health] Answer:
Farce Skillet Whistle Shamrock Afford Doldrums Outlet Writhe Extensive Evoke Unethical Fixation Chainsaw Sardonic Nuisance Anecdotal
FIGGERITS Level 420 [Music is the universal language of mankind] Answer: Flu Fuss Cake Oval Dogma Truck Gruff Glint Knock Modem Ravine Onrush Recreate Headlong Tiredness
FIGGERITS Level 421 [Songs have been getting shorter in recent years] Answer: Tag Bra Hare Icon Ants China Heavy Bison Herbs Heart Roses Astray Carton Highborn Necessity
FIGGERITS Level 422 [Chill music makes people more generous] Answer:
Spa Aura Geek Sepia Magic Schema Camper Airman Polish Calcium Mainsail Choleric Epilogue Namesake Seascape
FIGGERITS Level 423 [80 percent of the forest that dominated the earth 8,000 years ago is gone] Answer:
Schist Pointy Ignite Apricot Podcast Trodden Raffish Regiment Chastise Daydream Dismayed Defendant Immigrant Permanent Restraint Secession
FIGGERITS Level 424 [Cutting branches from original trees and sticking them into other trees] Answer:
Gentle Fusion Misfit Turban Amateur Rackets Melodic Flamenco Untangle Enhances Garrison Deckhand Nauseous Effulgent Umbilicus
FIGGERITS Level 425 [It is still widely used in cosmetics, including hair and skin care products] Answer:
Eerie Tough Plunge Musket Techno Symptom Stipple Deplore Diploma Dispute Crawled Malinger Groggily Nowadays Illumine Anarchism Kinematic
FIGGERITS Level 426 [Way of hand pollination that revolutionized the production of vanilla] Answer:
Lunacy Hazard Pounce Fillet Frowzy Vulture Drizzle Capture Orchard Nondairy Wrathful Volatile Fidelity Ethnicity Valentine Patriarch
FIGGERITS Level 427 [The record for the youngest artist of the world is held by arushi bhatnagar] Answer: Aid Win Lacy Relic Grass Bower Yachts Scroll Salary Sundial Factors Athlete History Rational Librarian Shortfall
FIGGERITS Level 428 [Don quixote is one of the world’s best-selling books of all time] Answer:
Law Box Debt Meal Drink Wisdom Almost Ashore Growth Liftoff Remodel Tension Augment Rotunda Question Fabulous
FIGGERITS Level 429 [A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult] Answer:
Slam Care Logic Acrid Galosh Height Saffron Sounder Monolith Decorous Firmware Magnetism Waterfall Newcomers Earthworm
FIGGERITS Level 430 [Most well-known for his visual artwork, michelangelo was also a poet] Answer: Cup Ant Flow Milk Prove Flour Slack Karma Unlock Glower Caramel Theorist Commuter Afterlife
FIGGERITS Level 431 [Soccer is the most popular sport in the world] Answer:
Dorm Polar Camel Piano Sedan Pincer Search Citrus Swimmer Creator Watchman Romantic Esoteric Cathedral Somewhere
FIGGERITS Level 432 [The wimbledon championships in england] Answer:
Sail Bean Waste Peace Cottage Conceal Almanac Inaction Inedible Talisman Biplanes Watchdog Sensation Castigate Pinpoint
FIGGERITS Level 433 [Golf ball dimples are needed to increase its flight range] Answer:
Coop Clef Cape Panel Maple Portal Endear Gamble Onions Camera Realism Tropical Helpless Clapboard Imbalance Apathetic
FIGGERITS Level 434 [Please don’t ask me what the score is] Answer:
Park Mall Pale Stomp Canoe Scope Winch Critic Placard Catcall Paradise Escapist Cosmetic Instinct Carnation Resonance Important Porcelain
FIGGERITS Level 435 [Since the plants take about five to seven years to bloom once germinated] Answer:
Abrupt Revere Calico Cabbage Furious Prudish Cynical Suavity Monocle Lollipop Gendarme Studious Necklace Lovesick Backfield Chronicle
FIGGERITS Level 436 [30 plants out of tens of thousands of plant species that grow on our planet] Answer:
Soccer Lacuna Hunger Chalice Populist Snapshot Decrease Cautious Contagion Potential Resentful Scaffolds Peninsula Powerless Afterword
FIGGERITS Level 437 [A bristlecone pine that grows in southeastern california’s white mountains] Answer:
Wiggle Salami Bellow Clench Lentils Onerous Actress Prosaic Spotless Abscissa Forswear Oligarch Humiliate Probation Prosecute Facetious
FIGGERITS Level 438 [Tulips were so expensive in holland that their bulbs cost more than gold] Answer:
Plume Blend Banter Circle Vacant Stoical Engrave Undergo Exhaust Allusive Habitual Dissolve Chainsaw Specimen Meltdown Luxuriant Privilege
FIGGERITS Level 439 [The first living person to have art displayed in the louvre] Answer: Vote Toys Vital Peony Glade Suntan Parody Frilly Lorries Poultry Founder Telephone Footloose Foodstuff Tornadoes
FIGGERITS Level 440 [Frank baum named oz after a filing cabinet that was kept in his office] Answer: Sofa Skin Nails Drone Blurt Bonito Rewrite Puzzled Stepmom Griffin Chimera Friction Integrate Teaspoon Importer
FIGGERITS Level 441 [The most popular ballet in the world is tchaikovsky’s the nutcracker] Answer:
Bay Mild Story Puree Costly Permit Bulrush Stencil Poisons Viscous Auditory Creamery Coworkers Worrywart Roadblock
FIGGERITS Level 442 [A french acrobat named jules leotard invented the famous ballet garment] Answer: Unit Blog Jamb Overt Crime Grill Slogan Deform Toddler Flights Hedgehog Sanctions Coalition Curricula Goldsmith
FIGGERITS Level 443 [The oldest soccer team in the world is sheffield fc in england] Answer:
