Dingbats Between the lines Health Answers

Between The Lines Health Answers

Answers Read Between the lines Health, Game is  Offered By Romain Lebouc. Read below to find the answers.

The puzzles are clever and make you think. Some unknown expressions, but clues are cheap. it is a very time consuming game if you don’t know all of the phrases.Each puzzle is extremely well designed, and when you see an answer you didn’t get on your own, it always leaves you thinking you should have, because the hints are never convoluted.

Read between the lines Health:

  1. Back Surgery
  2. Side Stitch
  3. Balanced Diet
  4. Shortness Of Breath
  5. Vitamin A Deficiency
  6. Irregular Heartbeat
  7. Root Canal
  8. A Splitting Headache
  9. Painless Operation
  10. First Aid

If any of the above answers are wrong please let me know through the comments. Thank you for visiting.

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