Facts Tools Actor Straw Chain Wander Ginger Fiasco Cigars Tornado Strange Channels Tactless Dominate Mechanism
FIGGERITS Level 444 [Golf is the only sport to ever be played outside the earth] Answer: Pony Busy Pine Trial Dandy Oddly Vivid Bubbly Tether Trivial Prudent Footage Fishery Adroitly Affinity Oversight
FIGGERITS Level 445 [Tug of war used to be an olympic sport] Answer:
Swan Disco Gully Today Nanny Moonlit Griddle Carting Lectures Unfairly Marigold Clemency Occupant Pacifist Tarantula Officiate Playmates Cupboard
FIGGERITS Level 446 [Each grammy award trophy takes fifteen hours to make] Answer: Maw Swan Yoga Trump Cruet Crown Danger Spiffy Cockpit Support Handwork Hysteria Dipstick Fumigator Franchise
FIGGERITS Level 447 [Premature newborns benefit from hearing lullabies] Answer: Page Beer Month Tenor Towel Magma Outage Setter Bastion Fireman Ruffles Reptile Worships Tarantula Autograph
FIGGERITS Level 448 [Elvis presley is still the best-selling solo artist in the world] Answer: Gel Pan Soda Basil Windy Pasha Nasty Apiary Trivet Hollow Babbler Gigabit Wordplay Portrait Deadline
FIGGERITS Level 449 [Due to a particular structure of its roots that run deep and are hollow] Answer:
Crush Salon Epoch Denial Sunset Falcon Status Plastic Fanciful Wasteful Watershed Perchance Satirical Inclusion Deciduous
FIGGERITS Level 450 [Pollinated by flies instead of partaking in the competition for butterflies] Answer:
Chubby Sphere Cougar Perigee Peanuts Condemn Inkling Bismuth Luminous Disloyal Formally Delicate Melodious Musketeer Narration Detention Fragrance
FIGGERITS Level 451 [Referred to as a hand, and it consists of 10 to 20 bananas known as fingers] Answer:
Whiff Gecko Abate Shrewd Eggnog Crooked Hassock Bewitch Gadgets Afforded Instance Benefits Reinforce Fanciness Birthrate
FIGGERITS Level 452 [Drink water with baobab seeds, you will never be attacked by a crocodile] Answer:
Wreck Endow Attack Beacon Odyssey Insular Coyness Anchovy Ennoble Variable Tailored Residual Chocolate Currently Vibration Kilowatts
FIGGERITS Level 453 [The first pencil was invented in england] Answer: Wife Girl Halt Whirl Heels Dress Cradle Alpine Redraw Awarded Heading Parasite Parental Eggplant Inventive
FIGGERITS Level 454 [Marcel proust’s remembrance of things past is the longest book in the world] Answer: Raw Kind Sour Llama Brief Focal Sweat Aboard Fighter Popcorn Medallion Furlough Flagpole Hailstone Bargain
FIGGERITS Level 455 [Making a ballerina tutu can take up to 100 yards of ruffle] Answer:
Fake Glue Amigo Cabin Outdo Dragon Mimosa Prompt Insure Mallard Topless Turnoff Bellboy Essayist Belittle Immobile
FIGGERITS Level 456 [The artist is nothing without the gift] Answer: Wife Stint Onset Straw Sinews Afresh Unison Outgrow Warfare Terrain Fetish Earrings Fanfare Swearing Foreigner
FIGGERITS Level 457 [According to the world’s sports encyclopedia, there are over 8000 sports] Answer:
Taco Dish Holes World Poesy Spicy Dollar Gantry Oysters Trolley Layette Hillside Conspire Recovery Cardigan Literally
FIGGERITS Level 458 [Badminton shuttlecocks fly faster in higher temperatures] Answer:
Army Lamb Model Radio Effort Launch Miserly Federal Beneath Corsage Sensibly Meatloaf Shoulder Allegory Prototype Sketching
FIGGERITS Level 459 [The boy who coxed the winning pair in the rowing events] Answer:
Dove Crew Herbs Otter Voice Crowd Active Protest Bandits Airdrop Grocery Gravity Gyration Peroxide Division Devastate Vibration
FIGGERITS Level 460 [Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it] Answer: Yeti Clay Wool Noisy Reply Youth Atlas Slowly Resort Craggy Certify Evasion Sisters Villager Claptrap
FIGGERITS Level 461 [Divide and rule, the politician cries] Answer: Soup Dust Ideal Photo Crisps Ocean Pause Devil Critic Strait Spanner Precise Elliptic Desperate Theorists
FIGGERITS Level 462 [Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it] Answer:
Grin Sync Scone Moist Cynic Grille Reword Accuse Rivulet Chevron Sandlot Wardroom Marinade Stingray Monuments Cogwheels
FIGGERITS Level 463 [It can grow up to 4.5 Meters, which is high enough to hide an elephant] Answer:
Erupt Leech Charm Trawl Cringe Enigma Swamped Spacious Contrite Preclude Tendrils Impromptu Practical Sweetened Periscope
FIGGERITS Level 464 [Caffeine acts as a natural pesticide and produces a bitter smell to scare] Answer:
Frost Settle Albino Battle Blubber Lampoon Orbital Molecule Primrose Blastoff Republic Doubtful Delirious Incessant Sentiment
FIGGERITS Level 465 [Oak trees only start producing acorns when they are at least 50 years old] Answer:
Creek Rouge Alkali Degree Recede Papyri Estuary Discard Unworthy Newlywed Chaplain Scenario Crockery Depletion Telegraph Nostalgic
FIGGERITS Level 466 [This is only logical since 80% of all life on earth resides in the oceans] Answer:
Tryst Render Cyclic Rental Coddle Gratify Dissect Faddish Tighten Gelatin Scallion Addition Referent Dalliance Originate Defoliant
FIGGERITS Level 467 [The most curtain calls ever for a ballet was 89] Answer: Neon Mine Tofu Swear Sweet Beach Movie Turtle Fellow Rancher Tractor Altruism Festivals Canonical Efficient
FIGGERITS Level 468 [Capoeira was created by enslaved africans in brazil] Answer:
Taro Tally Payoff Advice Botany Oppose Bronze Railway Drywall Standby Biplane Crybaby Aspirant Woodbine Polonaise
FIGGERITS Level 469 [The mona lisa has her own mailbox in the louvre] Answer:
Animal Resume Velvet Helium Shower Martial Turtle Airmail Blotter Biennial Motorist Overshot Examines Outlines Slithers Witnesses Brainwash Harshness Intrusion
FIGGERITS Level 470 [The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul] Answer: Hymn Bulb Motel Title Sloth Thorny Burrito Booster Summary Stumble Anatomy Isolate Bullhorn Mothball Seminary
FIGGERITS Level 471 [Music expresses that which cannot be put into words] Answer:
Pupa Word Beat Macaw Pitch Taxes Demons Source Seesaw Untruth Sirocco Pedantic Newborns Important Excursion
FIGGERITS Level 472 [There is a guitar with four necks, forty-two strings, and two sound holes] Answer: Soil Doll Dean Skiff Dingo Gangs Flake Adagio Kindly Tactic Toucan Orchids Unheard Fairway Oilcloth Wisteria
FIGGERITS Level 473 [Music helps people with brain injuries recall personal memories] Answer:
Jar Wise Palm Ascent Butter Sculpt Poetic Horror Couple Tunnel Atrium Plateau Resolute Pamphlet Snowstorm Alabaster
FIGGERITS Level 474 [Prince played twenty-seven instruments on his debut album] Answer: Easy Roll Lava Soapy Dolly Scare Diner Puppy Mettle Wayward Holdout Snippet Inherited Sunbeam
FIGGERITS Level 475 [Not counting the north and south poles, the atacama desert is the driest] Answer:
Suede Spree Chute Mutter Scholar Gracious Misspell Pigtails Porthole Resource Renounce Altruism Pragmatic Dedicated Trimester Seasoning
FIGGERITS Level 476 [Tryptophan, a kind of protein that the organism converts into serotonin] Answer:
Agape Kayak Reign Deform Divine Respect Certify Viceroy Dignity Harmony Phantom Evidence Syndicate Animation Receptive Prognosis
FIGGERITS Level 477 [Exhibit competitive behavior in terms of access to water and nutrients] Answer:
Spree Cashew Bemuse Fathom Derive Express Sparrow Barbaric Pantheon Amaranth Aviation Peroxide Dissuaded Refurbish Avoidance Excavator Cannonade
FIGGERITS Level 478 [Visually resemble a female wasp and produce a scent that attracts male] Answer:
Yucca Walrus Fiscal Farrow Compete Hallway Abandon Tribute Flutter Mutation Overcast Linchpin Hydrated Impishly Voluntary Blasphemy Perceived
FIGGERITS Level 479 [Get out of this situation by attracting predators, such as birds or wasps] Answer:
Fraud Friar Henna Piracy Outwit Ornery Buttery Corsage Windbag Persuade Adoption Drenched Indicate Deception Unfeigned Nutrients Showpiece
FIGGERITS Level 480 [Luciano pavarotti received 165 curtain calls] Answer: Trio Opus Naive Noise Lasso Seduce Inept Scalpel Utopia Counter Decline Passion Escapade Nautical Overload
FIGGERITS Level 481 [F. Scott fitzgerald was the first writer to use the term “t-shirt”] Answer: Melt Chess Tower Medal Scheme Guitar Wolfram Leotard Azaleas Harmful Offside Freezer Forefoot Calculate
FIGGERITS Level 482 [Artist willard wigan once inhaled his own work] Answer:
Sari Cash Crown Heath Aglow Cellar Wonder Cardiac Stencil Soldier Connects Associate Lightness Ecologist Crosswalk
FIGGERITS Level 483 [Art is not what you see, but what you make others see] Answer:
Area Habit Annoy Minute Entire Ensure Answer Mistake Minimum Mention Bathroom Asterisk Minority Ambitious Assistant
FIGGERITS Level 484 [Major league baseball umpires are obliged to wear black underwear] Answer:
Pod Boil Geese Aware Polka Modem Demons Ignore Bowman Inroads Bananas Antigen Ammonia Applejack Gauntlets
FIGGERITS Level 485 [Orienteering was invented in sweden] Answer:
Rage Dodo Titan Dodge Sword Donors Tattoo Andiron Deviate Vintage Intense Vagrant Inventor Disorders Toreadors Targeting
FIGGERITS Level 486 [Bowling was invented around 3200 bc in egypt] Answer: Volt Pupil Glove Spoon Pence Wallet Parlay Spatula Culottes Auction Overcast Vertical Alleyway Illegible Byproduct
FIGGERITS Level 487 [Have warm days, but many plants will not start growing] Answer: Adult Binge Boulder Waiter Lithium Outworn Wriggle Inanely Anomaly Invasive Material Gossip Adopted Madrigal
FIGGERITS Level 488 [Many reasons as to why trees are able to live for hundreds, even thousands] Answer:
Summon Summit Flower Layoffs Varnish Flannel Reusable Honeydew Foreword Biathlon Wireless Division Slanderer Milestone Affidavit Absurdity
FIGGERITS Level 489 [Including potassium, vitamin b3, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium] Answer:
Revise Gather Append Timbre Scrunch Enlarge Council Delimit Silicone Eviction Ligament Sapphire Ablative Climactic Porcelain
FIGGERITS Level 490 [More oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide in comparison to other plants] Answer:
Mingle Cheesy Yonder Abridge Lobster Sheathe Distaste Paroxysm Nontoxic Petition Arrogant Nobility Maxillae Condensed Cartridge Displease
FIGGERITS Level 491 [Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself] Answer: Ken Haft Meek Rhyme Nests Merman Wicket Median Heroes Flagon Granola Catalyst Townsfolk Margarine Cartwheel
FIGGERITS Level 492 [Painting the mona lisa’s lips took leonardo da vinci twelve years] Answer:
Twice Adman Avatar Spool Mascot Lampoon Taproom Overlord Alarming Hassock Helpline Demagogy Prescient Innovator Perennial
FIGGERITS Level 493 [To kill a mockingbird is harper lee’s only novel] Answer:
Giddy Sensor Ballot Gloves Enigma Global Doodad Popping Protein Acreage Invalid Bookmark Cardinal Beloved Loincloth
FIGGERITS Level 494 [Ancient greek and roman statues were not white] Answer:
Sweet Dissent Grinder Wanders Misread Counter Recount Incision Marksmen Engineer Midnight Homesick Donations Mechanism Architect
FIGGERITS Level 495 [The world’s longest concert by multiple artists] Answer: Nap Mud Clown Coral Omega Rally Bamboo Drapes Tattoo Baptism Daylight Washable Porthole Monarchy Collusion
FIGGERITS Level 496 [Eighty-eight children in england set the world record] Answer: Soy Haw Scan Lily Argot Login Nanny Lyric Riddle Shoddy Rattler Society Anaconda Hedgerow Headwind
FIGGERITS Level 497 [20% of kids learn to play music and 70% of adults wish they had] Answer: Mop Cast Posh Firth Kiosk Corner Remedy Erupts Trinket Watcher Musician Directly Workshop Carefully Assurance
FIGGERITS Level 498 [The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between] Answer: Cub Oil Soul Bush Tweet Climb Theme Mumble Incline Bonbons Blossom Snowsuit Hometown Nonsense Economist
FIGGERITS Level 499 [Excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting] Answer:
Flex Mats Toll Claw Bylaw Surfs Trusty Nimble Chaotic Hastily Location Cemetery Homemaker Clergyman Mnemonics Ambitions
FIGGERITS Level 500 [It is not enough to win a war; it is more important to organize the peace] Answer:
Gnaw Aunt Zero Peach Twigs Arson Mango Escort Tremor Mutant Trumpet Hangout Generate Swearing Occupant Commerce Township
FIGGERITS Level 501 [Just because you do not take an interest in politics] Answer: Rink Pets Rupee Recur Steal Inapt Otiose Injure Runners Rapidly Cascade Soldiers Lobbyist Audacity Inscribed
FIGGERITS Level 502 [Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave] Answer:
Boa Suit Tank Gaffe Glide Walls Global Motion Medium Mildew Budget Veiling Bulldog Twinkle Salesman Outbound Dismissal
FIGGERITS Level 503 [All parts of this plant are incredibly toxic to people and animals alike] Answer:
Helix Banyan Kernel Expand Simmer Skycap Aerobic Enchant Prickle Oleander Carefree Calabash Sibilant Delimiter Headfirst Expatiate
FIGGERITS Level 504 [And its exact location is kept a secret from the public to protect the tree] Answer:
Ankle Kaolin Truant Buffer Famous Unison Confide Unleash Exclaim Sophist Daffodil Pickerel Immature Expelled Dominance Aesthetic Subtitles
FIGGERITS Level 505 [This was tested during the chernobyl disaster and later at the fukushima] Answer:
Grade Whisk Breech Afresh Nickel Tackle Tabloid Whistle Congest Network Definite Bouffant Alacrity Besmirch Glorified Intricacy Maternity Truculent
FIGGERITS Level 506 [One daffodil per year as rent for his lands on the island of scilly] Answer:
Carafe Period Intact Pleased Shyness Analysis Attorney Postcard Alacrity Flinched Radiance Thrilled Intrinsic Affronted Electoral
FIGGERITS Level 507 [A good novel tells us the truth about its hero] Answer: Tour Gong Babies South Grind Visual Dating Beaver Divan Insider Albatross Bragger Doorbell Highness Obsession
FIGGERITS Level 508 [Vincent van gogh officially sold only one painting in his lifetime] Answer:
Atom Chin Divvy Police Mocha Tattoo Poison Otiose Lineman Pygmies Athlete Headset Homeless Domicile Postcode Dalmatian Fishtail
FIGGERITS Level 509 [Treat a work of art like a prince: let it speak to you first] Answer:
Sweaty Knife Isolate Catnip Cooler Cereals Possess Insulin Fretful Kneecap Eternity Lifespan Finalist Causeway Fluently Poetical Fanatical Protector
FIGGERITS Level 510 [Practise what you know, and it will help] Answer: Aura Wound Elope Epoch Rescue Adroit Poetry Hurrah Poppies Packets Parsley Populace Polished Hitchhike Skeins
FIGGERITS Level 511 [The longest boxing match in history lasted 110 rounds] Answer:
Mash Cage Salon Rally Togas Bright Beacon Account Modesty Tabloid Madness Exterior Antennas Seminary Godchild
FIGGERITS Level 512 [There is a 150-year-old oak tree at the center of a soccer field in estonia] Answer: Cash Clan Rainy Chaff Helot Stroll Linden Corona Chronic Lattice Trachea Confetti Cyclones Skyrocket Additions
FIGGERITS Level 513 [Sheep counting is an official sport in australia] Answer:
Nuts Souls Gluten Icicle Nuclear Platoon Hilltop Recreate Goalpost Hothouse Snapshot Glassful Fantastic Irritates Notorious Caparison
FIGGERITS Level 514 [The phrase “win hands down” was initially in reference to a jockey] Answer: Jowl Coral Lofty Jewel Fitter Thrill Adjoin Jalopy Hearsay Poacher Deadline Wildfire Decorator Workplace Passion
FIGGERITS Level 515 [Ethiopia has a different calendar, which is similar to the julian calendar] Answer:
Wimple Audience Nautilus Sheepish Populism Newscast Confusion Lucidness Soporific Joule Injustice Cathartic Dalliance Influence Stiletto Jumpsuit Criterion Mirthless
FIGGERITS Level 516 [If you go deeper than 30 feet (9.14 M) underwater, blood will appear green] Answer:
Helium Mingle Unguent Eagerly Earlobe Temerity Honeydew Pantheon Ratified Eligible Downbeat Riffraff Dwindling Bilingual Petroleum Gradation Foolproof
FIGGERITS Level 517 [Yakutsk is the coldest city in the world. It is located in russian siberia] Answer:
Bucket Docket Slouch Tawdry Sheathe Wassail Cuisine Scatters Coherent Buttress Crucially Dislocate Statutory Workload Tricky Dribble
FIGGERITS Level 518 [Although denmark might seem like a tiny country, the kingdom of denmark] Answer:
Khaki Sconce Mohair Decree Outfit Kinetic Lengthy Chiefly Disgust Mattock Gallery Aerosol Accustom Meatloaf Sniffled Intensity Desultory Imminence Illicitly
FIGGERITS Level 519 [The most expensive flower ever sold is a human-made shenzhen nongke orchid] Answer:
Eczema Exhort Awards Villein Prickle Shallot Kinetic Conclave Cincture Relaxing Timeline Cardigan Crinkles Countdown Regretful Applauded Dizziness Resurface Microchip Navigator
FIGGERITS Level 520 [Lilies are highly toxic to cats and dogs, and should be kept away from them] Answer:
Exult Plank Young Humble Possum Kitsch Onward Perfect Phalanx Cuddles Bulwark Current Plateau Basilica Acoustic Filtered Fluorine Irritant Appendage Physicist
FIGGERITS Level 521 [Flower in siberia after finding some seeds buried by an ice age squirrel] Answer:
Crafty Qualms Liquor Demure Riffle Witness Downtown Eternity Aquarium Ignorant Arguable Ingenuous Clarified Beryllium Congruity
FIGGERITS Level 522 [Any fool can paint a picture, but it takes a wise man to be able to sell it] Answer:
Era Robe Mercy Pickle Rabbit Merino Muscat Scanner Oculist Waterway Telecast Intensity Falseness Soulfully Refusal
FIGGERITS Level 523 [The mona lisa was stolen from the louvre] Answer:
Mint Rite Marina Maroon Utmost Overt Harmful Minivan Nostrils Formula Forswear Nonsense Hotshots Serviette Alternate Allusions
FIGGERITS Level 524 [Every artist was first an amateur] Answer:
Ants Trimmer Invest Vanity Miners Reserve Feature Runway Swimsuit Servants Infantry Meantime Easterner Statesman Teammates Nutriment
FIGGERITS Level 525 [The longest national anthem in the world comes from greece] Answer:
Row Sew Cash Gold Mole Cliff Harem Glass Angora Maraca Fatness Headword Windmills Incident Margarita Swordsman
FIGGERITS Level 526 [A bird does not sing because it has an answer] Answer:
Bar Rust Show Gown Bound Ridge Trader Regrets Bugaboo Absence Dissent Seaside Reactors Downstage Successor
FIGGERITS Level 527 [He who sings frightens away his ills] Answer: Rye Fort Lira Snore Togas Rainy Light Engage Wattle Legion Angels Leather Atheist Seashell Footfall Firewater
FIGGERITS Level 528 [Because it contains no chlorophyll, the pigment which makes plants green] Answer:
Balky Summit Sneaky Magnet Ramble Rematch Mimicry Besiege Pregnant Parabola Wreckage Suspicion Croissant Sleepwalk Hairstyle Catalysis
FIGGERITS Level 529 [Carnivorous plants like the venus flytrap do not just consume tiny insects] Answer:
Jocose Octave Peyote Pectin Hurtful Chimera Janitor Snuffle Juvenile Crinkled Unlikely Populism Ordinary Cavalcade Meteorite
FIGGERITS Level 530 [Also survive for years during droughts and bloom again when it is watered] Answer:
Await North Humane Divulge Worried Dragoon Bluster Numbness Alleyway Fluently Fallible Guileful Shavings Irritable Furtively
FIGGERITS Level 531 [While cherry pits are unlikely to cause intoxication if swallowed whole] Answer:
Phlox Picky Scorch Useful Freaky Chipped Trickle Twiddle Defiant Stiletto Wrinkles Inundate Circular Taxpayer Plaintiff Strikeout
FIGGERITS Level 532 [Henri matisse’s painting le bateau was hung upside down] Answer:
Mower Hooded Origin Pronto Abroad Madden Demons Unearth Dispute Presume Doghouse Radiator Shrapnel Walruses Detention
FIGGERITS Level 533 [Claude monet had a father who disapproved of his painting] Answer:
Patio Salami Lilies Refuel Vessels Lodge Welsh Ascent Tedium Gumdrop Spangles Nonstop Vacation Plaintive Pessimism
FIGGERITS Level 534 [Art is never finished, only abandoned] Answer: Fade Dove Nests Tasty Ivory Astray Native Retire Relief Visible Royalty Rebirth Density Shoddily Lavender Heatedly
FIGGERITS Level 535 [The yoruba people in the southwest part of nigeria are known to give birth] Answer:
Hinge Wigeon Polish Avatar Bounty Lavish Leakage Tweeter Freebie Shakily Griffin Pontoon Outright Speakers Virulent Wiggling Stingray Breakfast
FIGGERITS Level 536 [Located along the ring of fire, prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes] Answer:
Agent Alcove Liquor Heaven Flounce Diffuse Recluse Slender Litigant Sprinkle Squashed Villains Persuade Credence Resigned Harlequin Pitchfork
FIGGERITS Level 537 [To the 3,000 monkeys that live around the temple of phra prang sam yot] Answer:
Punish Tanker Funnel Snoopy Turkey Ashamed Iridium Vengeful Moderate Slippery Snippets Kangaroos Peevishly Astrology Margarine Frivolous
FIGGERITS Level 538 [Three countries in the world that still officially use the imperial system] Answer:
Shiny Hassles Shellac Faculty Walleye Demotion Papaya Ruminant Incident Clueless Wariness Affection Tormented Podium Determine Scarecrow Cafeteria Dinosaurs
FIGGERITS Level 539 [They represent various animals, plants, and scenes but are only visible] Answer:
Bruise Dauphin Buttons Monocle Capitol Meddlers Aviation Lambaste Divinity Vicinity Vacation Ridicule Dispatch Overreact Atavistic Attribute Anonymity Hypnotism Parachute
FIGGERITS Level 540 [Princess anne, daughter of queen elizabeth ii] Answer:
Itch Flag Scuba Cadre Peach Grace Zebra Stanza Zealot Popgun Dutiful Calling Tasteful Doubtful Question Nestling Indigence
FIGGERITS Level 541 [The grass at wimbledon used to be two inches long] Answer:
Trio Nigh March Glean Baton Dacha Arena Tonsil Member Conceal Declaim Adulate Handball Basilica Wormwood Chamomile Relations
FIGGERITS Level 542 [The most dangerous sports in the world] Answer:
Dill Whirl Drone Primal Hangar Return Settle Outlet Hurdler Nephews Atheism Nameless Arrogant Diamonds Nightgown
FIGGERITS Level 543 [City in pakistan called sialkot produces around 70% of all soccer balls] Answer:
Kebab Broker Russet Outrank Decibel Defiant Spiteful Copycats Culinary Solstice Scantily Parasite Predators Alabaster Incessant Resentful
FIGGERITS Level 544 [The modern violin contains over seventy separate pieces of wood] Answer: Ham Idol Vine Fame Taffy Forth Placid Stairs Velvety Raceway Triplets Eclipse Nascent Literacy Wormwood
FIGGERITS Level 545 [Havergal brian’s gothic symphony requires a thousand performers] Answer: Gun Rum Dad Hoop Peel Metro Query Scope Driver Amoeba Diving Evolve Almonds Rambler Specific
FIGGERITS Level 546 [The song lets the audience listen to the silence for four minutes] Answer: Dot Edit Tutu Funds Curio Goose Dance Relish Mortal Simmer Cancel Adulate Carting Gorillas Handcraft
FIGGERITS Level 547 [The human stomach can dissolve razor blades] Answer: Vial Mess Avert Belts Alumna Nuzzle Castle Conduct Blaster Memoirs Hillside Bacteria Amateurs Mandolin Harmonica
FIGGERITS Level 548 [Earth’s oxygen is produced by the ocean] Answer: Bond Bran Heir Decoy Tonic Sunny Taping Hangar Exodus Cheery Greedy Peasant Grinder Canister Reduction
FIGGERITS Level 549 [The average cumulus cloud can weigh up to a million pounds] Answer: Romp Gnash Aglow Viper Onset Horde Maroon Stupor Nestle Verdict Platter Vocation Sovereign Intrusion Warmonger
FIGGERITS Level 550 [In just one teaspoon of soil, there are more microorganisms than people on the planet] Answer: Fill Hugs Roar Gala Slump Comma Patch Forte Coupon Launch Rejoin Rustler Jumpsuit Pulsation
FIGGERITS Level 551 [Hot water freezes faster than cold water. It’s called the mpemba effect] Answer: Fend Cram Slate Befit Primp Adorn Sizzle Mohair Blazer Primate Sweetie Heirloom Downward Stretcher Affection
FIGGERITS Level 552 [Japanese animation accounts for 60% of the world’s animated entertainment] Answer: Toe Ion Join Diet Earth Waist Pasta Music Cadet Allure Modern Florist Outcome Impulse Proofread
FIGGERITS Level 553 [The first film ever made in hollywood is “in old california”] Answer: Ram Coin Lady Feet Mason Lowly Roman Aloha Fairy Olives Frosty Chalets Devotion Castaway
FIGGERITS Level 554 [The character most frequently portrayed in horror films is count dracula] Answer: Icy Line Peppy Fleet Rapid Nappy Outrun Artful Senior Truism Squire Ethical Lifetime Quandary Decathlon
FIGGERITS Level 555 [The hollywood sign in los angeles originally spelled out “hollywoodland”] Answer: Dog User Spin Gnat Alter Treat Gaily Happy Swirls Upraise Warpath Outdated Tonality Potpourri Aggregate
FIGGERITS Level 556 [The british royal family isn’t allowed to play monopoly] Answer: Pie Team Shin West Mealy Morale Namely Nonfat Literal Redwood Sidestep Leathery Eyebrows Pipeline Performer
FIGGERITS Level 557 [Our genome consists of as many as 145 genes that have jumped from bacteria, fungi, and viruses] Answer: Tiff Crag Jest Tenet Grape Admit Mirage Perish Bidder Astound Jeopardy Boycotts Navigate Reviving Adherents
FIGGERITS Level 558 [Unbelievably, it can rain diamonds on other planets] Answer: Tee Seep Loll Mice Chime Credo Spiral Valise Catchy Medley Sporran Upscale Syllabus Provably Prevalent
FIGGERITS Level 559 [The human eye has a 576-megapixel resolution] Answer: Tux Shun Gilt Span Pixie Guppy Hyenas Pirate Tousle Potion Salmon Exploit Miserly Eyeliner Signatory
FIGGERITS Level 560 [Most dinosaurs are known from just a single tooth or bone] Answer: Elf Burr Lull Jorum Glean Jumbo Broom Riant Anorak Indrawn Wobbler Shudder Lionfish Dragline Flageolet
FIGGERITS Level 561 [Helium changes our voice because of its density] Answer: Cot Thumb Fancy Refer Halon Midst Carved Grassy Bedlam Boulder Regress Floodlit Heavenly Sacrament Mentality
FIGGERITS Level 562 [25% of apps downloaded on smartphones are mobile games] Answer: Teen Meat Fate Goal Moon Alpha Sweets Gambit Prawns Bedtime Motions Mildness Showdown Dreaming Highbrow
FIGGERITS Level 563 [The most common name on the hollywood walk of fame is williams] Answer: Lock Land Field Leafs Snack Detail Mostly Snowmen Keyhole Swiftly Cyanide Hacksaw Mnemonic Windfall Isolation
FIGGERITS Level 564 [The longest television series of all time is an anime currently running over 7000 episodes] Answer: Time Star Play Candy Fonts Motor Liner Hired Levity Typist Loudly Convent Gourmet Genetic Multitude
FIGGERITS Level 565 [William shakespeare is the most filmed author ever in any language] Answer: Sea Rim Kids Anvil Mills Stamp Syrup Wispy Gusher Donkey Awesome Alkaline Freighter Defensive Metaphors
FIGGERITS Level 566 [Jennifer lawrence, an american actress, has a tattoo that says “h2o” on her hand] Answer: Jaw Cans City Franc Loafs Niece Hotly Flora Realty Lander Ration Master Hemline Welcome Deletion
FIGGERITS Level 567 [Tomatoes have more genes than humans. This vegetable contains 31,760 genes] Answer: Bees Stung Mauve Trite Attune Boggle Scorer Vector Segment Oatmeal Catholic Emulator Vertical
FIGGERITS Level 568 [The dna between friends is more genetically similar than random pairs of strangers] Answer: Oboe Sari Wail Film Cagey Leggy Imply Tribal Eschew Clothe Riding Iterate Plywood Dweller Apology
FIGGERITS Level 569 [If you get exposed to radiation, you need to get naked] Answer: Toy Sax Gist Turf Dune Posse Graft Deity Poking Utopia Forging Aground Identity Posterity Kangaroos
FIGGERITS Level 570 [A rubber tire is made up of only one molecule] Answer: Ado Dye Bate Deft Ably Elapse Radium Corral Looter Plasma Faintly Mutually Countess Disparity Secretary
FIGGERITS Level 571 [The sun’s wavelengths react to the different substances in the atmosphere] Answer: Bee Caw Fir Womb Mull Impel Thump Tassel Postal Collide Warfare Grouping Phosphor Diversion Passenger
FIGGERITS Level 572 [When a nobel prize-winning author was adapted for the screen] Answer: Roe Bug Door Gust Beep Bunch Brown Prize Fonder Walnuts Turbans Triplet Baffling Epithets Barricade
FIGGERITS Level 573 [The oscars given out in world war ii were made from wood] Answer: Cog Cart Wait Gift Demo Lunar Serum Media Tuner Divide Thieve Singer Natural Veteran Stillness
FIGGERITS Level 574 [Cherophobia is the irrational fear of fun or joyful moments] Answer: Nip Job Calm Puff Pumas Lasso Apple Tryout Crunch Prepay Employ Nominee Majesty Beautiful Euphemism
FIGGERITS Level 575 [Movie trailers were originally shown after the movie] Answer: Gem Mini Thin Name Swirl Lager Alive Sigma Homer Sanity Granny Violas Memento Forgive Elevation
FIGGERITS Level 576 [The first drive-in theater opened in 1933 in camden, new jersey] Answer: Wasp Scene Jetty Drive Match Storm Madam Ratio Doctor Stream Crispy Apathy Shadows Personify Rejection
FIGGERITS Level 577 [Hawaii is moving closer to alaska by three inches (7.5 Cm) every year] Answer: Ark Abbey Static Envy Racy Knob Visage Levels Smoke Booklet Hoisting Lowbrow Backbone Literate Chambers
FIGGERITS Level 578 [As substances are heated up, particles move more and take up a larger volume] Answer: Pin High Plot Belts Piece Hones Orbit Crack Socks Parson Shaver Dustpan Missile Mitigate Sprinter
FIGGERITS Level 579 [The letter “j” is the only one not found on the periodic table] Answer: Fly Hill Lace Silly Syrup Sauce Decaf Beard Rashly Jubilee Scalper Frontal Thriller Intruder Stroller
FIGGERITS Level 580 [Dinosaurs might have roamed right through your backyard] Answer: Car Key Duty Duck Stuck Husky Debtor Bobbin Brooch Stroke Avocado Storage Mistress Verbatim Grievance
FIGGERITS Level 581 [The heart pumps nearly 1.5 Million barrels of blood] Answer: Map Fume Pure Nosy Mail Moral Lorry Linen Martin Submit Dither Belief Matador Pension Nutshell
FIGGERITS Level 582 [Painting of kate winslet you can see in titanic was drawn by james cameron] Answer:
Jewel Comply Saddle Rescind Karaoke Unblock Peacock Mermaid Mandate Splutter Gluttony Julienne Forsworn Fatigued Frostbite Perpetual Imprudent Boycotted
FIGGERITS Level 583 [Michael stern hart transcribed it and made it available for everyone for free, starting the famous project gutenberg] Answer:
Brace Groovy Rueful Osmosis Cosplay Starlet Natives Penguin Scholar Ingested Jingoism Purified Ambrosia Misjudge Industry Astrology Parachute Desirable
FIGGERITS Level 584 [Harry potter was deemed to be a “book for boys” before its publication and boys preferred to buy books written by male authors] Answer:
Welkin Artful Droopy Triumph Soundly Walnuts Typhoon Hydrate Baleful Unicorn Paprika Thankful Academia Sympathy Bailiwick Insulated
FIGGERITS Level 585 [Booksellers just leave books outside at night unattended because “the reader does not steal and the thief does not read.”] Answer:
Jabot Blotch Juggle Sordid Lookout Flicker Natural Infringe Takeover Chestnut Renegade Thriller Deviance Egoistic Discredit Carnation Bellicose
FIGGERITS Level 586 [The palace theatre of london had two seats permanently bolted open for the theater ghosts to sit in] Answer:
Newbie Dodger Baffle Sprayer Fertile Prairie Daffodil Boldness Amenable Protocol Diplomat Opposite Loathing Symbiotic Ownership Incipient Leitmotif
FIGGERITS Level 587 [There are 206 bones in the adult human body and 300 in a child’s body] Answer:
Inn Year Diary Saint Alarm Cousin Embalm Leader Soybean Humdrum Monsoon Atheists Recorder Consumers Mediation
FIGGERITS Level 588 [Sound travels about four times faster in water than in the air] Answer: Mat Sir Wolf Visa Bash Mime Sells Thrift Sultan Salami Revolve Violets Soloist Beholder Destitute
FIGGERITS Level 589 [Our bodies lose almost 9 pounds (4 kg) of skin cells every year] Answer: Elk Ray Flit Camp Igloo Medium Deduct Relive Potato Roster Dustbin Frankly Delicacy Converse Platitude
FIGGERITS Level 590 [An ice cube takes up about 9% more volume than the water used to make it] Answer: Wist Monk Drum Blow Vain Chimp Elude Backup Patrol Outbid Shells Hubcap Silence Cupcake Premature
FIGGERITS Level 591 [Stephen hawking never received any nobel prizes] Answer: Kit Cane Pray Vodka Blaze Baron Elbow Hovel Revoke Essays Goalie Hippos Envelop Citizens
FIGGERITS Level 592 [After ratatouille, the movie about an adorable rat that loved cooking, pet markets around the world saw a sharp spike in sales] Answer:
Motif Gibbon Nachos Poodle Andante Sorghum Strudel Ravioli Suffice Relapse Knitting Tungsten Overview Abrasive Unnatural Economics Catchword Motorbike
FIGGERITS Level 593 [The most profitable movie ever is the 2007 horror film paranormal activity, which cost about $460,000 to make] Answer:
Smooch Menace Vicious Forsake Copycat Twinkle Speckle Sirloin Calypso Sunbeam Fulcrum Syllable Abutment Prevalent Construct Osteopath Newsprint
FIGGERITS Level 594 [The production team simply scanned the characters from a japanese sushi recipe book] Answer:
Umlaut Futile Cassock Beatify Conjure Buckram Metric Pinochle Outdated Judicial Juncture Platinum Emporium Semaphore Ancillary Escalated Buttercup Dislocate
FIGGERITS Level 595 [Originally, it was just a huge billboard to attract potential home buyers to settle in the new california neighborhood] Answer:
Frown Putrid Possum Follow Cowboy Academy Obscure Cushion Twirling Pamphlet Marjoram Dewberry Emergent Temerity Itinerary Elegantly Prejudice Scrambled
FIGGERITS Level 596 [A personal star on the walk of fame is not really an award for being a successful performer] Answer:
Asylum Nephew Abrupt Admire Mullet Rhythm Tangent Redouble Scratchy Whiskers Infested Darkness Megalith Plaintiff Electrode Perennial Repugnant
FIGGERITS Level 597 [The silk of spider webs is five times stronger than steel] Answer: Den Sip Tar Kilt Sigh Opera Stalk Dwell Abash Feller Dogwood Dominant Investor Pineapple
FIGGERITS Level 598 [Time goes faster at the top of the building than at the bottom] Answer: Liar Duet Rush Sifts Spoil Human Blood Lapel Bingo Genius Grains Double Bullets Bassist Seashore
FIGGERITS Level 599 [Sound waves generate heat when they travel and are absorbed by materials] Answer: Hug Love Bear Bride Salty Daddy Bongo Rugby Volume Melted Rustle Wagons Nasally Hallway Volition
FIGGERITS Level 600 [Marie curie is the only person to win the nobel prize in two sciences] Answer: Mule Swap Heal Tizzy Basic Early Slots Racism Consul Sample Recruit Whisper Abstain Bulletin Colossal
FIGGERITS Level 601 [Water can exist in three states at once. This is called the triple boil] Answer: Lit Awe Cab Cons Test Spar Pose Cedar Bench Holder Breath Perplex Nicotine Expedient
FIGGERITS Level 602 [The great dictator, one of the most famous charlie chaplin’s movies, was produced entirely with chaplin’s own money] Answer:
Feline Heresy Powder Migrant Lantern Unsettle Asperity Venerate Fiercely Rewarded Mutinous Hedgehog Dwindled Sporadic Concavity Honorific Customary
FIGGERITS Level 603 [Muhammad ali’s star on the hollywood walk of fame is the only star not located on the pavement] Answer:
Saucer Impeach Catwalk Upfront Vampire Asphalt Conform Frankly Daydream Keepsake Vineyard Wildness Commonly Ellipsis Alkaloid Cafeteria Pluralism
FIGGERITS Level 604 [Neil armstrong does have a place on the hollywood walk of fame, but it’s not a star] Answer:
Tandem Faucet Mildew Verbose Vintner Wryness Chemise Nomadic Placard Clarity Cricket Pancakes Prolific Cleavage Resurgent Disembark Vigilance Alchemist
FIGGERITS Level 605 [Ronald reagan used to be an fbi informant in hollywood, preparing reports on other actors] Answer:
Newton Meadow Apogee Cordial Beggars Chaplet Confute Mastery Cubicle Gradual Laburnum Ligament Mulberry Matrimony Triathlon Confluent Aloofness Pessimism
FIGGERITS Level 606 [J.K. Rowling’s original harry potter copy was rejected by 12 major british publishing houses before bloomsbury accepted it] Answer:
Injury Fickle Fondue Member Entwine Furlong Ambushed Chattels Polyglot Delirium Mythical Guaranty Cyclical Tapestry Jackboots Waistcoat Hypnotics


Opinion About the FIGGERITS game: I love the concept of the game. If one is too difficult, you can go to the next one. And, as you do so, it’ll still fill in the blanks of the previous if a lettering space has the same number as the one you are filling out. I also Uninstaller and reinstalled the app. It fixed the black screen and kicked me out of the problem.

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